Best Neighborhoods To Invest In Des Moines, IA

Des Moines, the capital city of Iowa, is garnering attention for its affordable neighborhoods and exceptional quality of life. The booming real estate market in Des Moines has become a haven for homebuyers and investors alike. The city’s diverse neighborhoods, coupled with its thriving economy, provides a wealth of opportunities for individuals interested in Des Moines Real EstateAffordable NeighborhoodsInvestment Opportunities, and IA Home Buying.

Key Takeaways:

  • Des Moines offers a variety of neighborhoods with distinct characteristics, catering to different lifestyles and budgets.
  • Strong economic growth, low cost of living, and a multitude of amenities make Des Moines real estate attractive for first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors.
  • Median home prices and average rent rates in the area showcase Des Moines as a promising and affordable market for property investment.
  • Des Moines suburbs offer a balance of safety, connectivity, and community resources, making them ideal for families and young professionals.
  • Investing in Des Moines real estate can yield significant returns, especially when considering the potential for home renovations and property improvements.

Discovering Des Moines: A Real Estate Opportunity

Often referred to as the “Hartford of the West”, Des Moines, Iowa offers a wide range of attractions, such as its picturesque natural settings, thriving culinary scene, and numerous leisure activities. The city’s affordability and potential for growth have attracted the attention of home investors and those interested in Midwestern Homes, driving the Des Moines IA Real Estate market.

The following data reflects the growing interest in Des Moines’ property market:

Median Home Sale PriceAverage Sale Price per Square FootRental Average for Two-Bedroom Apartments

With competitive home investment prices and accessible property markets, the city’s real estate opportunities are expanding. Des Moines, as a hub of commerce and entertainment, creates a diverse community of potential home buyers and renters. As a result, investing in this promising city may lead to considerable returns for both new and experienced investors.

“Des Moines entices with its natural settings, culinary scene, and leisure activities. Its affordability is showcased by median home sale prices around $174,250 and the average sale price per square foot at $170. Rental averages for two-bedroom apartments stand at $942, highlighting the city’s real estate potential.”

Des Moines has become an ideal location for those considering building a home or expanding their real estate portfolio. The city’s growing population and job market further secure its status as a wise investment destination in the Midwest. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this thriving property market in the heart of Iowa.

Johnston: A Blend of Growth and Opportunity

Johnston, a thriving Des Moines suburb, has gained significant recognition for its rapid growth and investment potential. Home to multiple organizations such as the Camp Dodge Military Reservation and Iowa Public Television, this city holds great promise for those looking to invest in Johnston IA Real Estate.

The accolades and rankings Johnston has received from credible sources like Money Magazine and Business Insider only add to its appeal. The city’s booming development has made a significant impact on the Growth in Johnston, drawing attention to the area’s potential as a smart Investment in Johnston.

“Johnston has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years and is on track to continue its upward trajectory.”

As one of the prime Des Moines Suburbs, Johnston boasts a comfortable mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, making it an ideal destination for families and professionals alike. Residents enjoy top-notch schools, expansive parks, and a strong sense of community, which is essential in promoting a high quality of life.

Johnston’s desirability as a real estate investment location can be attributed to several key factors:

  1. Top-rated schools
  2. Various employment opportunities
  3. A wide range of recreational amenities
  4. Proximity to downtown Des Moines and other suburbs
  5. Strong community-centered atmosphere

With all these factors considered, it’s no wonder Johnston is drawing more and more interest from investors and families relocating to the Des Moines metro area.

YearPopulation Growth Rate

Table: Johnston’s population growth rates over the past decade.

In conclusion, as a hub of growth and opportunity, Johnston stands out as an exceptional choice for those looking to invest in real estate in the Des Moines suburbs.

Ankeny: Family-Friendly Living with Economic Appeal

Ankeny, known for its economic robustness, is the 7th largest city in Iowa and has been witnessing rapid development in recent years. Catering to families with a plethora of amenities, the city has become a popular choice for those seeking Ankeny IA Real Estate in family-friendly neighborhoods.

The Economic Landscape of Ankeny

With significant economic growth, Ankeny has successfully attracted various industries and businesses to the area. This has resulted in a strong job market and an increased demand for homes in family-friendly neighborhoods. Additionally, its low unemployment rate and diverse economy make it an ideal place to live.

Amenities and Attractions in Ankeny

Ankeny offers numerous attractions and facilities that contribute to a high quality of life for its residents. The city boasts a multitude of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options, ensuring there is something for everyone. Here are the top 5 Ankeny attractions:

  1. High Trestle Trail
  2. Ankeny Art Center
  3. Prairie Ridge Sports Complex
  4. Ankeny Area Historical Society
  5. Wagner Park

These attractions, combined with community events and recreational activities, make Ankeny a preferred choice for homebuyers looking for family-friendly habitats.

Education and Schools in Ankeny

A key factor in Ankeny’s appeal for families is its strong educational system. The city is home to numerous public schools that cater to various age groups, providing an ideal environment for young families. Top-rated schools in the area ensure a quality education for children and peace of mind for parents.

In conclusion, Ankeny’s substantial economic growth, family-friendly neighborhoods, and appealing attractions make it an attractive destination for both families and individuals seeking a high-quality lifestyle. Investing in Ankeny IA Real Estate would be a wise decision for anyone looking to settle down in this vibrant and growing city.

Clive: Nature and Connectivity for Young Families

Located in the heart of the Des Moines metropolitan area, Clive offers an idyllic setting for young families seeking a blend of nature and connectivity. With an impressive array of Clive IA Homes alongside a diverse range of recreational opportunities, Clive is gaining popularity amongst homeowners and investors alike.

One of the key selling points for those considering a move to Clive is its extensive network of Nature Trails and parks. Covering more than 350 acres, these well-maintained green spaces provide residents with ample opportunities to embrace an active, outdoor lifestyle.

“Clive’s vast network of nature trails and parks provide an ideal setting for my young family, allowing us to balance work and play with ease.”

Moreover, Connectivity in Clive is another significant advantage for the city’s residents. With easy access to major transportation routes and essential amenities like schools, shopping centers, and health care facilities, Clive ensures a convenient and enjoyable living experience for young families.

Green SpacesOver 350 acres of parks and nature trails
ConnectivityExcellent access to major transportation routes and amenities
PopulationApproximately 17,000 residents, many of whom are young families
EducationAccess to quality schools within the West Des Moines Community School District and the Waukee Community School District

With its ideal blend of nature, connectivity, and a youthful population, Clive is undeniably a top choice for starting families in search of an exceptional community. Offering an array of attractive homes and a high quality of life, Clive provides an excellent balance of work, leisure, and family time, contributing to the city’s continued growth and popularity.

Waukee: Safe Neighborhoods Meet Quality Education

Waukee, a flourishing suburb of Des Moines, boasts a perfect blend of quality schools, safe neighborhoods, and family living. The Waukee IA Real Estate market has attracted numerous families seeking a positive and supportive environment for their children to thrive.

Schools and Academics in Waukee

Waukee’s exceptional school system is a significant factor contributing to its attractiveness for families. Waukee Community School District offers a robust curriculum, focusing on both academics and personal development. Their schools consistently rank highly in statewide assessment scores and graduation rates.

“The schools in Waukee are fantastic. They have a strong academic focus and a nurturing atmosphere, making it an ideal place for our children to learn and grow.” – a satisfied Waukee parent

  1. Waukee Elementary School
  2. Vince Meyer Learning Center
  3. Waukee Middle School
  4. Waukee High School

These strong educational institutions are a driving force behind the demand for Waukee IA Real Estate.

Lifestyle and Recreation in Waukee

With Downtown Des Moines in close proximity, Waukee residents enjoy easy access to big-city amenities while maintaining a small-town atmosphere. This suburb is known for its safe neighborhoods and family-friendly environment, hosting various community events and activities throughout the year. Families have the opportunity to engage in a range of sports, arts, and entertainment options, ensuring a high quality of life.

Recreational FacilityDescription
Waukee Family YMCAA comprehensive recreational facility featuring a fitness center, group exercise classes, an indoor swimming pool, and family programs.
Centennial ParkA 33-acre park offering sports fields, open green spaces, and an inclusive playground, perfect for family picnics and outdoor activities.
Raccoon River Valley TrailA scenic 89-mile trail, perfect for walking, biking, and bird-watching. It connects Waukee to other cities providing a network of exploration.

In conclusion, the combination of highly-ranked schools, safe neighborhoods, and a vibrant community makes Waukee IA Real Estate a top choice for families looking for an idyllic place to call home.

West Des Moines: Suburban Convenience and Vibrancy

As the second-largest city in the Des Moines metro area, West Des Moines provides a unique mix of suburban lifestyle and vibrant communities. Known for its high-quality schools, local attractions, and Money magazine ranking, this thriving suburb attracts homebuyers and investors alike who are looking for the perfect blend of convenience and livability.

West Des Moines encompasses a variety of neighborhoods that cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences. From upscale communities to charming, family-friendly areas, there is a West Des Moines property that suits every IA living enthusiast.

West Des Moines is recognized for its great schools, local attractions, and a top ranking by Money magazine.

Shopping and entertainment options abound in West Des Moines, with popular destinations such as Jordan Creek Town Center and West Glen Town Center offering a wide array of retail stores, restaurants, and nightlife venues. Additionally, the city boasts a rich collection of parks and recreational facilities, including the stunning Raccoon River Park, which features a beach, playgrounds, and walking trails.

NeighborhoodAverage Home PriceAmenities
Valley Junction$189,000Historic district, shops, restaurants, events
Jordan Creek$315,000Shopping mall, dining, entertainment, parks
Brown’s Woods$275,000Natural area, hiking trails, wildlife

Education plays a major role in the appeal of West Des Moines, with the West Des Moines Community School District providing a variety of highly rated schools. Children can conveniently attend schools within their respective neighborhoods, further reinforcing the suburban lifestyle that so many families embrace.

  1. Pride in local schools: West Des Moines Community School District is highly rated and offers quality education for families.
  2. Diverse neighborhood options: From charming historic districts to upscale communities, there is a West Des Moines property for every lifestyle.
  3. Practical IA living: West Des Moines supports a suburban lifestyle, with parks, restaurants, shopping, and more for residents to enjoy.

With its combination of suburban convenience and vibrant communities, West Des Moines continues to elevate the standard of IA living and attract more homebuyers and investors. Make your next investment in a West Des Moines property, and experience the best of suburban life in this thriving and attractive city.

Urbandale: Safety, Affordability, and Comfort

Located just outside Des Moines, Urbandale has experienced significant growth in recent years and has become a highly sought-after location for families and investors alike. With its safe communitiesaffordable housing, and flourishing local economy, Urbandale offers the perfect combination of comfort and convenience for those looking to invest in Des Moines homes.

Investing in Urbandale Real Estate

As one of the top cities to live in the United States, according to Money Magazine, Urbandale’s real estate market is full of potential for strong returns on investment. The city’s consistent growth, attractive housing options, and excellent public services make it an ideal location for both first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors.

Urbandale ranked among the best cities to live in the United States, according to Money Magazine.

Reasons to Invest in UrbandaleDescription
Safe CommunitiesUrbandale is known for its low crime rates and strong sense of community, making it a safe environment for families and those seeking a laidback suburban lifestyle.
Affordable HousingWith a range of housing options at various price points, Urbandale appeals to a diverse group of homebuyers seeking affordable investments.
Economic GrowthUrbandale’s thriving local economy offers numerous employment opportunities and contributes to its continued population growth and real estate demand.

Community Life in Urbandale

Urbandale fosters a tight-knit community atmosphere, with public and private resources focused on strengthening its neighborhoods. Through programs such as Invest DSM, the city supports revitalization efforts to improve home values and quality of life for its residents. With access to top-rated schools, abundant parks and trails, and a variety of local events and recreational activities, life in Urbandale offers a uniquely satisfying experience.

  • Close-knit community atmosphere
  • Public and private resources to support neighborhood improvements
  • Access to quality education, parks, and recreational activities

In conclusion, Urbandale offers an exceptional blend of safety, affordability, and comfort for those seeking real estate opportunities in the Des Moines area. With its thriving community life and strong investment potential, it is an ideal choice for anyone looking to invest in the Des Moines real estate market.

Windsor Heights: The Best of Affordability and Location

Combining excellent affordable living and location benefits, Windsor Heights has everything a homeowner could be looking for. Its close proximity to Des Moines allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds: quiet suburban living and access to the many amenities offered in a bustling city.

With a median home price that is significantly lower than the national average, Windsor Heights houses offer an incredible real estate value for those looking to invest or settle down in this charming neighborhood. In fact, its affordability and serene streets have made Windsor Heights a popular choice among families and young professionals alike.

Aside from Des Moines proximity, Windsor Heights also hosts its own array of attractions that cater to the interests of its diverse population. From vibrant park spaces to family-friendly community events, there’s always a memorable experience waiting around the corner. Some standout attractions include:

  1. Colby Park – This picturesque park features walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a popular splash pad to keep residents entertained while staying active.
  2. Community Center – The recently renovated Community Center serves as a hub for neighborhood gatherings and special events, as well as offering various recreational resources for residents to enjoy.
  3. Annual Windsor Heights Concert Series – Throughout the summer, the city comes alive with performances by local musicians and bands on the park stage, creating a festive atmosphere for all ages.

“Windsor Heights is a hidden gem that truly has it all – accessibility, affordability, and a fantastic quality of life for residents.”

As you consider your options for buying or investing in real estate near Des Moines, don’t overlook Windsor Heights. This charming community offers an unrivaled combination of affordability and location, making it an attractive option for homeowners seeking the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

Grimes: Where Small Town Charm Meets Growth

Grimes, a rapidly growing town in Iowa, has become increasingly popular among families and professionals, thanks to its perfect blend of small-town appeal and modern amenities. With an impressive array of schools, park systems, and opportunities for real estate development, Grimes presents a compelling case for those looking to settle down or invest in suburban properties.

The Appeal of Living in Grimes

One of the main attractions of Grimes is its small-town charm. With a strong sense of community and many family-oriented activities, the town offers a high quality of living for its residents. A significant selling point of Grimes living is the area’s well-maintained park systems and outdoor recreation spaces, which provide a perfect backdrop for family outings, picnics, and sports. Moreover, the town has an excellent array of schools, ensuring that families can provide a top-notch education for their children.

Opportunities for Real Estate Investment in Grimes

Featuring a mix of affordable housing and attractive property values, the real estate development in Grimes presents unique opportunities for both investors and homebuyers. The town’s community size and ongoing growth offer strong potential for ROI, as well as a fulfilling lifestyle for families settling in the area. A recent surge in Grimes IA growth indicates a bright future for the town, with increased job opportunities and infrastructural developments.

Grimes is an ideal combination of small-town charm and promising growth, making it an excellent choice for real estate investment and a perfect place to call home.

Grimes’ alluring qualities make it stand out among neighboring suburbs in Des Moines, offering a small-town appeal while still benefiting from the surrounding area’s amenities and opportunities. Whether you’re considering moving to Grimes or investing in its real estate development, it’s evident that the town has plenty to offer to those in search of a thriving, family-friendly community.

Norwalk: Award-Winning Affordability Near Des Moines

Located just a few miles south of downtown Des Moines, Norwalk IA homes have become increasingly popular for homebuyers seeking a friendly community atmosphere combined with the convenience of nearby city amenities. As one of the most affordable suburbs in the region, Norwalk offers a wide array of housing options for various budgets while still maintaining a high standard of living.

In recognition of its affordability and appeal, this charming suburb has earned a spot on Businessweek’s list of “America’s 50 Best Cities to Live.” The Businessweek Ranking took into account home prices, income growth, crime rates, and overall quality of life in cities across the nation, showcasing Norwalk as a prime choice for home buyers.

This suburban gem features convenient Des Moines access and a strong sense of community, which has drawn an increasing number of residents to call Norwalk home. Not only are residents able to enjoy small-town charm, but they can also quickly access the opportunities, attractions, and amenities that the Des Moines metro area offers.

“Norwalk truly captures the best of both worlds: affordability, comfort, and the benefits of proximity to a thriving city.”

Quiet, tree-lined streets, outstanding local schools, and an array of parks and recreational areas only add to the appeal of Norwalk. The suburban feel of the community enables residents to enjoy a high quality of life, making it an excellent choice for families and professionals alike. Norwalk is particularly popular among young families, who are attracted to the area’s strong school system, safe neighborhoods, and affordability.

  1. High-quality public schools
  2. Abundance of parks and recreational facilities
  3. Tree-lined streets and peaceful neighborhoods
  4. Proximity to the lively Des Moines metropolitan area
  5. Affordability in the housing market

With its array of advantages and the increased popularity of Norwalk IA homes, this suburb continues to attract new residents seeking a balance between small-town living and the benefits of nearby city access. As Norwalk’s profile continues to rise, the investment potential of its real estate market becomes more apparent for both homeowners and prospective buyers alike.


The diverse range of Des Moines suburbs featured in this article demonstrates the promising potential for real estate investments in this booming Midwest city. Each neighborhood offers unique qualities and amenities that cater to families, young professionals, and investors alike. By exploring these areas, you can find the perfect balance between affordability, convenience, and quality of life.

Considering the value of real estate in the Des Moines area, investors can further enhance the worth of their properties through strategic home upkeep and remodeling benefits. Implementing modern upgrades and focusing on efficient maintenance will not only increase property value, but also improve the overall living experience for residents.

In conclusion, the Des Moines real estate market offers a plethora of exciting investment opportunities in suburbs that cater to a diverse set of needs and preferences. By carefully evaluating the unique attributes of each neighborhood, you can make an informed decision in finding the right property and enhancing its value through smart home improvement initiatives.


What makes Des Moines an attractive real estate investment opportunity?

Des Moines is an appealing option for homebuyers and investors due to its affordability, diverse neighborhoods, employment opportunities, natural settings, culinary scene, and leisure activities. The average median home sale price is around $174,250, and average sale price per square foot is $170, making it an affordable option in the Midwest.

Why is Johnston considered a promising area for real estate investment?

Johnston’s rapid growth, home to organizations like Camp Dodge Military Reservation and Iowa Public Television, and recognition from Money Magazine and Business Insider contribute to its promising real estate investment potential.

What factors make Ankeny popular among families?

Ankeny’s economic robustness, status as the 7th largest city in Iowa, rapid development, array of family-friendly amenities, and strong public school system make it an attractive destination for families.

What are some reasons young families might choose to live in Clive?

Clive offers a balanced lifestyle with an extensive network of parks, trails, and a youthful population, catering to the needs of younger families.

How does Waukee balance safety, leisure, and community engagement for families?

Waukee’s reputable public schools, proximity to downtown Des Moines, and focus on safety, leisure, and community engagement make it an ideal choice for families.

What benefits and attractions does West Des Moines offer to its residents?

West Des Moines provides suburban ease combined with vibrancy, having quality schools, local attractions, and a notable ranking from Money magazine.

What factors make Urbandale an appealing option for safe and affordable real estate?

Urbandale’s growth, Money Magazine’s ranking, focus on safety, affordability, and community atmosphere, backed by public and private resources, make it attractive for real estate investment.

Why is Windsor Heights known for its affordable living and convenient location?

Windsor Heights features a low cost of living, serene streets, and close proximity to downtown Des Moines, offering an affordable and convenient living option.

How does Grimes balance small-town charm and growth potential?

Grimes attracts families and professionals due to its small-town appeal combined with quality schools, park systems, community size, and attractive property values, presenting growth potential for both living and investment opportunities.

What makes Norwalk an affordable and convenient option near Des Moines?

Norwalk, known for its affordable living and Businessweek acknowledgment, offers easy access to Des Moines while maintaining a comfortable suburban atmosphere.

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