Our mission is to simplify the complicated and to connect people with opportunities and joy.
Ark7 makes diversification out of stocks and bonds and into real estate easy and accessible. We envision a world in which everyone can create sustainable wealth.
Simplify the complicated
Our Story
Ark7 Story
All Andy wanted to do was to invest in real estate. (Andy Zhao is Ark7's CEO.) What he discovered, as many do, was that it takes an enormous amount of time, energy, and capital to do so.
From researching the property’s location to getting a loan and making a bid to purchase the home, plus the ongoing maintenance and communication with tenants, Andy thought that there should be a better way.
Ark7 Idea
He experimented with REITs and syndications but even those had many shortcomings. He realized that what he wanted didn’t quite exist yet, and that he would need to create it himself.
Ark7 Founder
As a former engineer at Google, LinkedIn, Uber, and Twitter, he had the skills to do so and the vision to make it happen.
After long conversations with his friend and real estate agent Jim, Andy decided to create a platform that makes real estate investment as simple as buying stocks. And so Ark7 was born.

Ark7 is founded upon the values of Truth, Responsibility, and Efficiency.

Create Efficiencies
Create Efficiencies
We continually refine our processes around property acquisition, management, and maintenance to create efficiencies.
Savings to Our Users
Savings to Our Users
Our team's strong technical background allows us to streamline and automate costly processes and pass the savings to our users.
Simplify Investment
Simplify Investment
We created accounting and tenant communications systems in-house, and identify opportunities to simplify real estate investment.

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