Ark7 Product Hunt Launch

Ark7’s Launch on Product Hunt

On March 13th we successfully launched Ark7 on Product Hunt, a platform for sharing new tech-based products such as apps and websites. Product Hunt has more than 10,000 visitors daily, which include active users such as developers, artists, marketers, and entrepreneurs who can upvote and comment on products. On his website, Top Product Hunter Chris Messina says that “[a product in the top ten] will be included in Product Hunt’s Daily Digest newsletter, which has over two million subscribers.”

In addition, the top 5 products that reach the home page at the end of the day are awarded badges to show their ranking of that day. The Product Hunt platform is so influential that it has boosted many product subscribers and created success stories such as I Lazy to Read, Wanted, and Robinhood for iOS.

See our Product Hunt post here.

Achieving #2 Product of the Day and #3 Product of the Week

This Saturday, on March 13th, Ark7 became one of Product Hunt’s top 5 products of the day when over 300 Product Hunt users upvoted our post. We reached second on the product list for Saturday and earned the #2 Product of the Day badge.

On Monday, March 15th, after receiving more than 1,000 upvotes, Ark7 also became #3 Product of the Week and was featured in the Product Hunt Daily Digest newsletter for March 14, 2021. Ark7 is also now one of the currently featured “Top Hunts” of Product Hunt.

View the Product Hunt Daily Digest featuring Ark7 here.

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