2024 March Operating Highlights

One of the key highlights of our recent developments is the revamped Marketplace, now equipped with advanced features and data-driven insights. This upgrade is now available on the Ark7 App,  empowering investors like you to discover your next rental property with greater ease and efficiency. As we gear up for the next Open Offering, make sure you explore the Trading Market and expand your growing portfolio.

March Portfolio at a Glance

Throughout March, our portfolio has once again demonstrated its strength. We are distributing total dividends of $58,679.43, a 4.21% annualized cash return.

A special shoutout to the star performers:

Lease Renewals

Berkeley-M1 One of the five units in Berkeley-M1 has entered into a 12-month lease extension until the end of May 2025 at $2,450 per month, reflecting a 2% year-over-year (YoY) rent increase. All five units of this multi-family home near UC Berkeley are presently occupied with a long-term rental strategy.

Seattle-D1 The larger one of the two units in Seattle-D1 extended its lease for another 12 months until the end of April 2025 at $1,250 per month, a 9% year-over-year (YoY) rent increase. This duplex home near the University of Washington is presently operated with a mixed long-term and short-term rental strategy.

Austin-S3 Tenant has extended their stay for another 15 months until the end of June 2025 at $2,280 per month, reflecting a 1% year-over-year (YoY) rent increase. This spacious single-family house enjoys an incredible 100% historical occupancy and is a great addition to your portfolio for consistent passive income.

The portfolio occupancy rate stands at 82.93% as we enter April, showing a slight decrease from March due to recent lease expirations for Atlanta-T4 and Philadelphia-T1. Both properties are currently actively seeking tenants. Meanwhile, all single-family units are fully occupied.

Property Highlights


Uniquely designed SFH (5,000+ sq ft lot) near Intel and essential amenities. The long-term rental lease has just been renewed!


A luxury single-family home just 7 miles from the Apple Campus and close to all essential living amenities. The lease has been renewed until mid-2025. Shares are now available for trading!


Mixed rental Duplex near the University of Washington with 4%+ cash returns and good appreciation potential. 

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