Best Neighborhoods To Invest In Malibu, CA

Welcome to the sun-kissed shores and rolling waves of Malibu, CA—a coastal haven renowned for its stunning scenery and prestigious property market. Whether you’re an investor looking to expand your portfolio with beachfront luxury, or simply seeking top investment opportunities in Malibu, CA, you’re in the right place. Here, we delve into the unparalleled real estate investment avenues where the Pacific breeze meets opulent living. Discover the neighborhoods that make Malibu a prime location for discerning investors seeking the Best Neighborhoods To Invest In Malibu, CA.

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Key Takeaways

  • Malibu’s diverse neighborhoods offer a bevy of real estate opportunities, from serene hillside retreats to lively beachfront communities.
  • Point Dume and Carbon Beach remain standout locations for those seeking both natural wonders and Malibu CA real estate investment potential.
  • The gated enclave of Malibu Colony boasts privacy and high-return prospects suited for an elite investor’s portfolio.
  • Malibu’s real estate market maintains a robust appeal through its mix of luxury, exclusivity, and natural beauty.
  • Investors can capitalize on the array of top investment opportunities in Malibu, CA, amongst the most coveted locales along the Pacific coastline.

Investing in Malibu’s Luxury Real Estate

The allure of Malibu’s coastline is not just in its natural beauty but also in its exceptional offering of luxury real estate. Distinguished investors around the globe are turning their sights toward the opulent residences nestled along this prestigious stretch of the Pacific. In the tapestry of high-end markets, investing in Malibu neighborhoods stands out as a symbol of affluence and a promising avenue for robust long-term returns.

The Appeal of Malibu’s High-End Properties

Within the realm of luxury real estate, Malibu’s High-End Properties shine with an unrivaled appeal. Dominated by breathtaking ocean vistas and exclusive beachside access, neighborhoods such as Carbon Beach command some of the world’s most significant property values. The intrinsic value embedded in these eminent homes is not merely in their architectural marvels but also in the lifestyle they offer—an embodiment of California’s revered coastal living. You might also be interested to uncover the best neighborhoods to invest in Sunnyvale, California.

Malibu CA Real Estate Investment Trends

Recent trends in the Malibu real estate market reveal a distinct preference for privacy and luxury packaged within the tranquil confines of gated communities. Malibu Colony, with its secluded beaches and proximity to urban conveniences, typifies this trend, setting a precedent for exclusive living that caters to the elite. This strategic tilt towards secluded luxury is reshaping the investment landscape, positioning Malibu as the hub of sophisticated investing in Southern California.

Long-Term Value Prospects in Malibu

Positioned against the backdrop of the Santa Monica Mountains and the vast Pacific, neighborhoods like Point Dume boast not just immediate charm but also significant long-term value prospects in Malibu. The transition from bustling beach spots to serene retreats such as Serra Retreat offers a dichotomy that elevates Malibu’s real estate profile. Investors who align with Malibu’s vision find themselves investing in more than property; they invest in a legacy—cementing high growth potential and fostering the essence of coastal prosperity.

Top Malibu Neighborhoods for Investments

When it comes to securing a prime piece of the affluent Malibu real estate market, savvy investors target neighborhoods that offer a unique blend of natural beauty, luxury, and exclusivity. Among these prized locales, three areas stand out as the jewels in Malibu’s crown for those who seek to invest in a lifestyle reserved for a discerning few.

Point Dume: A Paradise for Surf and Serenity

Offering a juxtaposition of adrenaline-pumping surf breaks and tranquil natural settings, Point Dume is a magnet for investors and lifestyle seekers alike. The area not only captivates with its vast beaches and prestigious properties but also beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its rock climbing and hiking possibilities. This neighborhood is ideal for the Point Dume investment opportunity that balances the vibrancy of beach life with the calm of a coastal escape. Point Dume’s desirability is compounded by its convenience to local markets and eateries—completing the picture of a perfect investment haven.

Carbon Beach: The Epitome of Exclusivity

Dubbed “Billionaire’s Beach”, Carbon Beach is a testament to unrivaled affluence in the Malibu shorelines. Home to some of the most sought-after Carbon Beach real estate, this neighborhood boasts beachfront homes that redefine luxury. With Malibu’s elite shopping, fine dining, and chic lifestyle a stone’s throw away, owning a slice of Carbon Beach is an exclusive badge of prestige and a solid investment in a highly-limited market.

Malibu Colony: Gated Community Grandeur

For those who prioritize seclusion without sacrificing convenience, Malibu Colony properties deliver an exquisite retreat within a gated enclave. Poised near the lively Malibu Civic Center, Malibu Colony affords a private beachfront haven alongside easy access to top-notch restaurants and cultural venues. It’s a realm of grandeur that appreciates value due to its exclusivity and is a standout choice for high-net-worth investors.

As these top Malibu neighborhoods each bring their unique flavor to the investment table, they continue to uphold Malibu’s legacy as a superior investment destination on the Californian coast. For those looking to immerse in the splendor of surf, sand, and upscale living, these neighborhoods offer undeniable allure and a secure investment choice.

Where to Invest in Malibu: Emerging Hotspots

As investors seek to capitalize on the lucrative Malibu real estate market, identifying emerging hotspots in Malibu real estate becomes key. With its iconic coastline and upscale residential offerings, Malibu is a treasure trove of investment opportunities. The Pacific Coast Highway threads through the city, connecting various neighborhoods known for their unique appeal and idyllic settings, ripe for investment exploration. Each community offers different slices of Malibu’s prestigious lifestyle, ranging from sprawling beachfront estates to serene hillside homes.

For those pondering where to invest in Malibu, the timeless allure of Malibu Beach remains a beacon for high-end investments, while the pastoral tranquility of Eastern Malibu and the languid charm of Western Malibu have become increasingly coveted. Discovering these profitable neighborhoods in Malibu is a venture into diversified luxury, where the Pacific’s azure waters meet well-manicured, exclusive neighborhoods.

Certain enclaves such as Big Rock and Malibu West offer their own distinctive character that attracts a close-knit and discerning demographic. These areas are renowned not only for their magnificent ocean vistas but also for maintaining a sense of community that is both exclusive and inviting—hallmarks of a promising real estate investment.

  • Big Rock: Known for its peaceful ambiance and picturesque landscapes.
  • Malibu West: A sought-after locale for its community-centric lifestyle and access to nearby beaches.
  • Malibu Beach: The quintessential investment destination for premium oceanfront properties.
  • Eastern Malibu: Offers a quieter side of luxury with estates that boast sprawling country views.
  • Western Malibu: Celebrated for its seclusion and the rugged beauty of the Californian coastline.

The investment potential in these communities is enhanced by their accessibility via the Pacific Coast Highway, combining convenience with the untouched beauty of Malibu’s natural environment. As these neighborhoods gain recognition, their status as emerging hotspots solidifies, presenting auspicious prospects for those who act promptly to secure a place in Malibu’s evolving real estate narrative.

Key Factors Shaping Property Investments in Malibu

When scanning the vibrant landscape of Malibu’s real estate market, discerning investors often weigh several pivotal elements. These key factors in Malibu property investments are not only diverse but dynamic, reflecting the very essence of this affluent area.

The allure of exclusivity stands at the forefront, as neighborhoods tailor experiences for the most elite tastes. Areas such as the whispering canyons of Serra Retreat and the secluded beaches of Broad Beach not only offer escape but also the promise of privacy and a retreat from the public eye.

Investing in Malibu also means investing in a lifestyle. The investment potential in Malibu neighborhoods is amplified by their immediate surroundings. Essentials such as top-rated schools, luxe dining experiences, and shopping destinations renowned for their premium offerings concretize Malibu’s position as an elite enclave. The area’s cornucopia of outdoor recreation—spanning from undulating surf waves to mountain trails—caters to both the serene and the active.

Malibu real estate market analysis shows buyers gravitating towards areas that unite architectural splendor with breathtaking landscapes. The fusion of refined living with the rustic charm of the Malibu coastline creates a magnet for investment. This unique blend of historic allure with a proclivity for future development attracts those looking to plant roots in a location that is poised for appreciation.

  • Exclusivity: The key draw for privacy-seekers and distinguished lifestyles
  • Proximity to Amenities: Essential for a lifestyle that demands luxury at a moment’s notice
  • Community Spirit: A fabric that weaves together the essence of Malibu living
  • Natural Beauty: The irreplaceable backdrop of every Malibu property investment
  • Schools and Education: An attribute for families and those planning for the future
  • Historic Charm versus Modern Visions: A balancing act that defines property character
  • Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation: A necessity for channeling Malibu’s active spirit

Each factor is a thread in the tapestry that investors consider essential. Malibu is not just a location but a statement—one where property investments translate into legacies nestled between the majesty of mountains and the serenity of the sea.

Profitable Neighborhoods in Malibu

As a haven for luxury living and breathtaking oceanfront vistas, Malibu offers a series of neighborhoods that are not only enviable places to live but also prime territories for investment. Among the sundry opportunities, certain areas stand out for their potential profitability, unique charm, and lifestyle perks. Let’s explore these neighborhoods that combine scenic beauty with investment wisdom.

Malibu Road: Beachside Living Investments

For those keen on Malibu Road investment, the area presents a compelling case with its beachside living perks. The effortless blend of luxury lifestyle with the allure of the ocean creates a high-demand property market. From sleek modern homes to elegant Mediterranean designs, each property along Malibu Road offers stunning panoramas and a sense of tranquility that is rare to find. Proximity to cultural staples such as the Malibu Country Mart and the iconic Surfrider Beach adds to the appeal, making it a top pick for prospective investors.

Serra Retreat: Investing in Laid-Back Luxury

In the search for Serra Retreat luxury properties, investors stumble upon an enclave of absolute serenity. Nested amid verdant greenery within the Santa Monica Mountains, properties in Serra Retreat offer laid-back luxury that is both exclusive and enchanting. An atmosphere of privacy pervades this neighborhood, appealing to those who value a retreat-like living experience within a stone’s throw of Malibu’s vibrant beach scene.

Zuma Beach: Laid-Back Living with Family Appeal

Recognized for its relaxed atmosphere, Zuma Beach family-friendly investments cater to those who seek a true Southern California lifestyle. With proximity to top schools like Malibu High School and easy access to Point Dume, the neighborhood promises a great blend of leisure and family convenience. The wide beaches and spirited community vibe make Zuma Beach a hotspot for families and investors alike, looking to sow the seeds of a joyful and profitable dwelling.

NeighborhoodProperties StyleLifestyle & AmenitiesInvestment Appeal
Malibu RoadModern to MediterraneanOcean views, proximity to Malibu Country Mart and Surfrider BeachHigh demand for luxury beachside living
Serra RetreatLuxury estates amid greeneryPrivate, serene environment nestled in natureElegance with exclusivity in a tranquil setting
Zuma BeachVaried, family-oriented homesFamily-friendly, near schools and community marketsLong-term family living with community growth

The Growing Demand for Malibu Coastal Properties

With its iconic shoreline and the tranquil allure of the Pacific, Malibu has witnessed an undeniable surge in the desire for coastal living. The growing demand for Malibu coastal properties is characterized by the search for an idyllic lifestyle that merges luxury with the serenity of the oceanside. In this landscape, high-growth areas in Malibu for investments are emerging, offering stunning vistas and exclusivity that continue to attract affluent buyers and investors globally.

The trend is particularly palpable in locales like Broad Beach, where the confluence of seclusion and the echo of the surf create a secluded paradise for residents and investors alike. Malibu coastal real estate trends illuminate a marketplace that is not just about the luxury abodes but the quintessence of the Malibu lifestyle—where every home is a bespoke experience.

Paradise Cove represents another beacon in the constellation of Malibu’s real estate galaxy. This enclave, while known for its relaxed ambiance and community spirit, also presents exclusive, high-value properties with unobstructed beach access, embodying the essence of beachfront investments with a twist.

The magnifying glass over Malibu’s property market reveals the complex dynamics driving investment interest. With the scarcity of beachfront lots, investors recognize the rarity and the intrinsic value these coastal properties hold. It’s not just about the present allure but the investment horizon—the long-term value appreciation rooted in the scarcity and desirability of Malibu’s pristine coastal tracts.

The combination of nature’s artwork and the allure of upscale living continues to fuel the growing demand for Malibu coastal properties. Below is a snapshot of Malibu’s high-growth investment areas that spotlight the undeniable attraction and potential returns within this high-end market.

AreaCharacteristicInvestment Appeal
Broad BeachLuxury homes, Private surf spotsValue appreciation, Exclusivity
Paradise CoveRelaxed ambiance, Beach access,Unique lifestyle investment, High-value properties

As investors navigate the currents of Malibu’s real estate seascape, the overarching narrative remains clear—a blend of natural wonder, luxury, and careful development underpins future growth. While the allure of Malibu’s lifestyle is timeless, the opportunity for investment is now, in a market that continues to thrive on scarcity, prestige, and the expanding horizons of coastal property appeal.

Best Locations to Invest in Malibu

Evaluating Malibu’s real estate market unravels opportunities that offer both a desirable lifestyle and promising investment potential. Identifying the best locations to invest in Malibu requires a focus on neighborhoods that encapsulate the unique charm of coastal luxury living. With its majestic beaches, serene atmosphere, and high-value properties, Malibu is home to several neighborhoods that have become hotspots for savvy investors.

La Costa Beach: The Iconic Malibu Lifestyle

La Costa Beach stands out as one of Malibu’s most desirable locations for investors looking for classic coastal allure. Known for its La Costa Beach lifestyle investments, the neighborhood provides residents with deeded access to the private La Costa Beach Club—offering an exclusive beachfront experience. The region’s close proximity to the vibrant cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica further elevates its appeal, making it a top-tier choice for those seeking to invest in a locale that epitomizes the iconic Malibu lifestyle.

Paradise Cove: Beachfront Investments with a Twist

Paradise Cove offers a blend of the traditional Malibu beachfront ethos with a modern twist. Famous for its high-value mobile homes and laid-back community vibe, the area’s Paradise Cove beachfront properties are ensconced next to some of Malibu’s most picturesque beaches and the quintessentially scenic Paradise Cove Pier. This neighborhood is a unique investment opportunity, providing a rare chance to own a piece of Malibu’s beachfront paradise, characteristically different from the conventional luxury estates.

Broad Beach: Seclusion and Surf

Broad Beach is a haven for investors hunting for Malibu’s perfect mix of privacy and oceanic beauty. Recognized for its Broad Beach real estate potential, this secluded neighborhood is lined with upscale residences that promise unspoiled Pacific views and a sense of coastal seclusion. With nearby amenities like Trancas Market and the natural wonders of tide pools and surf spots at Trancas Point, Broad Beach asserts itself as a premium location for top-tier investments in Malibu’s desirable beachfront market.

Discerning investors will find an array of opportunities within these remarkable neighborhoods. Whether it’s the luxury community of La Costa Beach, the unique seaside atmosphere of Paradise Cove, or the exclusive retreats of Broad Beach, Malibu continues to offer a landscape of investment possibilities that are as diverse as they are profitable.

Best Malibu Neighborhoods for Property Investment

Selecting the most profitable Malibu real estate isn’t merely about finding a house; it’s about discovering the lifestyle and exclusivity inherent in some of the best Malibu neighborhoods for property investment. With an array of locations that offer premium investment opportunities in Malibu, savvy investors tailor their choices to align with their vision of luxury and potential for appreciable return on investment. From the surfer’s paradise of Point Dume to the family-friendly atmosphere of Zuma Beach, Malibu’s property investments cater to a vast spectrum of interests and priorities.

In the quest for selecting profitable Malibu real estate, areas like Malibu Colony and Carbon Beach stand out as bastions of privacy and grandeur. These communities not only offer stunning oceanfront views but also provide an unmatched sense of community and upscale living.

La Costa Beach, with its iconic Malibu lifestyle, beckons with both classic and contemporary estates, while Malibu Park offers a blend of rustic charm and opulent multi-million dollar homes amid natural splendor. Each neighborhood encapsulates a unique aspect of what makes Malibu one of the most coveted locales for discerning investors looking to purchase real estate in a world-class destination.

  1. Carbon Beach: Famed for its exclusivity, this elite beachfront community is often dubbed “Billionaire’s Beach”. Investors here are privy to some of the most prestigious and expensive homes globally.
  2. Point Dume: Known for its scenic beauty, this neighborhood also offers a variety of outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing, catering to those who covet adventure alongside luxury.
  3. Malibu Colony: This gated retreat is the epitome of opulence and security, harboring some of Malibu’s finest estates within its confines and offering solitude with easy access to urban amenities.
  4. Zuma Beach: With its relaxed, family-oriented community and beautiful beaches, Zuma Beach is a prime spot for those seeking both a serene lifestyle and a valuable property investment.
  5. La Costa Beach: Homeowners in La Costa Beach are granted exclusive access to the coveted Beach Club, offering both luxury and leisure in this picturesque locale.
  6. Malibu Park: Known for its diverse range of home styles and beautiful natural trails, Malibu Park is ideal for investors in search of a more pastoral yet luxurious setting.

Embarking on the journey of selecting profitable Malibu real estate is an adventure in discernment. Be it the allure of the ocean’s edge in Carbon Beach or the allure of Zuma Beach’s family-friendly atmosphere, investment opportunities abound in Malibu’s distinct neighborhoods. Let us take a focused look at some of the premier investment opportunities:

NeighborhoodCharacteristicsInvestment Potential
Carbon BeachExclusive beachfront, limited availabilityPremium high-value property investments
Point DumeScenic views, outdoor lifestyleIdeal for those seeking adventure with their investment
Malibu ColonyGated privacy, luxury estatesHigh demand due to exclusivity and prestige
Zuma BeachFamily-friendly, community-centricLong-term investment with lifestyle value
La Costa BeachDeeded Beach Club access, proximity to LAIconic Malibu lifestyle appeal
Malibu ParkRustic charm, multi-million dollar estatesDiverse opportunities with potential for appreciation

To flourish in the realm of premium investment opportunities in Malibu, one must navigate the varied landscapes of its neighborhoods, each offering its exclusive charms and investment promise. The key to unlocking the true value behind Malibu’s real estate lies in selecting neighborhoods that resonate not just today, but also pave the way for a prosperous tomorrow.

Gauging the Future: High-Growth Areas in Malibu for Investments

As savvy investors look toward the coast for promising real estate opportunities, Malibu Park emerges as a focal point for its investment diversity and promising future growth. Noted for its eclectic range of properties, from charming traditional dwellings to sprawling luxury estates, this neighborhood encapsulates what many seek in high-growth areas in Malibu for investments. The entwining of natural splendor with a plurality of living experiences manifests as a significant draw for discerning investors.

Malibu Park: Diverse Range of Investment Opportunities

The array of homes within Malibu Park serves as a microcosm of the broad investment potential that the region presents. Both classic and contemporary styles find their place among the rolling hills and ocean views, offering a rich tapestry of options for individual tastes and investment portfolios. It’s this Malibu Park investment diversity that sets the stage for a robust real estate scene, primed for growth and ripe with opportunity.

Analyzing Market Trends for Projected Growth

Investors who tap into the current market trends in Malibu real estate can anticipate areas poised for expansion. Malibu Park, with its mix of serene residential roads and proximity to famed Malibu beaches, capitalizes on the trend towards outdoor lifestyles—an element that resonates deeply with today’s luxury property buyers. Analysts watching Malibu’s real estate market suggest a steady projection towards appreciation, informed by the area’s unyielding allure and the continuous demand for upscale coastal living.

The Importance of Community Reputation and Amenities

Understanding the community reputation and the significance of local amenities is crucial when considering investment in Malibu. A strong community reputation, exemplified by Malibu Park’s assortment of top-rated schools and access to local markets and surf destinations, adds intrinsic value to the district. The presence of private clubs, exclusive beach access, and communal markets reflect the priorities of potential buyers and investors, underscoring the anticipated investment success within this picturesque neighborhood.

  • Community Reputation: A mix of top-tier educational institutions and well-known surf spots elevates Malibu Park’s desirability.
  • Investment Diversity: From historic homesteads to opulent estates, the broad range of properties positions Malibu Park as a dynamic investment haven.
  • Amenities: Essential touchstones like private beach access, and local commercial hubs play a significant part in projecting growth.

Anchored by its scenic charm and buoyed by its investment potential, Malibu Park stands as a beacon for investors looking into high-growth areas in Malibu. With an intuitive grasp of market trends and a sustained reverence for community and lifestyle, Malibu real estate positions itself as a prosperous avenue for investment, today and tomorrow.


At the heart of a smart investment in Malibu’s real estate paradise is the recognition of what each neighborhood has to offer. Committing to properties in Malibu requires more than admiring the sunsets over the Pacific; it’s about deeply understanding the Malibu real estate climate and selecting the right neighborhoods to ensure that your portfolio is as stunning as the views. With its luxury coastal properties and picturesque settings, the decision to invest in Malibu is emblematic of the pursuit of sophistication and long-term value. Also, feel free to check out the best neighborhoods to invest in Hollywood, California.

Selecting the Right Malibu Neighborhood for Your Investment Portfolio

Navigating the affluent avenues of Malibu’s residential havens necessitates a strategic approach to selecting Malibu neighborhoods for investment portfolio enhancement. Factors like proximity to natural beauty, upscale amenities, and exclusive community features set the stage for a profitable investment with appreciable returns. Whether seeking the surfer’s dream at Point Dume, the luxe seclusion of Broad Beach, or the bustling heart of Malibu Colony, pinpointing the ideal locale forms the backbone of a sound strategic property investment.

Understanding the Malibu Real Estate Climate to Make Informed Decisions

Success in the real estate market often comes down to timing and trends. A thorough understanding of the Malibu real estate climate equips investors with the foresight necessary to capitalize on emerging opportunities and navigate market fluctuations confidently. Malibu’s blend of exclusive beachfront properties and serene hillside escapes continues to attract a discerning clientele, highlighting the ongoing demand for luxury investments in this idyllic enclave.

Reaching Out to Local Experts for Investment Guidance

Insight is invaluable, especially when it comes from the seasoned knowledge of local Malibu real estate experts. Brian Merrick, a well-established figure with over two decades in the Malibu market, stands as a testament to the caliber of guidance available to prospective investors. By partnering with a local specialist, investors gain access to nuanced expertise and tailored advice that ensures an informed and confident entry into Malibu’s coveted property market.


What are the best neighborhoods to invest in Malibu, CA?

Top neighborhoods for investment in Malibu include Point Dume, Carbon Beach, Malibu Colony, Malibu Road, Serra Retreat, Zuma Beach, La Costa Beach, Paradise Cove, Broad Beach, and Malibu Park. Each offers distinct lifestyle and investment opportunities.

Why should I consider investing in Malibu’s luxury real estate?

Malibu’s luxury real estate market is known for its high-end properties, exclusivity, and long-term value prospects. Investing in high-growth areas like Point Dume or Carbon Beach can provide substantial returns due to their demand and limited supply of beachfront properties.

What are the emerging hotspots for real estate investment in Malibu?

Emerging hotspots in Malibu include neighborhoods like Malibu Beach, Eastern Malibu, Western Malibu, Big Rock, and Malibu West. These areas offer potential for growth and are attracting investors looking for tranquil, coastal living with access to amenities.

What key factors should I consider when investing in Malibu real estate?

Investors should consider factors like exclusivity, proximity to amenities, community spirit, natural beauty, and the long-term growth potential of the neighborhood. Access to top-rated schools and outdoor recreation are also significant.

Which Malibu neighborhoods are currently the most profitable for investment?

Profitable neighborhoods for investment in Malibu include Malibu Road, Serra Retreat, and Zuma Beach. These areas are known for their luxury homes, beachside living, and family-friendly environments that hold strong appeal in the real estate market.

What drives the growing demand for coastal properties in Malibu?

The demand for Malibu coastal properties is driven by the unique beachfront lifestyle, limited supply of beachfront lots, nature connectivity, and long-term value appreciation. Coastal areas like Broad Beach and Paradise Cove are particularly sought after.

What makes La Costa Beach, Paradise Cove, and Broad Beach standout investment locations in Malibu?

La Costa Beach offers the iconic Malibu lifestyle with private club access, Paradise Cove is known for its relaxed vibe and high-value homes, and Broad Beach is appealing for its luxury residences, coastal seclusion, and nearby amenities.

How do I gauge the future and identify high-growth areas in Malibu for investment?

High-growth areas can be identified by analyzing market trends, community reputation, available amenities, and future development potential. Malibu Park, for example, has diverse real estate options with growing investment potential.

Why is it important to understand Malibu’s real estate climate when considering an investment?

Understanding Malibu’s real estate climate is crucial to making well-informed decisions. Factors such as market trends, property values, and lifestyle offerings play a pivotal role in the success of your investment.

Who can I reach out to for expert guidance on investing in Malibu real estate?

For expert guidance, it’s recommended to reach out to local real estate professionals with in-depth knowledge of the Malibu market, like Brian Merrick who has over 22 years of experience.

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