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About Seattle, WA

Welcome to Seattle, the land of fishmongers, stellar views of Mount Rainier, Bill Gates, coffee, and the grunge scene of the 90s. Seattle is full of natural beauty, fantastic colleges and universities, and world-class restaurants and museums. That’s why Seattle is enjoying a steadily growing population of new residents ready for a high quality of life in beautiful surroundings.

Settlers first came to Seattle in 1851 and found the mild climate and abundant natural resources perfect for growing food crops. Other people heard of the bounty and beauty, including a man named Henry Yesler, who built a sawmill that quickly grew the local economy and continued to attract more settlers.

You can still find lumber milling in Seattle, but today the city is dominated by tech and sciences.

Fun facts about Seattle

  • Pike’s Place Market is the longest-continuing farmers market in the country, opening in 1907.
  • The iconic Space Needle was first conjured on a napkin for the 1962 World’s Fair by Edward E. Carlson.
  • Speaking of the Space Needle, it can withstand earthquakes with magnitudes up to 9.1 thanks to a foundation that goes 30-feet underground. An unlikely safety location for an earthquake, but ready for tectonic plate shifting, nonetheless.
  • Home to some of the most iconic grunge bands, Seattle also gave the world Sir Mix-A-Lot, the band Heart, and Kenny Loggins, Kenny Rogers, and Kenny G.
  • Seattle has the largest number of houseboats in the nation.

Facts and figures

According to the 2020 census performed by the US Census Bureau, Seattle’s population sits at a comfortable 737,015. Even though this is a 21% increase since 2010, with under one million residents, Seattle offers big city amenities without the big-city crowding found in other attractive metropolitan areas.

Low unemployment is another thing to check off in the pro column for Seattle. According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate was 3.3% in December 2021, down almost half from December 2020, when unemployment was at 6%. This is an impressive recovery, indeed, considering that unemployment spiked from 5.3% in March of 2020 to a staggering 16.2% in April 2020, presumably due to the pandemic.

Cost of living

  • Median household income: $92,263
  • Per capita income: $49,835
  • Median resident costs (with a mortgage): $2,650
  • Median resident costs (without a mortgage): $848


  • Seattle offers ample employment opportunities with many major companies, including:
  • Amazon headquarters downtown with operation centers throughout the metro area.
  • Facebook.
  • T-Mobile.
  • Google.
  • Oracle.
  • Costco headquarters and retail centers throughout the metro area.
  • Zillow.
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital.
  • Swedish Hospital.
  • AT&T.

Some highlights of Seattle employment information include:

  • Unemployment in December 2021 was 3.3%, down from 6% reported in July of 2021, a dramatic 45% reduction.
  • Major industries include:
    • Clean Technology.
    • Maritime and manufacturing.
    • Chefs for ships.
    • Life sciences and global health.
    • Information technology and startups.
    • There was a 5.26% increase in job openings from December 2020 to December 2021.

2022 Seattle real estate market trends

Not surprisingly, Seattle continues to attract new residents, creating a strong seller’s market and a median house price that has risen steadily since 2019. Newcomers in Seattle might find they have to be creative and competitive when shopping for their dream home, which is an ideal scenario for real estate investors in the area.

  • Median list price: $925,000
  • Average price per square foot: $497
  • Average days on market: 50
  • The average rent for a Seattle 3-bedroom apartment is $3,927

Top sights and things to do in Seattle

While a trip to the Space Needle is essential, Seattle is a city of treasures and delights for those willing to look beyond some of the more obvious attractions. However, with that being said, here are the top things to do in Seattle.

Visit the Pike Place Fish Market

 This is a must. Watch fish fly through the air with the greatest of ease, powered by the hands of the fishmongers. Pick up some beautiful locally-made jewelry. Wander to the end of the market and take in the view of Puget Sound. This market is always electric, eclectic, and sure to energize you for more sightseeing.

Do a day hike at Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is located approximately five-and-a-half hours away from Seattle, making it the perfect getaway from the city. Pack up your camping gear and choose from simple day hikes or extensive overnight wilderness hikes (just don’t forget to grab your permit).

Explore the local parks

Seattle offers plenty of parks right in the city, so residents don’t have to leave town to explore the great outdoors.

  • Discovery Park: 534 acres of beaches, sea cliffs, and forests. If you have children, head to their updated play area, complete with a zipline.
  • Seward Park: Located on Lake Union, park-goers can use the boat launch for a lovely afternoon of kayaking, or use the bike trails if they prefer to stay on dry land.
  • Green Lake Park: Take a stroll or run on the path around the lake.
  • Golden Gardens: Want some pooch park paradise? Grab your furry friend and explore this dog-friendly park.
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