Best Neighborhoods To Invest In Spokane, WA

As the landscape of Spokane, WA real estate continues to evolve, a spotlight shines on the array of investment opportunities in Spokane. From verdant parks to the riverside vibrance, this Washington hallmark parades both charm and financial promise. For investors casting their nets for best areas to buy property in Spokane, the market presents a unique blend of affordability, cultural richness, and burgeoning development — ripe conditions for securing high-value WA investment properties. You might also be interested to discover the best neighborhoods to invest in Seattle, Washington.

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Key Takeaways

  • Spokane’s real estate market trends towards affordability and a high quality of life, attracting potential investors.
  • With Spokane’s median home value and rent pricing, investment opportunities shine in the city’s diverse neighborhoods.
  • The Spokane community is tight-knit and welcoming, adding a social dimension to property investment.
  • Rich in arts and accessible leisure activities, Spokane’s neighborhoods cater to a broad demographic of residents.
  • Well-planned public transportation infrastructure enhances the liveability and appeal of Spokane’s investment properties.

The Allure of Spokane, WA: A Haven for Real Estate Investors

Enveloping the beauty of its natural landscapes and the warmth of its community, Spokane, WA harbors a wealth of opportunities for the discerning investor. Set against a backdrop of verdant vistas and bustling cultural hotspots, the city beckons with open arms to those seeking both value and richness in their investment ventures.

Vibrant Green Spaces and Community Vibes

Investors captivated by the best neighborhoods to invest in Spokane often cite the city’s immersive green spaces as a prime draw. The Spokane River Gorge and Riverfront Park serve as central hubs for family-friendly activities, bolstering the city’s appeal as a community-oriented locale. The natural tranquility and recreational offerings here foster a lifestyle that is both relaxing and deeply connected with the environment.

Spokane’s Thriving Arts and Culture

Integral to the real estate trends in Spokane is the area’s flourishing arts and culture scene. The spirit of Spokane is captured through its street art, musical performances, and historical centers like the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. This rich cultural tapestry adds a layer of desirability for properties nestled within Spokane’s vibrant arts districts.

Affordability: A Key Factor in Real Estate Investment

Underlying the popularity of Spokane property investment is the city’s accessibility in terms of cost. With a housing market that remains affordable, investors find Spokane to be a strategic location where the median home value aligns favorably with the average household income. This affordability extends to the cost of living, making it an even more attractive prospect for those looking to invest in a growing market.

Four-Season Climate and Quality of Life

Encapsulating the essence of a year-round haven, Spokane’s four-season climate enhances its charm as a locale for property investors. The cold winters and warm summers not only provide a variety of activities but also contribute to a quality of life that few cities can match. From skiing to swimming, Spokane’s climate plays a significant role in WA housing market analysis, as it attracts a demographic keen on embracing an active lifestyle.

  • Comprehensive variety of outdoor activities aligning with the different seasons
  • Exceptional quality of life with low traffic and a welcoming community
  • Real estate prices that cater to a broad spectrum of investor goals

Leveraging Spokane’s Growth: Top Neighborhoods with Investment Potential

Spokane’s sustained growth and vibrant character offer lucrative opportunities for real estate investors. Among the top neighborhoods in Spokane, WA, certain areas come to the fore, harmonizing historical ambience with modern living. In this section, we delve into the neighborhood gems that shine with investment potential, each unique in their offerings and allure.

Browne’s Addition: Heritage and Diversity

Renowned as Spokane’s oldest residential area, Browne’s Addition boasts a magnificent array of stately historic homes, embodying the vestiges of a different era. With a median home value of $450K, it reflects a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary progress. The area’s economic development is palpable, with heritage sites walking hand in hand with modern amenities—making it a top neighborhood for investors.

The South Hill: Architecture and Ambiance

The South Hill’s charm lies in its diverse architectural landscape, with streets lined by Victorian homes, cottages, and expansive mansions—creating an ambiance of architectural harmony. It’s not just the buildings that sing but also the high median income of its residents, embraced by iconic green spaces like Manito Park that solidify The South Hill’s standing among top neighborhoods in Spokane, WA.

Emerson/Garfield: Value Growth and Historical Charm

The anticipation of value growth places Emerson/Garfield in an attractive light for property investment. As the neighborhood retains its historical charm through squares and canopies of foliage overhanging pedestrian-friendly walkways, it attracts a vibrant mix of residents. The presence of local businesses adds a lively sprinkle of contemporary life to its age-old streets.

West Central/Kendall Yards: A Community in Transformation

The dynamic West Central/Kendall Yards neighborhood is experiencing a metamorphosis, attracting families and young professionals. As the area continues to rise through its mix of modern and older homes, investors are taking notice. The growing community spirit within this neighborhood positions it as an investment hub with long-term potential.

Peaceful Valley: Unique Living Experiences

Peaceful Valley lives up to its name, offering an artsy, eclectic vibe that captures the hearts of those seeking a unique living experience. Its proximity to nature and downtown adds to the allure. This “cool” neighborhood invites one to invest in Spokane’s living tapestry, combining the tranquility of natural landscapes with the convenience of urban life.

NeighborhoodMedian Home ValueNotable Features
Browne’s Addition$450KHistoric mansions, economic development
The South Hill$300KArchitectural diversity, tree-lined streets, Manito Park
Emerson/Garfield$175K to $400KHistorical charm, pedestrian-friendly, local businesses
West Central/Kendall Yards$150K to $650KCommunity transformation, diverse housing
Peaceful Valley$225KArtsy atmosphere, proximity to downtown and nature

Real Estate Trends in Spokane: What Investors Should Know

As Spokane, WA, continues to blossom into a sought-after real estate destination, understanding the local market trends is paramount for investors looking to maximize their returns. The Spokane real estate market stands out with several advantageous traits compared to its West Coast neighbors. Here’s a concise exploration into what makes Spokane an inviting stage for investment properties in Spokane.

Steady Appreciation Rates in Spokane’s Housing Market

In recent years, Spokane’s housing market has demonstrated robust appreciation rates, frequently surpassing the 10% mark. This sustained growth trend is not just impressive—it’s an inducement for investors eyeing both short-term gains and long-term equity buildup. Let’s take a look at the numbers that signify Spokane’s position as a favorable market for real estate investments:

YearAppreciation RateMarket Impact
201811%Gentle boost in investor confidence
20199.5%Continued market stability
202010.5%Surge in housing demand
202112%Heightened investment activity

Spokane Compared: More Affordable than Seattle and California

Relative to hotspots like Seattle and many Californian cities, Spokane real estate boasts a far more accessible price point. This economic edge is igniting interest from a spectrum of investors, from newcomers to seasoned professionals. Offering substantially lower living and investment costs, Spokane is rapidly becoming the darling of the West Coast investment community for both residential and investment properties in Spokane.

  • Average property cost in Spokane: $350,000
  • Average property cost in Seattle: $750,000
  • Average property cost in California cities: $600,000-$1M+

Supply and Demand Dynamics in Spokane’s Housing Market

Spokane’s geographic setting, bound by mountains and water bodies, inherently limits expansion possibilities. This physical constraint has birthed a tight housing market where supply can scarcely keep up with demand, heralding a potent recipe for appreciation. Such dynamics not only underscore the real estate trends in Spokane, WA, but also resemble those influencing Portland, suggesting an inherent characteristic of certain attractive Pacific Northwest markets.

The juxtaposition of a caliber city with finite room for growth ensures that the Spokane housing market is perpetually vibrant. Whether seeking to acquire rentals or to flip properties, investors in Spokane will likely witness their holdings swell in value due to these enduring market mechanics.

Best Neighborhoods To Invest In Spokane, WA

Seeking the best areas to buy property in Spokane? The city’s diverse neighborhoods not only capture the picturesque Pacific Northwest charm but also offer promising investment opportunities in Spokane. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the real estate market, it’s vital to explore the unique character and investment potential of Spokane’s top areas. Here’s an insightful walk through the most coveted neighborhoods in this gem of Washington State, each offering distinctive benefits for those looking to tap into the lucrative WA investment properties market.

When analyzing the Spokane, WA real estate landscape, we uncover vibrant communities where investment can thrive. Each neighborhood comes with its traditions, community spirit, and economic vibrancy, ensuring investors can find the right fit for their portfolio.

Browne’s Addition, known for its historic mansions and proximity to the city center, caters to those who value heritage and a sense of community. With a median home value of $450K, it offers a touch of the past seasoned with modern-day conveniences and economic progress. Its walkability and array of local eateries and shops make it an irresistible spot for potential tenants and buyers.

The South Hill offers a diverse architectural showcase, ranging from Victorian houses to modern family homes, making it a fit for a demographic looking for charm and convenience. The median home value is around $300K, and the neighborhood’s recreational resources, such as Manito Park, ensure a serene quality of life that’s highly sought after.

Emerson/Garfield, with its historical luster and friendly sidewalks shaded by old trees, offers value growth rooted in community development. Median home values range from $175K to $400K, presenting an enticing prospect for investors eager for variety and long-term value appreciation.

West Central/Kendall Yards is the face of urban transformation where old mingles with new, reflected in a wide range of housing prices from $150K to $650K. This neighborhood attracts an artistic crowd and young professionals looking for a combination of community and innovation.

Last but not least, Peaceful Valley, with its tranquil setting and housing prices at $225K on average, provides a unique living experience for those who wish to meld the best of nature with urban amenities. Being near the downtown core, it welcomes a diverse demographic of artists and nature enthusiasts.

There’s no shortage of investment opportunities in Spokane with such compelling real estate prospects. Below is a comparative snapshot of these top-performing neighborhoods to guide your investment decision. Also, feel free to check out the best neighborhoods to invest in Anacortes, Washington.

NeighborhoodMedian Home ValueAttractive Qualities
Browne’s Addition$450KHistoric ambiance, economic vigor, diverse housing options
The South Hill$300KArchitectural beauty, recreational parks, excellent quality of life
Emerson/Garfield$175K to $400KHistoric appeal, growth potential, vibrant local business scene
West Central/Kendall Yards$150K to $650KMix of tradition and modernity, strong community, appreciating values
Peaceful Valley$225KSecluded yet central, vibrant artistic community, natural charm

Considering an investment in Spokane property investment? These neighborhoods are not only full of character but offer strategic potential for growth. As Spokane continues to draw interest for its investment opportunities in Spokane, these communities stand out for their tantalizing blend of culture, tranquility, and evergreen ROI potential.

Strategic Investment: Spokane’s Real Estate Potential

As a hub of splendor nested within the Pacific Northwest, Spokane, WA, unveils a real estate market rich with potential and primed for strategic investments. With its compelling combination of economic vigor and lifestyle appeal, Spokane is a beacon for investors looking to nestle into the fold of this burgeoning city’s promising future.

Favorable Tax Rates and Landlord-Friendly Policies

In a region where fiscal burdens can weigh heavily on property owners, Spokane, WA real estate emerges with a competitive edge. Here, investors are welcomed with open arms thanks to notably lower state income tax rates, offering respite compared to neighbors along the coast. Simultaneously, Spokane’s property tax rates underscore the city’s allure, dwelling well beneath the national average. This conservative tax approach paves the way towards a sustainable fiscal environment for WA investment properties.

Further sweetening the deal are policies that sway in favor of landlords. Spokane’s real estate arena alleviates barriers with its flexible policies on security deposits and leeway in rent adjustments, endearing the city to property owners and manifesting as a beacon for investment opportunities in Spokane.

Emerging Neighborhoods: The Next Big Hits

Prospective investors seeking fertile ground need not look further than Spokane’s array of budding neighborhoods. Each enclave offers its distinct charm and market potential, from the student-infused vibrancy of the University District to the scenic allure of High Drive, just minutes from downtown.

The historic Peaceful Valley resonates with cultural and ecological richness, while Audubon/Downriver boasts untapped market opportunities, presenting affordable entry points for savvy investors to capitalize on. These districts not only symbolize the best areas to buy property in Spokane, but also portend a trajectory of growth and appreciation.

Sustainable Development: Keeping Spokane Green

At the heart of Spokane’s investment appeal is its pledge towards sustainability, imbued with green initiatives that aim to nurture both the city and the environment. This ecological ethos not only preserves Spokane’s lush landscapes but also fortifies its position as a forward-thinking, sustainable city ripe for investment. The influx of young professionals and families attracted to this green philosophy enhances Spokane’s draw as a dynamic realm for investment properties in Spokane.

Between the verdant valleys and skyline views, Spokane’s real estate future shines bright, distinguished by its favorable taxation, landlord-centric legislation, and an unwavering commitment to developing responsibly. Investors casting their sights on Spokane are aligning themselves with a city whose real estate horizon glitters with promise and opportunity.


As the curtain falls on our exploration of the Spokane property investment landscape, what emerges is a compelling narrative of a city burgeoned with opportunity. Spokane, growing and effervescent, offers more than just scenic backdrops and quaint neighborhoods; it is steadily positioning itself within the folds of Washington’s top real estate markets. The city’s unique intertwinement of serene nature, robust cultural underpinnings, and intentional economic growth forms the crux of why every savvy investor should pay attention to the potential nestled in its bounds.

Why Spokane Deserves Your Investment Attention

With appealing tax incentives and a vigorous appreciation curve, Spokane champions a pro-investment environment that stands out in the Pacific Northwest. The city not only presents vibrant investment opportunities in Spokane but also evokes the promise of a blooming elysium for those who venture into its domain, be it through the historic elegance of Browne’s Addition or the progressive allure of Kendall Yards. A scan of the WA housing market analysis might reveal fluctuating trends, yet Spokane consistently heralds strong and steady growth, a testament to its enduring investment value.

Navigating Spokane’s Diverse Neighborhoods for Real Estate Success

Understanding Spokane and its patchwork of top neighborhoods in Spokane, WA, is akin to unraveling a treasure map where each locale marks a site laden with potential. From the tranquility of South Hill to the trendsetting confines of West Central, there’s a slice of Spokane tailored to the inclinations and strategies of every investor. Whether your portfolio leans towards boutique residential units or ambitious commercial ventures, Spokane’s diverse neighborhoods are ripe for successful real estate exploits, evidently showcasing that investment opportunities in Spokane are as vast as they are rewarding.


What makes Spokane, WA an attractive city for real estate investment?

Spokane enlists appeal through its stunning natural settings, robust arts and cultural scene, affordability in the real estate market, and quality of life enhancements. These attributes combined with stable appreciation rates and a positive economic outlook make it a hotbed for investment.

Which Spokane neighborhoods are best for property investment?

Browne’s Addition, South Hill, Emerson/Garfield, West Central/Kendall Yards, and Peaceful Valley are among the top neighborhoods in Spokane, WA, for property investment. Each offers a unique mix of cultural history, ongoing development, and potential for growth.

How does Spokane’s cost of living and housing market compare to other West Coast cities?

Spokane’s cost of living and housing market are significantly more affordable than many other West Coast cities such as Seattle and locations in California. The median home value and rent in Spokane offer a more budget-friendly proposition for investors and residents alike.

What are the tax benefits for real estate investors in Spokane?

Spokane boasts a favorable tax environment with no state income tax and property tax rates below the national average. The region is also considered landlord-friendly, giving investors additional incentives.

Are there emerging neighborhoods in Spokane that are considered promising for future real estate investing?

Yes, neighborhoods like West Central/Kendall Yards are witnessing revitalization, attracting a diverse demographic. Likewise, areas like the University District and Audubon/Downriver offer potential as emerging locales for investment opportunities in Spokane, WA.

How does the quality of life in Spokane enhance its real estate value?

Spokane’s four-season climate provides year-round outdoor activities for residents, which, along with a lower cost of living and a variety of amenities from green spaces to cultural events, bolsters the overall quality of life. This in turn positively impacts the city’s real estate value.

What should investors know about Spokane’s housing market trends?

Investors should be aware that Spokane, WA, has experienced steady appreciation in home values, with some years seeing rates exceed 10%. The city’s geographical limitations contribute to a finite housing supply which encourages rapid property appreciation in the housing market.

Why is Spokane considered a sustainable investment opportunity?

Spokane’s commitment to sustainable development and green practices, such as revitalization of neighborhoods and investment in public transportation, indicate a long-term vision for the city that aligns with ecological values and economic growth, offering sustainable investment opportunities.

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