2024 June Operating Highlights

Happy 4th of July! Following our hot sales of Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) single-family homes, investors won’t want to miss Atlanta-C7, a downtown Airbnb guesthouse newly launched today.

Plus, you can enjoy an exclusive Dividend Day Bonus when you order shares before July 5th.

Ark7 Portfolio at a Glance

We distributed total dividends of $69,645.94 to investors from June rental operations at a 4.63% annualized return rate. 

Refer to your personalized monthly performance report for dividends and the return rate calculated based on your share purchase price. Your share price may or may not equal the IPO price if purchased from the Trading Market.

Our latest sold-out DFW single families, S12 and S15, delivered above 5% returns on their first Dividend Day. Additionally, all Airbnb operations under the Ark7 Portfolio are among the top performers. A special shoutout to the following offerings:

Lease Renewals

Overall occupancy rate remains at 85% as we roll into the second half of the year, an improvement from June’s 81%. Here are a few updates from the past month:

Austin-S2 has just entered into a new lease at $2,445 per month, adding another 12 months of secured passive income until mid-year 2025 with a 6% year-over-year (YoY) rent increase. 🌟 Located five miles away from the Apple campus and many other tech employers, S2 consistently attracts young professionals with a wide range of economic backgrounds. πŸ“ˆ Now actively trading on the market.

Berkeley-M1 One of the five units in Berkeley-M1 has renewed for another 12 months until the end of July 2025 at $2,400 per month. 🌟This multi-family home near UC Berkeley is currently fully occupied with a long-term rental strategy. πŸ“ˆ Shares are tradable on the Trading Market.

Berkeley-M3 One of the five units in Berkeley-M3 has entered into a 12-month lease extension until the end of July 2025 at $3,780 per month, reflecting a 1% year-over-year (YoY) rent increase. πŸ“ˆ Now available on the Trading Market, M3 enjoys a historical dividend yield of 5.22%, and we anticipate improving returns with its mixed rental strategy.

Enjoy Atlanta-C7 Launch Video

Let’s celebrate the launch of Atlanta-C7 with a special video. Go ahead and add some extra Dividend Day Bonus spice to your latest investment portfolio addition. More bonus details in the app [*]

* Reach out to support@ark7.com regarding the Dividend Day Bonus. The Dividend Day Bonus is available while shares of the Investment Spotlight property remain in supply.  Terms and Conditions apply.

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