Fractional Real Estate Is the Future: Announcing The New Ark7 App

The past few years have been spent building and optimizing our app with one goal in mind—to democratize real estate investing. Now, we are finally able to announce a huge milestone: the iOS app release! Our app allows you to easily buy fractional shares of real estate with no minimum investment.

What is Fractional Real Estate?

Let’s face it: investing in real estate is difficult. The majority of the rental real estate investing market is dominated by those who are already wealthy. As a result, real estate investing is extremely difficult for the average person.

This is where fractional shares come in. Similar to how you can purchase shares of a company in the stock market, fractional shares of real estate allow you to purchase shares of a real estate property. You can now invest in real estate for as little as a cup of coffee.

Benefits of Fractional Real Estate Investing

Fractional real estate investing through the Ark7 app allows you to reap the profits from real estate while having to do essentially no work. All Ark7 properties are professionally managed so you don’t need to worry about tenants or maintenance.

Additionally, you are considered an actual owner of the property. When you invest in shares of real estate, your name is listed on the LLC for the property, signifying that you are part-owner of the property.

Fractional Real Estate Investing vs. Crowdfunding

Now, you may be wonderingwhat’s the difference between fractional shares of real estate and crowdfunding? Well, one major difference is that real estate crowdfunding platforms do not allow you to choose what properties you want to invest in. You invest in their real estate fund, which consists of many properties.  Therefore you have no control over the fund. If you don’t like any of the property choices that are already in the fund, you won’t be able to choose specific properties you actually want to invest in.

Fractional real estate completely changes this. With fractional shares of real estate, you have the power to choose your properties. You can choose to invest in more speculative real estate or safer investments depending on your goals.

The Long-Awaited Ark7 App

The Ark7 app allows you to buy and sell commission-free shares of real estate anytime and anywhere. View over 10 properties (5 already sold out) in 6 states including Texas, California, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Join us and supercharge your path to financial freedom.

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