Complete House Renting Guide For Buffalo, NY – 2024

Understanding the Buffalo, NY Rental Market

Buffalo, NY has a diverse rental market that caters to a variety of needs. The average rental price varies by neighborhood, making it important to choose the right area based on your budget.

Average Rent Prices: In June 2024, the median rent in Buffalo is $1,375. This shows an increase of $75 compared to June 2023, indicating a steady rise in rental costs in the city.

Neighborhood Differences:

  • Bryant: Average rent is $1,174.
  • Delaware – West Ferry: Similar average at $1,174.
  • Allentown: Slightly lower at $980.

Comparisons to Nearby Cities:

  • Tonawanda: $1,273
  • Cheektowaga: $1,190
  • Kenmore: $1,056

Buffalo’s rental prices are generally more affordable than the national average. In June 2024, the average rent in the city is $1,120 per month, which is 26% lower than the national average.

Population and Demographics: Buffalo has a total of 27,806 apartments for rent, making up 41% of all rentals. Of these, 27% are family households, and 18,632 units include children under 18.

Household Income: Understanding the household income is crucial for assessing affordability. Buffalo’s diverse demographics and rent trends offer various options for different income levels.

By getting familiar with these aspects, you can make a well-informed decision about renting in Buffalo. For more details, you can visit Zillow and Redfin.

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Choosing the Right Neighborhood in Buffalo

Buffalo offers a variety of neighborhoods, each with its unique features and benefits. From vibrant arts scenes to quiet, suburban settings, there’s something for every renter’s needs.

North Buffalo: Charm and Community

North Buffalo is known for its charming homes and strong community feel. This area offers excellent schools, making it a great choice for families.

Parks such as Delaware Park provide plenty of green space for outdoor activities.

Restaurants and small shops line Hertel Avenue, offering diverse dining and shopping options. The neighborhood has a Walk Score of 65, reflecting its walkable streets.

Elmwood Village: Artistic and Vibrant

Elmwood Village is one of Buffalo’s most desirable neighborhoods. It boasts a vibrant arts scene and numerous galleries.

Residents enjoy restaurants featuring diverse cuisines and boutiques offering unique shopping experiences. With a Walk Score of 90, it’s easy to get around on foot.

The bike score is also high, making it a biker’s haven.

Allentown: Historic and Eclectic

Allentown is a historic neighborhood known for its eclectic vibe and artistic flair.

Nightlife here is bustling with plenty of bars and live music venues. The neighborhood’s Walk Score of 94 is among the highest in Buffalo.

Historic homes add charm, and the community is welcoming to all.

Williamsville: Suburban Feel

Williamsville offers a peaceful suburban experience while still being close to the city.

Schools in this area are highly rated, drawing families to the neighborhood.

Several parks offer outdoor activities, and Main Street is lined with various restaurants and shops. While the Walk Score is lower compared to urban areas, the community is tight-knit and safe.

South Buffalo: Family Friendly

South Buffalo is known for being family-friendly with plenty of schools and parks.

The large green spaces like Cazenovia Park are perfect for family outings.

The neighborhood has a range of dining options and cultural sites, providing a sense of local pride. With a moderate Walk Score and good transit options, it’s convenient for residents.

Lower West Side: Diverse and Upcoming

Lower West Side is a diverse and evolving area known for its mix of cultures. The neighborhood’s development projects are attracting new residents.

Restaurants and cafes reflect a wide range of cuisines, adding to its cultural richness. While the Walk Score is around 80, it is rising as more amenities are added.

Kaisertown: Quiet and Affordable

Kaisertown is a quiet and affordable neighborhood perfect for those seeking a slower pace.

The area features affordable housing options and is known for its community spirit. Parks and small local shops add to the neighborhood’s charm.

With a Walk Score of 65, it offers convenience without the hustle and bustle of busier areas.

Types of Apartments Available in Buffalo

Buffalo offers a variety of apartments to suit different needs, ranging from cozy studio apartments to luxurious units with top-tier amenities. Each type caters to different preferences and budgets.

Studio Apartments: Cozy and Efficient

Studio apartments in Buffalo are ideal for singles or those who prefer minimalist living. These units combine living, sleeping, and kitchen areas into one efficient space. Studios often range from 300 to 500 square feet. They usually feature one bath and minimalistic designs that maximize usage of space. Studio apartments are found in both modern and historic buildings, providing various styles and choices. For a comprehensive list, check out apartments on Zillow.

Two-Bedroom Apartments: Balancing Space and Price

Two-bedroom apartments in Buffalo offer a good balance of space and affordability. These units typically include two beds and one or two baths, making them suitable for small families or roommates. Sizes range from 800 to 1,200 square feet. Many two-bedroom apartments also feature additional storage and sometimes a small outdoor area like a balcony. For a detailed selection, see options on Realtor.com.

Luxury Apartments: Amenities and Style

Luxury apartments in Buffalo offer high-end living with modern amenities. These units often come with features like a swimming pool, fitness center, and concierge services. Luxury apartments usually have stylish finishes, spacious layouts, and advanced security systems. Sizes vary, but many have one to three beds and upscale bathrooms. For details on luxury apartments, explore listings on RentCafe.

Costs Involved in Renting a House in Buffalo

Renting a house in Buffalo involves several costs that renters should be aware of.

Rent Prices: Houses in Buffalo rent between $400 and $10,000 per month. The median rent is around $1,375 as of June 2024.

Affordability: Many renters find housing costs to be high. A large number of Buffalo renters pay a significant portion of their household income on rent, which can strain their budgets.

Utilities: Renters should budget for utilities like electricity, gas, water, and internet. These costs can vary but may add around $100-$200 per month to your expenses.

Security Deposit: Often, renters need to pay a security deposit upfront. This is usually equivalent to one month’s rent.

Additional Fees: Some rentals may require other fees such as pet fees, parking fees, or application fees. It’s crucial to clarify these costs before signing a lease.

Here is a quick snapshot:

ExpenseEstimated Cost
Monthly Rent$400 – $10,000
Median Rent$1,375
Utilities$100 – $200/month
Security Deposit1 month’s rent
Additional FeesVaries

Understanding these costs can help renters make informed decisions and prepare their budgets accordingly. To find more detailed rental price information, you can visit sources like Zillow or Redfin.

Understanding Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

Tenants in Buffalo, NY, have specific rights and responsibilities. These help protect both the tenant and the landlord. Knowing these can make renting a home smoother and more secure.


  • Right to a Safe and Habitable Home: Landlords must ensure the rental property meets safety and health standards.
  • Right to Privacy: Landlords must provide notice before entering the rental property.
  • Right to a Written Lease: Tenants should receive a written lease agreement.


  • Paying Rent: Rent must be paid on time as agreed in the lease.
  • Maintaining the Property: Tenants should keep the home clean and avoid causing damage.
  • Following Lease Terms: Adhere to all terms outlined in the lease agreement.

Important Points:

Receipts for Rent: Landlords must provide a written receipt for rent paid in cash, money order, or cashier’s check. It’s crucial for tenants to keep these receipts.

Renewal Leases: Rent-stabilized tenants can request renewal leases that must be on the same terms unless there is a legal requirement for change. More detail on these rights is available in the Residential Tenants’ Rights Guide.

Adding Occupants: Tenants can allow immediate family and one additional person, plus the occupant’s dependent children, to live in the apartment.

Landlords and tenants must both act responsibly to maintain a good renting relationship. For more detailed information, refer to the Tenant Rights Guide.

Contact Information:

For further assistance, tenants can contact local legal aid at Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo. They provide help with understanding tenant and landlord responsibilities.

Transportation Options Throughout Buffalo

Buffalo offers various transportation options for residents and visitors, making commuting convenient.

Public Transportation:
The main public transportation system in Buffalo is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). This system includes buses and the Metro Rail, which runs along Main Street and connects downtown Buffalo to the University at Buffalo. For more information, visit the MTA website.

Buffalo Niagara International Airport is the primary airport serving the region. It offers numerous domestic and limited international flights. The airport is located at 4200 Genesee Street in Cheektowaga, NY. For car rental services at the airport, check out Budget Car and Truck Rental.

Buffalo is accessible via the New York State Thruway (I-90). This major highway runs east-west through the state and connects Buffalo to other major cities, making long-distance travel by car straightforward.

Transit Score:
Buffalo’s transit score varies by neighborhood but is generally favorable. Areas closer to downtown have higher transit scores due to the proximity to the Metro Rail and bus lines.

Bike and Pedestrian Options:
Buffalo is becoming more bike-friendly, with several bike lanes and trails throughout the city. Walking is also a viable option in many neighborhoods, especially those near downtown with good sidewalks and pedestrian crossings.

These transportation options make getting around Buffalo relatively easy, whether one is commuting daily or visiting occasionally.

Local Amenities and Services in Buffalo

Buffalo, NY offers a variety of amenities that make daily living convenient and enjoyable. Residents have access to several grocery stores, fitness centers, pet services, entertainment venues, and medical care facilities.

Grocery Shopping and Daily Necessities

Buffalo residents can find a wide range of grocery stores such as Wegmans, Tops Friendly Markets, and Aldi. These stores provide fresh produce, dairy products, and a variety of household essentials. Wegmans is known for its vast selection of organic products and freshly prepared foods.

For daily necessities, there are numerous convenience stores and supermarkets spread throughout the city. Aldi offers affordable options without sacrificing quality. Farmers markets like the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market add to the variety by offering local and organic products.

Health and Fitness Centers

Staying healthy in Buffalo is easy with numerous health and fitness centers available. The Buffalo Athletic Club and Planet Fitness offer well-equipped gyms with a variety of exercise classes. CrossFit Buffalo provides high-intensity training options for those seeking more intense workouts.

For individuals who enjoy outdoor activities, Delaware Park offers recreational spaces for jogging, biking, and outdoor fitness. Additionally, the Buffalo YMCA offers swimming pools, basketball courts, and comprehensive fitness programs suitable for all ages.

Pet Services and Parks

Buffalo is a pet-friendly city with many services and parks catering to pets. The Elmwood Pet Supplies store carries everything from pet food to toys and grooming supplies. For veterinary care, there are reputable clinics like City Creatures Animal Hospital and McBride Animal Clinic.

Dog parks such as The Barkyard in LaSalle Park provide ample space for dogs to play and socialize. Buffalo also boasts numerous walking trails and pet-friendly areas in parks like Delaware Park, making it easy for pet owners to keep their pets active and engaged.

Entertainment and Nightlife Venues

Buffalo offers a vibrant entertainment and nightlife scene. For theater and concerts, Shea’s Performing Arts Center and the Kleinhans Music Hall host a variety of performances year-round. Movie enthusiasts can enjoy the latest blockbusters at theaters like AMC Market Arcade 8.

Local bars and clubs, like Pearl Street Grill & Brewery and The Nine-Eleven Tavern, offer lively nightlife options. During the summer, residents can attend free concerts at Canalside, which also hosts various festivals and events throughout the year.

Medical Care Facilities

Buffalo is equipped with several top-notch medical care facilities. Buffalo General Medical Center and Mercy Hospital of Buffalo provide comprehensive medical services, including emergency care and specialized treatments.

For families, Oishei Children’s Hospital offers pediatric care and specialized services for children. Additionally, numerous urgent care centers, such as WellNow Urgent Care, provide accessible healthcare for non-emergency situations. Pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS are conveniently located across the city for prescription needs.

Educational Institutions for Families

Buffalo, NY offers a variety of educational institutions suitable for families. The city is home to several well-regarded public and private schools. Families can choose from elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, each with distinct programs and facilities.

Public Schools: Buffalo’s public schools serve a diverse student population. The Buffalo Public School District oversees numerous schools, providing programs in arts, sciences, and technology.

Private Schools: There are private and parochial schools in Buffalo that offer alternative education options. These schools often have smaller class sizes and specialized curricula.

Charter Schools: Buffalo also has charter schools that focus on specific educational approaches. These schools provide unique learning environments and often have innovative programs.

Higher Education: The University at Buffalo is a prominent institution offering undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. It is known for its research facilities and diverse academic offerings.

School Performance: School scores can vary widely. Many parents use school ratings to find the best educational match for their children. Websites like Trulia offer insights into school ratings and local neighborhood guides.

Choosing the right school is crucial for families moving to Buffalo. By researching different options, parents can find schools that meet their children’s educational needs and goals.

Finding and Securing an Apartment in Buffalo

Finding an apartment for rent in Buffalo starts with browsing the right listings. Popular websites like Zillow and RentCafe offer detailed options.

Check for the amenities that are important to you. Look into details such as rent, security deposits, pet policies, and lease terms.

When reviewing listings, identify your needs. Do you want a gym, a swimming pool, or parking? Make a list to keep track of these features.

Budgeting is crucial. Apartments in Buffalo have varied rent ranges. About 55% of apartments are priced between $1,001-$1,500, while around 24% fall between $701-$1,000 according to RentCafe.

Schedule visits to multiple apartments. This helps in comparing different places. Pay attention to the condition of the apartment, neighborhood, and overall cleanliness.

Review the lease agreement carefully. Ensure you understand the terms, especially the rental price, duration, and conditions for renewing the lease. Clarify who is responsible for utilities and maintenance.

Prepare your application documents. These often include proof of employment, references, and identification. Some landlords might require a credit check.

After finding a suitable apartment, be ready to pay the security deposit. This is usually equivalent to one month’s rent.

Good communication is key. Respond quickly to any follow-ups from the landlord or leasing company to secure the apartment.

Enjoying the Lifestyle: Recreation and Culture in Buffalo

Buffalo, NY offers a vibrant lifestyle filled with various recreational and cultural activities.

Parks and Nature: Buffalo Harbor State Park provides stunning views of Lake Erie, a marina, and a beach. For nature lovers, the Tifft Nature Preserve offers 264 acres with five miles of hiking trails. Hoyt Lake is another favorite spot for locals to enjoy the outdoors.

Fine Arts: The city is home to several fine arts institutions, including the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, which features modern and contemporary art. The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra provides high-quality performances year-round.

Restaurants: Buffalo is known for its unique culinary scene. From classic Buffalo wings to gourmet dining experiences, there is something for everyone. Popular spots include the Anchor Bar and Bocce Club Pizza.

Nightlife: Nightlife in Buffalo is lively, with numerous bars, nightclubs, and live music venues. Popular areas include the Elmwood Village and Allentown, where visitors can find a variety of entertainment options.

Winter Wonderland: Buffalo transforms into a winter wonderland with activities like ice skating at Canalside, skiing in nearby areas, and winter festivals. The city also hosts events such as the annual Winterfest.

Buffalo Bills: Sports enthusiasts can enjoy cheering for the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium. The city’s love for football is palpable, and game days are a community event.

Buffalo’s rich blend of parks, fine arts, restaurants, and sports makes it a great place to live and enjoy life.

Preparing for the Climate: Weather and Adaptation in Buffalo

Buffalo, NY, is known for its distinct seasons. The climate plays a significant role in planning your move.

Winter Wonderland

Buffalo experiences cold and snowy winters. Average snowfall is around 95 inches per year. Prepare for this winter wonderland by investing in quality snow removal tools and winter clothing.

  • Snow Tires: Essential for winter driving.
  • Heated Floors: Nice addition to keep homes warm.

Mild Summers

Summers in Buffalo are usually mild, with average highs in the low 80s (Fahrenheit). This is a pleasant time for outdoor activities.

Climate Adaptation

Buffalo is becoming a climate refuge due to its strategic location. The city benefits from abundant fresh water and fewer extreme weather events. Interested in why Buffalo is a safe bet? Learn more about Buffalo as a climate change refuge.

Green Energy Initiatives

The city offers several programs aimed at reducing emissions and adapting to climate changes. Buffalo became a bronze certified Climate Smart Community in 2019. These initiatives make it easier to live sustainably. More details about these programs can be found here.

Preparing Your Home

Consider weatherproofing your home to handle different seasons:

  • Insulation: Keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Storm Windows: Offers extra protection against harsh weather.

Summary Table: Buffalo Climate

SeasonAverage TemperatureKey Advice
Winter15-30°FSnow tires, heated floors
Summer70-85°FUse energy-efficient cooling systems
Spring/FallVariesRegular home maintenance, weatherproofing

Planning ahead for Buffalo’s diverse climate ensures a comfortable and resilient living experience.

Cross-Border Proximity: Advantageous Access to Canada

Buffalo, NY, is located close to the Canadian border, granting residents easy access to Canada. This proximity offers several significant benefits for renters.

Convenient Travel

Living in Buffalo means that Canada is just a short drive away. For instance, Toronto is only about two hours by car. This makes weekend getaways or day trips feasible and enjoyable.

Cultural Exchange

The geographical closeness allows for frequent cultural experiences and events. Residents can easily attend Canadian festivals, concerts, and sporting events, enriching their cultural lives.

Economic Opportunities

Buffalo’s location enables cross-border employment. Some residents commute to jobs in Canada, benefiting from diverse career options. This can be particularly appealing for job seekers looking to expand their opportunities.

Shopping and Dining

Proximity to Canada also means diverse shopping and dining experiences. From high-end boutiques in Toronto to local markets in Niagara Falls, there is no shortage of unique options for Buffalo residents.

Educational Access

Buffalo residents can take advantage of Canadian educational institutions, which are known for high-quality education. Cross-border programs and collaborations between schools offer enhanced learning opportunities.

Healthcare Options

Canada’s healthcare system is renowned. Buffalo residents might consider crossing the border for certain healthcare services, potentially benefiting from different medical treatments and second opinions.

Buffalo’s closeness to Canada provides unique advantages that enhance the renting experience. Its geographical benefits extend beyond day-to-day conveniences, offering enriched cultural, economic, and educational experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common questions about renting houses in Buffalo, NY. It covers rent prices, rent control, tenant rights, and the process of finding rental homes.

What are the typical rent prices for single-family homes in Buffalo, NY?

Single-family homes in Buffalo, NY have varying rent prices. Houses generally rent between $400 and $10,000. The median rent for a single-family home is around $1,375 according to Zillow. Rent might differ based on the neighborhood and house size.

How does rent control in Buffalo, NY impact renters?

Rent control laws in Buffalo, NY are designed to protect tenants from significant rent increases. These laws can limit how much landlords can raise rent each year. This stabilization helps ensure that renting remains affordable for long-term residents.

What rights do tenants have in Buffalo, NY when there is no lease agreement?

Tenants in Buffalo, NY have rights even without a formal lease. They are still protected under state tenant laws, which provide guidelines on living conditions, eviction processes, and notice periods. Tenants can expect fair treatment and proper notice before any changes are made.

What is the process for finding and renting a house in Buffalo, NY through Craigslist?

Finding a rental house in Buffalo, NY through Craigslist involves several steps. First, browse the site for available listings. Contact landlords to arrange viewings. Verify the legitimacy of listings to avoid scams. Finally, negotiate terms and sign a rental agreement.

What should renters in Buffalo, NY know about their legal rights and responsibilities in upstate NY?

Renters in Buffalo, NY should be aware of their legal rights and responsibilities. They should maintain the property, report repairs, and pay rent on time. Landlords must provide safe and habitable housing. Any disputes can be addressed through local housing authorities or legal counsel.

Are there affordable housing options for rent under $1,000 in Buffalo, NY?

Affordable housing options under $1,000 are available in Buffalo, NY. These options may include smaller homes, apartments, or shared housing situations. It’s advisable to search through local listings and contact community housing programs for availability and assistance.

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