Best Neighborhoods To Invest In Ashtabula, OH

Ashtabula County, Ohio, a region known for its harmonious blend of rural charm and urban convenience, has been steadily gaining recognition as a prime location for real estate investment. With a lower than national average cost of living, diverse housing options ranging from Victorian homes to modern family residences, and gorgeous natural attractions like lakes and parks, Ashtabula offers a myriad of real estate opportunities for investors seeking profitable ventures.

Key Takeaways

  • Ashtabula County offers a mix of urban and rural environments, making it an attractive option for real estate investors.
  • A lower cost of living and diverse housing options present a wide range of investment opportunities in the best Ashtabula neighborhoods.
  • Ashtabula’s four-season climate and natural attractions like lakes and parks add value to the region’s real estate potential.
  • With a diverse, flourishing local economy, Ashtabula County is well-positioned for future real estate growth.
  • Ashtabula Harbor, Geneva, and Conneaut are just a few of the many communities within Ashtabula County that offer promising investment options.

Unlocking Ashtabula’s Real Estate Potential

Discovering the real estate potential Ashtabula, OH has to offer begins with understanding the dynamics of the local housing market. Ashtabula County property investment opportunities are driven by a vibrant, diverse economy that spans healthcare, education, manufacturing, and agriculture. The region’s four-season climate, scenic beauty, and impressive variety of properties make it an attractive destination for both traditional rentals and Airbnb, promising potentially high returns on investment.

There are several key elements that contribute to Ashtabula’s growing real estate market:

  • Affordable property prices
  • High rental demand
  • Increasing property values
  • Strong economy with potential for further growth
  • Scenic surroundings and natural attractions

The city’s diverse property options cater to a range of investor preferences, making Ashtabula a prime location for rental and Airbnb investments. To better understand the promising opportunities in the region, it’s crucial to consider an overview of the Ashtabula housing market insights available through recent data.

Property TypeAverage Sale PriceAnnual Gross Rental Yields
Single-family homes$90,0008-12%
Multi-family homes$120,00010-15%
Airbnb properties$110,00015-22%

These numbers indicate that the Ashtabula real estate market offers profitable opportunities for both traditional and Airbnb rental investments. Investors seeking stable, long-term returns should focus on single-family homes, multi-family homes, and apartments, while those pursuing higher returns from short-term rentals can turn their attention to Airbnb properties.

“Ashtabula’s real estate potential is boosted by its diverse economy and wide range of property options, making it attactive for both traditional and Airbnb property investments.”

In conclusion, it’s evident that Ashtabula County property investment opportunities are abundant and diverse. The city’s economic stability, blossoming housing market, and scenic attractions make it a prime location for profitable real estate investments. By staying vigilant in monitoring market trends and focusing on strategic investments, investors can capitalize on the promising potential that Ashtabula’s real estate market possesses.

Ashtabula City: A Vibrant Investment Opportunity

Ashtabula City, the county seat of Ashtabula County, is the epicenter of economic and social activity, boasting rich history, diverse architecture, and the famous Ashtabula Harbor. This vibrant and lively area offers a multitude of opportunities for investors, with unique options in both residential and commercial properties.

The Allure of Ashtabula Harbor

Ashtabula Harbor is a well-known attraction for boating and fishing enthusiasts, which ensures consistent tourism and demand for accommodations. The picturesque harbor area, with its marinas, waterfront restaurants, and historic bridges, is particularly appealing to real estate investors seeking to capitalize on its popularity. Furthermore, numerous annual events such as the Wine & Walleye Festival and the Blessing of the Fleet keep the area buzzing.

LocationAttractionsAnnual Events
Ashtabula HarborMarinas, historic bridges, waterfront restaurantsWine & Walleye Festival, Blessing of the Fleet

Downtown Development and Cultural Richness

The bustling downtown district of Ashtabula City is well-known for its cultural vitality and historical significance. Continuous efforts in downtown development have led to ongoing interest in both residential and business properties, catering to various investor preferences. Moreover, the area is home to numerous galleries, museums, and theaters.

  1. Ashtabula Arts Center
  2. Ashtabula Maritime Museum
  3. Hubbard House Underground Railroad Museum

Cultural richness and historical attractions combined with extensive development initiatives make Downtown Ashtabula a strategic investment opportunity. By considering real estate in Ashtabula City and its famous Ashtabula Harbor, investors can capitalize on the growing demand for housing and commercial properties in this booming area of Ohio.

Geneva’s Real Estate: A Toast to Profitability

Located in the heart of Ashtabula County, Geneva is renowned for its enchanting wineries and the annual Grape Jamboree event. This unique setting has created a niche market in Geneva OH real estate for investors who wish to capitalize on the high demand from wine enthusiasts. With a diverse selection of housing styles ranging from charming Victorian homes to sleek condominiums, this area showcases the potential for profitable investments in Geneva.

The city’s wineries and wine-related events serve as a magnet for tourists and wine devotees alike, increasing the value of winery-inspired properties and overall real estate development in the region. Capturing this unique market segment presents numerous opportunities for discerning investors as they tap into a reliable source of high-demand clientele.

“Geneva’s enchanting wineries and annual Grape Jamboree event create a niche market for investors looking to capture the high demand of wine enthusiasts.”

Another driving factor behind the profitability of Geneva’s real estate market is the range of tastes it caters to. The varied housing options contribute to the broad appeal of the area, satisfying the preferences and budgets of numerous potential tenants and buyers. These options include:

  • Charming Victorian homes
  • Contemporary single-family residences
  • Modern townhouses
  • Sleek condominiums

Furthermore, the population’s consistent growth contributes to the upward trajectory of the Geneva real estate market. This growth can be attributed to factors such as job creation in local businesses and new infrastructure development projects. In addition, the strong sense of community and support for local educational institutions further bolster the city’s appeal to potential homeowners and renters.

In conclusion,

the unique combination of winery-inspired atmosphere, diverse housing options, and the thriving local economy make Geneva a promising destination for profitable investments in Ashtabula County’s real estate market. By understanding the driving factors behind this niche market and catering to the evolving tastes of tenants and buyers, investors have the opportunity to maximize their returns and achieve long-term success in this picturesque Ohio locale.

Conneaut: Scenic Waterfront Investments

Conneaut, situated on the picturesque shore of Lake Erie, presents an exclusive opportunity for investors to explore the growing market of waterfront investments Conneaut and Conneaut Harbor real estate. Scenic properties in Ohio, especially those with stunning waterfront views, attract buyers and renters seeking a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle.

Bird-Watching, Beaches, and Real Estate Growth

One of the key factors contributing to Conneaut’s real estate growth is its recognition as a bird-watching haven. Various species of migratory birds and resident waterfowl flock to the shores, creating a delightful spectacle for enthusiasts. The abundance of inviting beaches also draw tourists from all over the region, catering to diverse recreational interests. These factors combine to fuel the growth of both residential and tourist-driven markets, making it a prime location for those seeking scenic properties in Ohio.

Essential amenities and developments support the growing waterfront investments Conneaut real estate market. The area benefits from improved transportation infrastructure, access to quality education, and vibrant shopping options. Conneaut Harbor is also home to a range of businesses, making it an attractive proposition for property investors.

Conneaut’s idyllic location on the shore of Lake Erie presents properties with striking waterfront views, appealing to those seeking a tranquil lifestyle.

One promising investment opportunity in the Conneaut Harbor real estate market is the development of townhomes and single-family residences along the waterfront. These properties offer picturesque views and proximity to local attractions, enhancing their desirability for potential tenants and buyers.

Property TypeAverage PriceEstimated ROI
Single-Family Homes$150,000 – $250,0008% – 12%
Townhomes$180,000 – $300,0006% – 10%
Condos$140,000 – $220,0005% – 9%

In conclusion, the charm and appeal of Conneaut’s scenic waterfront offer promising investment opportunities in the Conneaut Harbor real estate market. With a serene atmosphere, thriving community, and growing tourist interest, Conneaut proves to be an attractive destination for investors seeking lucrative scenic properties in Ohio.

Jefferson’s Small-Town Charm with Urban Perks

Jefferson offers investors the perfect balance of small-town ambiance paired with urban amenities. Its historic downtown area is a focal point for the community, attracting visitors and benefiting local Jefferson OH real estate dynamics. With a variety of small-town investment opportunities and historic downtown Jefferson properties, this charming town is an ideal choice for investors seeking both stability and potential for growth.

Historic Downtown and Year-Round Events

Jefferson’s historic downtown boasts a picturesque streetscape lined with classic brick buildings, delightful shops, and inviting restaurants. This lively hub offers various small-town investment opportunities, from retail spaces to residential properties that appeal to both locals and visitors alike. Adding to the allure, Jefferson hosts a calendar of year-round events, engaging the community and attracting tourists.

Experience history, charm, and a strong sense of community in Jefferson, Ohio – a perfect blend for real estate investment success.

Highlights of Jefferson’s event calendar include:

  • The Ashtabula County Fair
  • Residential Christmas Light Competition
  • Jefferson Founder’s Day Celebration
  • Annual Holiday Open House

These events add vibrancy to the town, driving interest in the local real estate market and offering investors promising returns.

Property TypeAverage Price RangeInvestment Potential
Single-Family Homes$90,000 – $250,000Stable rental income, potential for appreciation
Multi-Family Homes$150,000 – $350,000Higher rental income, diverse tenant base
Commercial Properties$100,000 – $550,000Long-term leases, potential for business growth

Investing in Jefferson presents a unique opportunity to capitalize on the town’s small-town charm while reaping the benefits of urban perks. With its historic downtown area, year-round events, and strong sense of community, Jefferson creates a thriving environment for real estate investors.

Investing in Kingsville’s Idyllic Rural Landscape

Kingsville, Ohio, offers an idyllic rural setting that is perfect for real estate investment. The picturesque rolling hills and scenic farmland landscapes provide an escape for those looking for a slice of tranquility. This serene environment is particularly appealing to investors who recognize the potential of Kingsville’s farming community properties.

One of the factors that adds to Kingsville’s charm and attractiveness for investment is its antique shops. These establishments not only contribute to the town’s rural character but also draw enthusiasts to the area. As a result, property desirability increases, making Kingsville antique shops real estate an interesting opportunity for those looking to invest in classic Americana.

“Investing in Kingsville’s rural landscape provides a serene environment for both residents and investors.”

There are various options to consider when pursuing rural investment in Kingsville, OH. From expansive farmlands to charming country homes, Kingsville’s unique properties cater to diverse preferences. The peaceful atmosphere and potential for growth in agribusiness and tourism make Kingsville an excellent choice for property investments.

  1. Invest in Kingsville’s farming community properties
  2. Capitalize on the quaint atmosphere provided by antique shops
  3. Enjoy stable demand and consequent returns due to Kingsville’s unique rural appeal

Investors wishing to capitalize on Kingsville’s real estate potential should consider long-term strategies that will maximize the benefits of the town’s idyllic rural setting and future development. Kingsville’s classic farmland properties, combined with its antique stores and attractive natural environment, create a promising investment landscape that is well worth exploring.

In conclusion, Kingsville provides a serene setting for property investments that cater to those who appreciate an idyllic rural landscape alongside the unique charm of antique shops and a vibrant farming community.

Orwell: The Ideal Neighborhood for Family-Friendly Investments

Orwell, a cozy village located within Ashtabula County, is known for its family-oriented atmosphere and an undeniable sense of community. With a broad range of recreational facilities and a thriving communal life, it creates a solid foundation for long-term family-friendly investments in real estate, standing as an alluring destination for families to plant roots.

Community Life and Recreational Opportunities

Orwell OH community life thrives on a strong connection between residents, resulting in tight-knit neighborhoods and engaging local events. Children enjoy activities like educational programs, summer camps, and youth sports, while adults can participate in community clubs and gatherings, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the residents.

An abundance of recreational real estate opportunities await investors in Orwell, with various parks, trails, and community pools catering to families of all ages. The village features several outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy, including:

  • Orwell Village Park
  • Veterans Park
  • Community Pools and Splash Zones

All these recreational spaces offer diverse outdoor experiences, granting families numerous choices to avail themselves of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Beyond its robust selection of recreational and outdoor opportunities, Orwell hosts several family-friendly events and festivals throughout the year, like community picnics, holiday celebrations, and seasonal gatherings, further emphasizing the village’s commitment to family-oriented experiences.

When considering family-friendly investments Orwell, take note of the excellent school system within the Grand Valley Local School District. The district comprises an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school, all offering comprehensive educational programs and extracurricular activities. This strong foundation for quality education is another significant factor in attracting families to the area, offering stable prospects for a long-term investment in real estate.

ParksAnnual events/festivitiesSchools
Orwell Village Park, Veterans ParkCommunity picnics, holiday celebrations, seasonal gatheringsGrand Valley Local School District: Elementary, Middle, and High School

For investors seeking to capitalize on the family-friendly appeal of Orwell, the village boasts diverse real estate options ranging from charming single-family homes to modern townhouses and apartments. With its strong sense of community, top-rated educational institutions, and an array of recreational amenities, Orwell presents itself as an ideal location for individuals and families seeking a comfortable, secure, and active lifestyle. Henceforth, this makes Orwell an exceptional investment opportunity for anyone desiring to join Ashtabula County’s dynamic real estate market.

Andover: A Nature Lover’s Real Estate Retreat

Andover, a picturesque town in Ashtabula County, offers an ideal setting for nature enthusiasts searching for their dream property. Home to the vast Pymatuning State Park, Andover has become a sought-after location for those who crave the tranquility and beauty of the great outdoors. The park’s popularity and proximity to town have a notable impact on the local real estate market, attracting outdoor lovers and boosting housing demand.

Pymatuning State Park’s Effect on Property Demand

Nestled within Andover’s boundaries, Pymatuning State Park spans an impressive 16,892 acres, making it one of Ohio’s largest state parks. This expansive natural refuge boasts lush forests, pristine wetlands, and the stunning Pymatuning Reservoir, offering ample opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, fishing, camping, and wildlife observation. The abundance of activities and natural splendor has a significant influence on Andover real estate, with properties in proximity to the park witnessing increased demand.

Pymatuning State Park’s natural beauty and diverse recreational offerings significantly contribute to the desirability of Andover properties, particularly for those who seek an idyllic nature lover retreat property.

The strong connection between the park and the local housing market creates unique opportunities for investors. Whether catering to vacationers interested in short-term rentals or nature enthusiasts looking for a permanent residence, Pymatuning State Park housing demand presents a compelling selling point that can help maximize return on investment.

Property TypesAppeal to Buyers/Tenants
Single-family homesSpacious, private retreats for families and nature lovers
Cottages and cabinsCozy, rustic getaways for vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts
Waterfront propertiesScenic lakeside living with easy access to boating and fishing
Vacation rentalsShort-term accommodation for visitors seeking outdoor adventures

Ashtabula County’s blend of urban convenience and rural charm continues to entice real estate investors. With Andover and its proximity to Pymatuning State Park, those seeking idyllic natural settings have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the thriving market for nature retreat properties.

North Kingsville’s Quiet Real Estate Market

North Kingsville is a charming town that epitomizes the peaceful community many tenants and homeowners seek, making it an ideal investment destination for those looking to enter the quiet real estate North Kingsville market. This serene neighborhood offers a range of housing options, from quaint cottages to spacious family homes that cater to varying preferences and budgets.

An investment in North Kingsville homes is a wise choice for individuals who prioritize serenity, stability, and the comfort of a tranquil living environment. As a result, this quiet town in Ashtabula County has gained popularity among families, retirees, and anyone else seeking solace away from the hustle and bustle of more urban settings.

The laid-back nature of the town paired with its beautiful surroundings results in highly sought-after properties under the serene neighborhood investing category. Investors can expect stable rental income, consistent property demand, and opportunities for long-term growth.

“North Kingsville, with its peaceful, family-friendly atmosphere and diverse housing options, makes it a desirable location for those seeking a tranquil lifestyle.”

Here are some reasons why investing in the quiet real estate market of North Kingsville can be a smart move:

  1. Attractive rental income potential.
  2. Growing demand for serene living environments.
  3. Limited housing supply contributes to stable market conditions.
  4. Increasing home prices can lead to positive appreciation and long-term growth.

Apart from its attractive investment opportunities, the charming landscape surrounding North Kingsville offers a variety of leisure activities and attractions. From lush forests and nature trails to local parks and golf courses, inhabitants have ample ways to unwind and connect with nature.

FeaturesNorth Kingsville
Housing typesCottages, ranch-style homes, modern family residences
Average home price$150,000 (as of 2021)
PopulationApproximately 2,700
Neighborhood vibeQuiet, peaceful, family-friendly

Overall, investing in the quiet real estate market of North Kingsville presents a solid foundation for investors seeking long-term growth in serene neighborhood investing. The town’s desirable living conditions, diverse housing options, and stable market conditions make it an ideal location for property investment in Ashtabula County, Ohio.

Austinburg’s Historic Charm: Investing in a Living Legacy

Austinburg, a quaint and timeless town in Ashtabula County, is steeped in history. Rich with living legacy properties, it presents a splendid market for those interested in historic investment opportunities. The town’s enduring appeal is grounded in its storied past, embodied by the well-preserved architectural marvels, particularly the stunning Austinburg Town Hall.

The Appeal of the Austinburg Town Hall

Austinburg’s Town Hall serves as the centerpiece of the town’s historic allure, dating back to the year 1836. This iconic structure captures the essence of America’s vibrant architectural history, with its grand facade and gracefully designed interior.

“Austinburg Town Hall continues to stand as a testament to the town’s rich heritage and cultural significance.”

This architectural gem attracts history aficionados and antique lovers alike, boosting the local real estate market. The Town Hall’s ongoing relevance and allure have created a steady demand for culturally rich and unique properties in Austinburg, making it an ideal investment destination for those seeking a slice of history in their real estate portfolio.

  1. Take advantage of the Austinburg Town Hall’s historical significance as a real estate draw.
  2. Invest in living legacy properties, which boast unique features and characteristics tied to the town’s storied past.
  3. Capitalize on the town’s rich and enduring appeal for both residents and visitors, offering a wealth of opportunity in a competitive market.

To successfully invest in Austinburg real estate, it is essential to recognize the pivotal role that history plays in the local market. By embracing the town’s living legacy, investors can tap into a vibrant and diverse selection of properties, ensuring their portfolios include pieces of Austinburg’s enduring charm.

Roaming Shores: Exclusive Real Estate in a Private Community

Offering exclusivity and a unique living experience, Roaming Shores stands out as a top choice for investors searching for high-quality, exclusive real estate opportunities. As a private community nestled on the banks of a private lake, Roaming Shores boasts numerous amenities and recreational facilities tailored to provide residents with an idyllic, luxurious lifestyle.

Investors seeking private community investments in Roaming Shores will be pleased to discover an array of Roaming Shores properties ranging from cozy lakefront cottages to modern family homes. These residences cater to various needs, whether targeted at families settling down or vacationers seeking a serene retreat.

Roaming Shores has steadily gained popularity among real estate investors attracted to private communities that offer exclusive, tailored living experiences.

To highlight the appeal of investing in Roaming Shores, we explore some key features that render the private community a highly attractive option:

  1. Private lake access for fishing, boating, and other water activities
  2. Clubhouse with entertainment facilities and meeting spaces
  3. Swimming pools, parks, and tennis courts for recreational pursuits
  4. Trails for walking, jogging, and cycling enthusiasts
  5. Gated entrance for added security and privacy
  6. Strong sense of community and various social events throughout the year

Apart from these exceptional facilities, Roaming Shores also enjoys a strategic location, enabling easy access to nearby attractions, shopping centers, and renowned lakefront establishments.

EnvironmentNeighboring Attractions
Lakefront LivingFishing and boating clubs, waterfront restaurants, and marinas
Natural SurroundingsRecreational parks, walking and cycling trails, picturesque scenery
Urban AmenitiesShopping centers, entertainment facilities, dining options

With a unique offering of exclusive real estate, Roaming Shores represents an ideal opportunity for private community investment. The diverse range of Roaming Shores properties, coupled with exceptional amenities and a prime location, ensures that investors are well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for luxurious lakeside living.


Ashtabula County, Ohio, presents an array of diverse investment opportunities, making it an attractive region for both new and seasoned real estate investors looking to explore the northeastern Ohio market. Having considered the various neighborhoods – each with its unique charm and appeal – investors are sure to find a fitting opportunity that suits their specific needs and preferences when venturing into Ashtabula OH real estate.

Whether it’s the bustling city life of Ashtabula City or the serene waterfront views of Conneaut, these areas highlight the county’s strengths and versatility in terms of investment potential. The affordability factor and promising economic growth in sectors like healthcare, education, and manufacturing ensure a solid platform for Ashtabula County property investments.

In conclusion, Ashtabula County’s distinctive blend of urban, rural, and waterfront environments creates a vast landscape for investors to navigate and find their ideal investment property. This region has indeed established itself as a favorable choice for those looking to expand their real estate portfolio and partake in outstanding opportunities this area has to offer.


What makes Ashtabula County an attractive location for real estate investment?

Ashtabula County offers a lower than the national average cost of living, diverse housing options, natural attractions like lakes and parks, and a vibrant economy spanning healthcare, education, manufacturing, and agriculture, providing a promising real estate market for investors.

Where are some potential investment opportunities in the Ashtabula real estate market?

Some of the best neighborhoods for investment in Ashtabula County include Ashtabula City, Geneva, Conneaut, Jefferson, Kingsville, Orwell, Andover, North Kingsville, Austinburg, and Roaming Shores.

What is the significance of the Ashtabula Harbor area for real estate investors?

The Ashtabula Harbor area is attractive to real estate investors as it is popular among boating and fishing enthusiasts, ensuring consistent tourism and demand for accommodations.

What type of properties are available for real estate investment in Ashtabula County?

Ashtabula County offers various types of properties such as Victorian homes, modern family residences, charming cottages, sleek condominiums, waterfront properties, and exclusive community housing – suitable for both traditional rentals and Airbnb.

How does the presence of Pymatuning State Park affect the real estate market in Andover?

Pymatuning State Park attracts outdoor enthusiasts to Andover, boosting housing demand and making it an appealing area for real estate investment.

What makes Austinburg an interesting market for culturally rich and unique properties?

The historical allure of Austinburg, highlighted by its iconic Town Hall dating back to 1836, draws interest from history aficionados and antique lovers, making it an appealing real estate market for culturally rich and unique properties.

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