You Asked, We Listened! – The Ark7 Mobile App is in Beta

Partner with Us to Test our App and Earn Stocks

We’ve been working to perfect our platform and provide you with the best investing experience. We’re excited to announce that the Ark7 Mobile App will begin internal testing on August 12 for some registered users. We want you to be involved, so keep reading to learn more about becoming a Mobile Seed User to review the new app and earn rewards for participating!

On the Ark7 mobile app you can add funds, purchase property shares, refer friends, and view promotions,blog updates, tax documents, linking bank accounts and profile information. Apply to become an Ark7 Mobile Seed Users and receive rewards by testing the first version of the Ark7 app (iOS 12+ only) when the Mobile Seed Campaign launches.

We’ll begin testing the new app with selected users on August 12th, and will open it to more users in the future. You can have first access to the app and be one of these Mobile Seed users by clicking the button below.


  • Must be an accredited investor with a US bank account and SSN
  • iPhone iOS 12+ users
  • Share Ark7 Mobile Seed Campaign posters on social media
  • Tech professionals preferred

Seed user limit: 30

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Disclaimer: Ark7 reserves the right of final interpretation of this event and the investment platform to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

Ark7 was founded to democratize property investment and enable users to invest in property shares, while we manage properties and dole out cash distributions. Our platform has taken a section of the investment industry that has only been open to the wealthy and made it available to all wanting to invest in real estate! This app will further our goal of making real estate investing accessible to all. See our 2021 Growth & Progress for more information about Ark7’s 2021 goals.

A Preview of Our New Ark7 Mobile App

View Property Listings

The Ark7 app provides detailed information such as pictures and videos, geographic location, transaction price, legal documents and other information of each property.

Manage Your Portfolio

With the Ark7 app, you can view your order history and income anytime, anywhere. In the event of account changes such as the completion of transfers, you will receive a notification through your phone, reminding you to log in to the app.

Get Referral Rewards

You can share your referral links with friends or post to social media to receive referral rewards. View our referral promotion.

Ready to Test Our Mobile App & Earn Shares?

Invest and apply to become a Mobile Seed User during the Mobile Seed User Promotion and earn company stocks of Ark7 Inc., a Silicon Valley fintech startup!

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Our 2021 Growth & Progress

Since the opening of our first investment property in May 2020, we’ve seen our users and investments grow exponentially. We have expanded to three different cities—Berkeley, Austin, and Seattle—with seven total properties and more than $5 million in user investments, and are looking forward to expanding to more properties in the U.S. Our app launch is one huge step forward toward these goals!

Real Estate Market Expansion

In the first half of 2021, we selected properties in Austin and Seattle, two competitive real estate markets where users can invest for long-term value. Austin and Seattle have an increasing number of jobs at major tech companies, such as Google and Apple, growing millennial populations, and property appreciation rates. We successfully purchased and launched three Austin single-family homes, and a Seattle duplex. Our Austin S1 and S2 properties were sold out of shares in a short period of time.

Detail-Oriented Property Management

The maintenance and preservation of real estate are also the focus of our management. In response to the winter weather in Texas at the beginning of the year, we monitored the storm in advance, notified tenants in time, and adopted early protection measures for the tenants’ safety, and minimized the impact of severe weather on the properties. We’re always looking out for you and the tenants!

New Property Management System for Tenants

When managing the rental properties, we believe that tenant experience is key so we’ve been working to fundamentally reimagine the tenant experience across our residential property portfolio. With our Ark7 renter app and property management system, tenants will be able to digitally manage their personal unit, submit and track their maintenance requests, and make rent payments.

Receive Cash Distributions and Tax Forms Automatically

In March 2021, the Ark7 Accounting System was completed. This is a system that records all transactions for a property, calculates cash distribution payout each month, and generates your K-1 tax forms so you can receive cash distributions immediately and file your taxes on time without extra costs. In the future, the Ark7 Accounting System can greatly improve the efficiency of property management and increase your return on investment.

Continual Updates Allowing Stress-Free Passive Income

We know you love the simplicity and transparency of the Ark7 platform, especially our flexible low-risk, low-cost model that allows you to earn passive income and routine cash distributions without managing properties. We’re constantly updating our platform with new features and updates.

We continue to dedicate ourselves to making your investment process as seamless as possible. Sign up and start investing to earn passive income and get tax benefits while the Ark7 team handles property acquisition, management, and tax forms. In addition, apply today to become a Mobile Seed User to test our new app and earn Ark7 stocks.

Our current promotion for Mobile Seed Users was completed on 9/26/21. Thank you!

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