Complete House Renting Guide For Fresno, CA – 2024

Understanding the Fresno Rental Market

Fresno’s rental market has seen various trends in 2024. Here is an overview to help you understand the landscape.

Average Rent Prices

Rental prices vary widely across Fresno. Houses in Fresno have an average rent of $2,273 monthly. For apartments, the median rent is approximately $1,450. A 1-bedroom apartment costs about $1,359, while a 2-bedroom is $1,604 on average.


Different neighborhoods in Fresno have unique characteristics:

  • Tower District: Known for its vibrant arts scene and historic homes. Rental prices here can vary based on the type and size of the property.
  • Woodward Park: A family-friendly area with parks and schools. It tends to have higher rental prices due to its amenities.

Recent Trends

The rental market has seen changes over the past year. The median rent in Fresno has decreased by $394 compared to May 2023. However, for two-bedroom homes, there has been a 10.64% increase in rent, highlighting fluctuating prices.

Housing Types

Fresno offers various housing options:

  • Single-family homes: These tend to be more expensive, averaging around $2,300 per month.
  • Apartments: More affordable options with a range of prices based on the number of bedrooms and location.

Here’s a snapshot of current prices:

Housing TypeAverage Rent
1-Bedroom Apartment$1,359
2-Bedroom Apartment$1,604

Understanding these factors will help in making informed decisions when renting in Fresno.

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Finding Available Houses in Fresno

Finding houses for rent in Fresno can be made easier by using a few popular platforms. Websites like Zillow list numerous rental homes, with options to filter for budget, size, and amenities.

Zillow Group is known for its detailed filters that help narrow down choices based on personal needs.

Another useful site is Redfin. It offers a variety of homes and provides essential details like school zones and neighborhood information.

For those looking for a mix of luxury and affordable options, Zumper is an ideal choice. Zumper lists various homes, from high-end to economical, addressing different needs and preferences.

Benefits of Using Realtor® Websites

Realtor® websites such as Realtor.com often provide listings that are verified by real estate professionals. They also feature the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service®), ensuring a wide range of updated listings.

Services like the Realtor® Logo and the backing of The Canadian Real Estate Association ensure credibility and reliability in listings.

Accessibility and Feedback

Digital accessibility is crucial for online real estate searches. Platforms like Zillow and Trulia strive to offer a seamless web experience for individuals with disabilities. Many sites also have options for accommodation requests and welcome feedback to improve their services.

By utilizing these resources, renters can find a home that fits their needs and budget.

Ensuring Equal Housing Opportunities

Providing equal housing opportunities is crucial for a fair and just community. In Fresno, measures are in place to ensure that no one faces discrimination when looking for a place to live.

Fair Housing Laws:

The City of Fresno enforces fair housing laws diligently. These laws make it illegal to discriminate against anyone due to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, or disability.

Accommodation and Accessibility:

Landlords must provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. This includes making necessary modifications to units and common areas to ensure they are accessible. For example, installing ramps or allowing service animals in no-pet accommodations.

Housing Choice Vouchers:

The Housing Choice Voucher Program assists low-income families, the elderly, and people with disabilities by subsidizing their rent. This ensures they have access to a variety of housing options in the private rental market.

Reporting Issues:

If a resident faces discrimination, they can report the issue to the appropriate authorities. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) and other local entities handle these complaints and enforce penalties on those who violate the laws.

Resources Available:

  1. Affordable Rental Housing – Programs offer rental rates lower than the market average.
  2. Fair Housing Support – Assistance in mediating disputes and educating landlords and tenants about their rights and responsibilities.

Equal housing opportunity is vital for a thriving community. Ensuring accessibility and fair treatment allows everyone to find a safe and comfortable home.

Navigating Online Listing Platforms

Finding a house to rent in Fresno, CA can be easier with the help of online listing platforms. Several websites offer extensive listings to suit different needs and preferences. Here are some of the top platforms to consider:


  • Zillow Group provides a wide range of listings in Fresno County, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condos.
  • The platform includes filters for rent prices, number of bedrooms, and more.
  • Zillow focuses on Digital Accessibility, making it easier for users with disabilities to navigate the site.
  • Users can send Feedback or make Accommodation Requests directly through the site.


  • Trulia lists 221 single-family homes for rent in Fresno.
  • The site includes neighborhood guides to help renters choose the best area for their needs.
  • It’s a great resource if you want detailed information about local schools and amenities.


  • Redfin offers about 101 rental homes in Fresno.
  • Listings come with high-quality photos and sometimes virtual tours.
  • The platform provides comprehensive data on property history and market trends.


  • Zumper lists 81 houses and offers options from luxury rentals to affordable housing.
  • The site features tools to help find pet-friendly homes.
  • Their Quality of Services is maintained through regular updates and user feedback.


  • Rentable has a large inventory with 2,700 houses listed.
  • Filters allow you to refine searches by moving date, amenities, and pet policies.
  • The platform provides transparent pricing and availability information.

These platforms help streamline the house-hunting process. By taking advantage of these resources, renters can find a home that fits their needs for location, price, and features.

Budgeting for Your Fresno Rental Home

When planning to rent a house in Fresno, it’s important to budget carefully. Start by understanding your income and what you can afford. Experts recommend spending no more than 30% of your monthly income on rent.

Average Rent Prices in Fresno

Type of HomeAverage Rent

Additional Costs to Consider

  • Utilities: Gas, electricity, water, and internet can add up quickly.
  • Security Deposit: Typically one month’s rent, but it can vary.
  • Moving Costs: Budget for movers or a rental truck.
  • Renter’s Insurance: Usually not expensive but provides crucial coverage.

Saving Tips

  • Roommates: Sharing a house can significantly reduce your rent.
  • Negotiate: Sometimes landlords are willing to negotiate rent prices.
  • Look Outside City Center: Rent prices tend to be lower in the suburbs.

Use these tips to stay within your budget and find the perfect rental home in Fresno.

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

When looking to rent a house in Fresno, choosing the right neighborhood is crucial. Various neighborhoods offer unique perks and atmospheres, making it essential to find one that matches your lifestyle and needs.

Tower District: Known for its historic charm, the Tower District is perfect for those who enjoy a vibrant arts scene, diverse dining options, and entertainment amenities. This neighborhood is both lively and culturally rich.

Woodward Park: This area is ideal for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Home to the large 300-acre Woodward Park, it offers plenty of green spaces, trails, and picnic areas. The neighborhood is also known for its good schools and family-friendly environment.

Popular Neighborhoods in Fresno have their own unique characteristics:

  • Downtown Fresno: Ideal for those who prefer an urban lifestyle with easy access to work, dining, and entertainment.
  • Fig Garden Loop: Known for its beautiful homes, spacious lots, and a suburban feel. It’s great for families and those seeking a quieter lifestyle.
  • Old Fig Garden: This neighborhood is recognized for its older, well-preserved homes and lush greenery, providing a serene and established feel.

When selecting a neighborhood, consider factors like:

  • Safety: Research crime rates and local reviews.
  • Proximity: Check how close the neighborhood is to work, schools, and essential services.
  • Community: Visit and see if the community vibe fits your style.

The choice of neighborhood can greatly impact your renting experience. Make sure to explore different areas and consider what best meets your criteria. To learn more about specific areas, you can visit Fresno Neighborhood Guide.

Understanding Rental Agreements

When renting a home in Fresno, a rental agreement is essential. It defines the terms between the landlord and tenant.

Types of Rental Agreements

There are various types of rental agreements:

  • Fixed-term lease: This typically lasts for a year.
  • Month-to-month lease: Offers flexibility but may have higher rates.

Important Clauses to Look For

Rent Amount and Due Date: Always check how much rent is due and when it needs to be paid.

Security Deposit: Understand how much you need to pay upfront and the conditions for its return.

Maintenance and Repairs: Know who is responsible for maintenance and repairs to avoid disputes.

Renewal Terms: Be aware of how and when the agreement needs to be renewed.

Prohibited Activities: Some rental agreements in Fresno prohibit activities like smoking inside the unit, as specified in Fresno Municipal Code.

Notices and Entry Rights

Landlords have to give notice before entering a rental home. The standard notice period varies, so check your agreement.

Potential Fees and Penalties

Read through to see if there are any penalties for late payments or breaking the lease early.

Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities

Each party has specific responsibilities:

  • Tenant: Pay rent on time, maintain the property.
  • Landlord: Ensure the property is habitable and handle major repairs.

Always read the entire rental agreement carefully before signing to ensure you understand all the terms related to your rental home in Fresno. For more detailed guidance, refer to California Tenants’ Rights.

Analyzing Rental Home Amenities

When looking for a rental home in Fresno, CA, amenities play a crucial role in deciding the right place. Many properties offer a variety of features to make daily living more convenient and enjoyable.

Common Amenities:

  • Swimming Pools: Several houses come with private swimming pools, perfect for relaxation and exercise.
  • Dishwashers: A dishwasher is a common inclusion, streamlining kitchen clean-up.
  • Ranges: Modern ranges are often included, making meal preparation easy and efficient.

Comparison of Features:

Swimming PoolRelaxation, exercise, enhances appearance
DishwasherConvenient, saves time and water usage
RangeEssential for cooking, energy-efficient


Many rental homes are situated in accessible areas, close to schools, parks, and shopping centers. This ensures that daily essentials and leisure activities are just a short drive away.

To explore specific properties and their amenities, consider using resources like Zillow, Zumper, or Realtor. These platforms provide detailed filters to help you find homes that match your amenity preferences.

Rights and Responsibilities of Tenants

Tenants in Fresno, CA, have specific rights and responsibilities that ensure fair treatment and protections. These include obligations for property maintenance, guidelines for privacy, and requirements around rental insurance.

Maintenance and Repairs

Tenants are responsible for keeping their rental unit clean and safe. They should promptly report any issues requiring repair to the landlord. Common problems might include plumbing leaks, electrical issues, or pest infestations.

Landlords must fix these problems in a timely manner. Failure to do so might allow tenants to repair and deduct the cost from their rent. Always document requests and follow up in writing if needed.

Tenants should not make significant alterations without the landlord’s permission. This includes painting walls, installing fixtures, or making structural changes.

Privacy and Property Access

Tenants have the right to privacy in their rented home. Landlords may not enter the property without proper notice. California law typically requires a 24-hour written notice before entry, except in emergencies.

The landlord can enter the rental unit for reasons such as repairs, inspections, or showing the property to potential renters. However, these visits should be during normal business hours unless otherwise agreed.

Illegal entry by the landlord can be reported to local housing authorities. Tenants should keep a log of any unauthorized entries and communicate their concerns clearly.

Rental Insurance and Liability

While not legally required, rental insurance is highly recommended. It protects tenants’ personal property in cases of theft, fire, or other damages. Without insurance, tenants might face significant financial loss if their belongings are damaged.

Rental insurance also often provides liability coverage. This means if someone is injured in the tenant’s home, the insurance can cover legal or medical expenses.

Liability for damages caused by the tenant’s negligence, such as a fire started by leaving a stove on, typically falls on the tenant. Therefore, understanding the terms and coverage of the rental insurance policy is crucial.

Fulfilling Accommodation Requests

When renting a house in Fresno, CA, it’s important to address accommodation requests. Many renters may need specific changes or improvements to their living space.

Accessibility Needs

For individuals with disabilities, landlords should ensure the property is accessible. This can include adding ramps, wider doorways, or grab bars in the bathrooms.

Reporting Issues

Renters should promptly report any issues that affect their comfort or safety. This can be done via email, phone, or an online form if the landlord provides one.

Modifications for Comfort

Some tenants may request modifications for personal comfort. These can range from installing air conditioners to removing certain appliances. Landlords should evaluate each request carefully and respond within a reasonable time.

Formal Requests

Submitting a formal request for accommodations is often necessary for official documentation. Tenants should clearly outline their needs and the desired changes.

To find more houses and understand what options are available, check out Furnished Houses in Fresno or explore a broader selection of Houses for Rent in Fresno.

By addressing accommodation needs, landlords contribute to a more inclusive and comfortable living environment for all tenants.

Legal Considerations and Tenant Protections

Renting a house in Fresno, CA involves various legal aspects. Understanding anti-discrimination laws, security deposit regulations, and eviction rules can help tenants safeguard their rights.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

In Fresno, and broadly in California, tenants are protected against discrimination. Landlords cannot refuse to rent based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability. California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) offers these protections. Additionally, the federal Fair Housing Act ensures similar safeguards.

Landlords must also comply with local regulations to provide reasonable accommodations for tenants with disabilities. Complaints about discrimination can be filed with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). This ensures that all tenants have equal access to housing opportunities without facing unfair biases.

Security Deposits and Fees

Security deposits are capped in California. Landlords can charge up to two months’ rent for an unfurnished unit and up to three months’ rent for a furnished one. These deposits must be returned within 21 days after the tenant moves out, with an itemized list of any deductions.

Additionally, landlords must not charge non-refundable fees. Any deductions from the deposit must be for legitimate reasons, such as unpaid rent or repairing damages beyond normal wear and tear. Understanding these rules helps tenants ensure they get their deposits back in full.

Lease Termination and Evictions

The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (AB 1482) lays out terms for lease termination and evictions in Fresno. Landlords must provide a just cause for eviction after the tenant has lived in the unit for more than a year. Just causes can include nonpayment of rent, breach of lease terms, or criminal activity.

Tenants must receive proper notice before eviction proceedings begin. For instance, a three-day notice is typically required for nonpayment of rent. Tenants have the right to contest wrongful evictions through local programs like Fresno’s Eviction Protection Program, which offers resources and legal assistance. This ensures that evictions follow due process and are for valid reasons.

Moving In and Property Inspection

Before moving into a new rental property in Fresno, there are crucial steps for tenants and landlords. These include an initial inspection to check for damages and accurate move-in documentation to ensure everything is recorded properly.

Initial Inspection

The initial inspection is a vital part of the rental process. It ensures the property is in good condition before the tenant moves in. During the inspection, both the landlord and tenant should be present to review the property together. Key areas to inspect include plumbing, electrical systems, doors, windows, and appliances.

Landlords in Fresno are required to schedule a health and safety inspection if the property is subject to routine checks by governmental agencies. For single-family homes, a percentage of these properties will be randomly selected for inspection. This is outlined in the City of Fresno Rental Housing Improvement Program.

It’s important to document any pre-existing damages or issues during this inspection to avoid future disputes. Tenants should take photos and notes of any problems found.

Move-in Documentation

Proper documentation at move-in helps in setting clear expectations between tenants and landlords. This typically includes a signed lease agreement, a detailed list of furnished items, and a documented condition report of the property.

Tenants should ensure they have a copy of the lease and any related documents. The lease should cover rent amounts, due dates, security deposit details, and maintenance responsibilities. A well-documented move-in process can protect both parties from legal and financial misunderstandings.

For renters in Fresno, resources such as California Tenants – A Guide to Residential Tenants’ and Landlords’ Rights and Responsibilities provide valuable information on rights and obligations, making the move-in process smoother and clearer.

Careful documentation and inspection contribute to a positive rental experience, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a home in Fresno, CA can involve various steps, from finding affordable housing to understanding tenant rights. This guide will address common questions to help make the renting process smoother.

What are the best strategies for finding affordable rental homes in Fresno, CA?

To find affordable rental homes in Fresno, start by checking rental listing websites frequently. Look for current market trends and rental prices to get an idea of what to expect. Contact real estate agents who specialize in rentals, and consider expanding your search to include nearby neighborhoods that might have lower costs.

What steps should I take to rent a home directly from an owner in Fresno?

When renting directly from an owner, begin by searching online listings or local classifieds. Contact the owner to schedule a viewing, ask questions about the property, and verify details. Ensure you read any rental agreements carefully before signing, and understand the terms and conditions.

What are the average rental rates for different types of housing in Fresno?

As of May 2024, the median rent price in Fresno is $1,620. For houses, rental prices can range from $560 to $6,995 based on size and location. Apartments and duplexes typically have different rates, often lower than renting a single-family home.

How can I identify and avoid rental scams when searching for a house in Fresno?

To avoid rental scams, be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. Verify the identity of the landlord or property manager. Never wire money or pay in cash. Always meet the landlord in person and visit the property before making any payments.

What are the tenant rights and responsibilities when renting a property in Fresno?

Tenants in Fresno have rights governed by federal, state, and local laws. This includes the right to a safe and habitable living space and the return of a security deposit within 21 days after moving out. For more information, refer to the California Tenants’ Guide.

How does the rental housing baseline inspection process work in Fresno, CA?

In Fresno, landlords must have their rental properties inspected to ensure they meet health and safety standards. Inspections are usually conducted before a new tenant moves in or annually. Landlords should provide documentation showing that the property has passed inspection, which helps ensure the property is safe and well-maintained.

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