2024 May Operating Highlights

Big thanks to our investors! Our Atlanta properties, C5 and C6, sold out in record time with over 500 investors on board!

Coming This Summer: Get ready for more opportunities in the Sunbelt and other major U.S. cities. Investors can expect a mix of choices, including single-family long-term rentals, short-term rentals, and mid-term rentals, to grow and diversify their investment portfolios.

Ark7 Portfolio at a Glance

We distributed total dividends of $62,652.06 to investors on this Dividend Day at a 4.36% annualized cash return rate. The return rate is based on the IPO market cap of the Ark7 portfolio, defined as the share price times the number of shares offered during the Opening Offering. For investors holding shares, your annualized cash return rate in the monthly performance report will be calculated based on your purchase price of the shares, not the IPO price.

A special shoutout to the star performers:

Lease Renewals

Atlanta-T4: The new 12-month lease will be effective until May 2025 with a consistent rent compared to its previous lease. T4’s last trade price on the market showed a +55% gain since IPO, in addition to monthly dividends. This 2020 newly-built townhome features 3 bedrooms and a private backyard.

Seattle-D1: Shout out to D1 for securing full occupancy starting June until mid-July 2025. This near-campus duplex rejuvenates its income with a full house for the next year after a slow season for its Airbnb operation in the larger of the two units.

Memphis-M4 More good news on the new lease signed for this 14-unit multifamily property. With 13 out of 14 units occupied and the last one undergoing renovations, we expect the operation to stabilize and generate healthy dividends for its investors.

Arizona City-S6 The lease was extended for 18 months to the end of 2025. S6 delivers an above 4% annualized dividend rate and is traded at its IPO price on the market. Close to Casa Grande’s future industrial hub in the Greater Phoenix area, this 3-bedroom single-family home has a solid appreciation outlook.

The portfolio occupancy rate stands at 82% as we head into June, improved from 78% last month. The team is actively seeking tenants for Austin-S1, and we have been going through due diligence on tenant backfill. Austin-S2 just ended its lease with some preparation work ahead to put it back on the market.

Upcoming Offering Preview

Here are just a few upcoming offerings to preview and we will have more. Make sure you download the Ark7 App to stay on top of the latest news!

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