Best Neighborhoods To Invest In Lakewood, OH

If you’re looking for prime real estate opportunities, look no further than the gem of the Cleveland suburbs: Lakewood, OH. Known for its attractive investment properties and solid housing market trends, Lakewood offers an average monthly cash on cash return of 3.00%. With an average monthly rental income of $1,696, this city features 59 properties for sale, showcasing a median list price of $282,500 and an average price per square foot of $145. Discover the best neighborhoods for property investment in Lakewood, where short-term rental revenues often outpace long-term investments, generating an impressive average rental income of $2,542.

Key Takeaways

  • Lakewood’s thriving real estate market offers strong investment opportunities.
  • Short-term rentals in the area often outperform long-term leases.
  • Housing market trends in the Cleveland suburbs are solid, pointing to promising ROI.
  • Rental income and property values are on the rise in Lakewood.
  • Investors can capitalize on varied neighborhood characteristics and growth potential.
  • Property investment in Lakewood is ideal for both short and long-term strategies.
  • An influx of recent graduates contributes to Lakewood’s expanding rental market.

Introduction to Lakewood’s Real Estate Market

As a vibrant city with a thriving economy, Cleveland, Ohio offers unique urban amenities and numerous real estate investment opportunities. Among its many neighborhoods, Lakewood stands out as a prime location for maximizing investment returns in its bustling housing market. The city possesses a mix of historic charm, trendy establishments, and economic revitalization, making it an appealing destination for investors.

Various factors contribute to property investment decisions in Lakewood, including median household income, market trends, rental demand, and neighborhood amenities, earning its recognition as an economic hub in the Cleveland area. This section delves into the diverse neighborhood characteristics that make Lakewood’s real estate market an attractive opportunity for investors.

  1. Median Household Income: An essential factor in determining the potential for investment returns, higher median incomes typically correlate with increased property values and rental rates.
  2. Market Trends: Identifying local market trends, such as property value appreciation and new developments, can shed light on emerging investment opportunities and risks.
  3. Rental Demand: High rental demand in a neighborhood indicates a strong rental market and likelihood for consistent rental income.
  4. Neighborhood Amenities: Quality urban amenities, such as schools, parks, shopping centers, and public transportation, greatly impact the desirability of a neighborhood for potential renters and homeowners.

With a rich blend of historic charm, trendy establishments, and economic revitalization, Lakewood stands out as a prime location for real estate investment in the Cleveland area.

The following table provides an overview of key neighborhood characteristics of Lakewood and their potential impact on real estate investment opportunities.

CharacteristicDescriptionImpact on Investment
Median Household IncomeAbove-average income levels in comparison to other Cleveland suburbsHigher property values and rental rates, resulting in strong investment potential
Market TrendsContinuing revitalization of historic districts, mixed-use developments, and growth in property valuesAppreciation of property values and surge in new investment opportunities
Rental DemandHigh rental demand due to attractiveness for working professionals, young families, and studentsPotential for consistent rental income and security in making a long-term investment
Neighborhood AmenitiesAccess to quality schools, parks, shopping centers, and public transportationIncreased desirability of the neighborhood, leading to higher rental and property values

In conclusion, Lakewood’s real estate market offers investors a dynamic and promising landscape due to its unique neighborhood characteristics, balancing factors such as median household income, market trends, rental demand, and urban amenities. By understanding these attributes, investors can make well-informed decisions and capitalize on lucrative opportunities in Lakewood’s housing market.

Cleveland’s Economic Evolution and Its Impact on Lakewood

The economic transformation of Cleveland from a manufacturing powerhouse to a well-balanced mix of high-tech, service, manufacturing, and diverse employment opportunities has had a significant impact on the growth of Lakewood real estate. This evolution in Cleveland economic development has not only led to a more robust and adaptable economy but has also contributed to the attractiveness of Lakewood as a prime location for property investment and development.

As a direct result of these regional economic trends, there has been a considerable surge in home values in Cleveland. According to recent data, there was a 23% year-over-year increase in home values as of December 2021. Given the interconnectivity between the two markets, this positive trend in Cleveland is expected to have a similar impact on the real estate growth in Lakewood.

Let’s take a closer look at some key examples of Cleveland’s economic development and how they correspond to the growth of Lakewood’s real estate market:

  1. Healthcare and Biomedical Sector: Cleveland has become a leading healthcare and biomedical research hub, attracting top-notch talent and companies in the field. This development has resulted in increasing demand for housing near educational institutions and research centers, directly influencing Lakewood’s real estate market.
  2. Financial Services: The financial services sector has seen steady growth in the Cleveland region, with numerous banks and investment firms establishing their offices. Consequently, Lakewood has emerged as a favored destination for professionals looking to work and live near these financial institutions, increasing the demand for housing and rental properties.
  3. Entertainment and Tourism: Cleveland’s vibrant arts and entertainment scene, coupled with a thriving tourism industry, have positively impacted the residential real estate market in nearby Lakewood. Its close proximity to downtown Cleveland and the presence of various green spaces, restaurants, and cultural attractions make Lakewood an appealing destination for those involved in the entertainment and tourism sectors.

With these economic developments in mind, it becomes clear that Cleveland’s growth and diversification have had a significant impact on Lakewood’s real estate market. As Cleveland continues to evolve, investors and property owners in Lakewood can expect further growth and increased opportunities in the years to come.

Analyzing Lakewood’s Rental Demographics

In order to better understand the potential investment opportunities within Lakewood, it is crucial to analyze its rental demographics. A primary aspect of this analysis includes examining the balance between renters and property owners in the local market.

Understanding the Balance of Renters to Owners

Lakewood reflects a healthy balance of renters to owners, aligning with the trend in greater Cleveland, where over 55% of housing units are renter-occupied. This balance is influenced by various factors, such as employment opportunities, housing affordability, and changing lifestyle preferences. Investors looking to tap into the Lakewood renters market can leverage this dynamic to their advantage by focusing their attention on rental properties.

Over 55% of housing units in greater Cleveland are renter-occupied, reflecting a strong rental market for investors to capitalize on.

The Role of Recent Graduates in Lakewood’s Growth

One notable factor contributing to Lakewood’s population growth is the influx of recent graduates. This demographic shift presents significant opportunities for investors focusing on rental properties, as these young professionals tend to prefer renting over purchasing a property. The role of recent graduates in Lakewood’s growth contributes to the city’s rental market expansion, as they boost demand for rental accommodations.

As home prices continue to rise, a growing number of people are opting to rent instead of buying. This trend is particularly evident among recent graduates, who may be priced out of the property ownership market or simply prefer the flexibility of renting. By understanding these property ownership trends, investors can better strategize their investments in the thriving Lakewood real estate market.

Key Takeaways:

  • The healthy balance between renters and property owners in Lakewood provides opportunities for investment in rental properties.
  • Recent graduates contribute significantly to the growth of the local rental market, as they tend to opt for renting over buying.
  • Understanding rental demographics and property ownership trends allows investors to make informed decisions in the expanding Lakewood real estate market.

Key Investment Metrics in Lakewood Neighborhoods

Lakewood neighborhoods offer investors various opportunities to capitalize on investment property metrics, promising a prosperous return on investments. Armed with the right Lakewood real estate data, investors can identify growth potential and favorable trends in the area. Essential indicators include appreciation rates and renter occupancy percentages, which shed light on the overall demand for rental properties.

One neighborhood standing out from the rest is South Broadway, demonstrating an impressive 34% growth in sales prices year over year, indicating strong property value appreciation in the area. This substantial uptick supports the notion that South Broadway is an attractive investment opportunity in the Lakewood real estate market.

South Broadway’s notable appreciation rate is a clear signal for profitable investment opportunities.

Similarly, Downtown Cleveland reaps the benefits of its surrounding metropolitan area and its booming rental market. With an exceptional renter occupancy rate of 94%, it is evident that there is a high demand for rental properties in the area.

These key metrics present an enticing overview of the Lakewood neighborhoods, tempting investors to consider the area and its potential for property value appreciation. A detailed analysis of the real estate data can help investors decide which neighborhoods are most fitting for their investment goals, ensuring a prosperous future in the Lakewood housing market.

NeighborhoodAppreciation RateRenter Occupancy
South Broadway34%76%
Downtown ClevelandN/A94%

In conclusion, South Broadway’s notable appreciation rate and Downtown Cleveland’s high renter occupancy serve as invaluable insights for investors interested in the Lakewood real estate market. Harnessing these key investment metrics empowers investors with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions and capitalize on the thriving market opportunities.

The Allure of Old Brooklyn for Long-Term Investments

Among the various neighborhoods in Lakewood that hold substantial investment appeal, Old Brooklyn stands out as a prime location, drawing long-term real estate interest. Its dense suburban feel and attractive property statistics contribute to this heightened interest from investors seeking stable, long-term real estate investments.

Old Brooklyn is characterized by its proximity to downtown, offering residents a mix of urban convenience and suburban tranquility. The neighborhood’s balanced median household income, coupled with its tangible sense of community, creates a strong foundation for long-term investment potential.

Old Brooklyn boasts a median rent of $782, a median sales price of $133,500, and renter-occupied households at 44%.

These statistics indicate robust demand for rental properties and, by extension, Old Brooklyn investments.

Key factors hinting at the allure of Old Brooklyn for long-term real estate investors include:

  • Median rent of $782, showcasing affordability for tenants
  • Median sales price of $133,500, presenting an accessible entry point for investors
  • Renter-occupied households at 44%, reflecting strong demand for rentals
  • Proximity to downtown, offering easy access to urban amenities
  • Balanced median household income, underscoring neighborhood stability

These factors create an appealing environment for investment in Old Brooklyn’s bustling real estate market, with ample opportunity for long-term growth.

Jefferson: A Neighborhood on the Rise

Located within the thriving Lakewood real estate market, Jefferson neighborhood has experienced significant growth over the years. Not only does it boast a remarkable 18.1% year-over-year sale price increase, but nearly half of its residential properties are occupied by renters as well. This showcases the neighborhood’s potential as a prime investment opportunity, thanks to the influx of renters and strong market trends.

One aspect that makes Jefferson an ideal location for real estate investment is the increased demand for rental properties. Investors can benefit from the high renter occupancy rate and rising property values, ensuring a profitable return on their investment. Moreover, the neighborhood’s impressive growth showcases a positive outlook for its future prospects.

Jefferson presents a compelling case for real estate investment in Lakewood, rapidly growing in both property and rental values.

In addition to its lucrative market trends, Jefferson offers a vibrant and lively community for its residents. With a variety of local shopping, dining, and recreational options, the neighborhood has evolved into an attractive destination for those seeking quality urban living. This further contributes to its overall potential as a valuable real estate investment hub.

Key MetricsValue
Year-over-Year Sale Price Increase18.1%
Renter Occupancy Rate~50%
Available AmenitiesShopping, Dining, Recreation

When looking to invest in real estate, it is essential to consider neighborhoods that showcase growth and potential. Jefferson, with its robust market trends and high renter occupancy rate, is undoubtedly a neighborhood on the rise. Therefore, investors can confidently explore Jefferson’s real estate offerings, tapping into the opportunities presented by this burgeoning locale within Lakewood.

Ohio City: Where Upscale Meets Accessibility

Ohio City has quickly become a hotspot in the Ohio City rental market thanks to its unique blend of upscale urban living and accessibility. This captivating neighborhood boasts an urban-suburban mix that appeals to a diverse array of tenants, emphasizing the investment attractiveness of its residential real estate.

High Renter Occupancy and Neighborhood Dynamics

One of the most notable aspects of Ohio City is its high renter occupancy rate, standing at an impressive 70%. This statistic speaks to the increased rental demand in the area, making it an ideal location to invest in upscale neighborhood properties. The average median rent in Ohio City is also relatively affordable at $724, striking a balance between luxury living and financial accessibility.

Ohio City’s blend of upscale living with accessibility is marked by an average median rent of $724 and a high renter occupancy rate of 70%.

Ohio City’s vibrant community offers a range of amenities and attractions, drawing in residents from various backgrounds and age groups. Exciting nightlife, stunning parks, and trendy culinary experiences await tenants, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for those who call Ohio City home.

Investment FactorsOhio City
Renter Occupancy Rate70%
Average Median Rent$724
Neighborhood AppealUpscale urban-suburban mix
Amenities and AttractionsNightlife, parks, culinary experiences

As the Ohio City rental market continues to thrive, it offers an excellent opportunity for investors seeking upscale neighborhood investment options. With a high renter occupancy rate and attractive neighborhood dynamics, those who invest in Ohio City can expect strong rental demand and potential for long-term growth.

North Collinwood – The Hidden Gem for Investors

When it comes to North Collinwood investment opportunities, this neighborhood in Lakewood deserves to be on every investor’s radar. As one of the hidden gems in real estate, North Collinwood offers a significantly lower barrier to entry, with an average home price of $89,000, allowing for a solid return on investment. The neighborhood boasts a majority of tenants, proving it to be a lucrative choice for those keen on exploring Lakewood property investments in a thriving rental market.

North Collinwood shines as an affordable investment option with a positive rental market dynamic, drawing the attention of savvy real estate investors in Lakewood.

But what makes investing in properties in North Collinwood so attractive? Let’s look at some key factors:

  1. Affordable entry points: The average home price in North Collinwood is significantly lower than comparable neighborhoods, making it an accessible option for a wide array of investors.
  2. Tenant-majority neighborhood: With a majority of properties being rented, investors can rely on steady demand and sustainable rental income.
  3. Untapped potential: As a hidden gem, North Collinwood offers investors the potential for achieving higher returns than competing neighborhoods that may be more well-known.

Investing in North Collinwood brings several advantages to the table, but it’s essential to conduct thorough research and evaluate potential risks before committing capital. Consult a local real estate expert familiar with the area’s market dynamics to make an informed decision and experience the benefits of investing in this hidden gem.

South Broadway’s Affordability in Focus

South Broadway has gained recognition as one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Lakewood’s real estate market. With median sale prices at just $71,000, it manages to keep the cost of entry quite low for potential real estate investors looking to gain a footing in the area. Additionally, South Broadway’s affordability factor is further solidified by its significant year-over-year growth rate, which showcases a promising potential for property appreciation.

Gauging Potential for Appreciation

A closer look at the figures reveals that South Broadway has experienced a substantial 34% growth in sales prices year over year. This outstanding increase indicates not only the demand for properties in the area but also highlights the appreciation potential for those who invest in South Broadway real estate. With the upward trend in sales prices and an expanding rental market, South Broadway stands out as a solid investment option for both experienced investors and newcomers alike.

South Broadway has experienced a remarkable 34% growth in sales prices year over year, highlighting the potential for property appreciation.

Investors basing their decisions on key metrics can consider the following table, which compares South Broadway’s essential figures with those of other prime Lakewood neighborhoods:

NeighborhoodMedian Sale PriceYear-over-Year Growth RateRenter Occupancy Rate
South Broadway$71,00034%
Downtown Lakewood$282,50094%
Old Brooklyn$133,50044%

As the comparison table indicates, South Broadway’s affordability and growth potential make it a compelling choice for those looking to invest in Lakewood’s real estate market. Although further insight and analysis are always beneficial for decision-making, the neighborhood’s promising figures provide a foundation for investors seeking a solid entry point in the market.

Downtown Lakewood: A Prime Locale for High Rental Yields

As investors explore profitable opportunities for purchasing prime real estate locations, Downtown Lakewood stands out, providing remarkable downtown investment benefits and potential for high rental yields. With its thriving urban center and thriving rental scene, Downtown Lakewood proves to be a wise choice for savvy investors.

Traditional rental properties in Downtown Lakewood showcase promising returns in competitive ranges. For example:

Property sizeTraditional Cash on Cash ReturnAirbnb Cash on Cash Return
900 sq.ft.2.87%3.16%

This table demonstrates the profitability of downtown investments, with a property having a healthy traditional cash on cash return of 2.87% and an even higher Airbnb cash on cash return of 3.16%. These figures establish Downtown Lakewood as a wise destination for investors seeking high rental yields.

“Downtown Lakewood checks all the boxes for what constitutes a prime location for real estate investment.”

Not only does the area offer high Downtown Lakewood rental yields, but the bustling urban environment also attracts diverse tenants seeking alluring Local amenities, job opportunities, and vibrant cultural events. Potential renters range from young professionals to families who prefer the convenience and accessibility of downtown residency. This dynamic mix of potential tenants contributes to a consistent demand for rental properties and amplifies the benefits investors can enjoy in Downtown Lakewood.

  1. Prime real estate locations in a thriving urban center
  2. High potential for rental yields
  3. Diverse tenant pool with consistent demand

Investors who recognize the various advantages of investing in prime downtown locations will be aptly rewarded when they expand their property portfolio to include Downtown Lakewood.


Real estate investment in Lakewood, OH, presents a diverse range of opportunities for investors. Whether you’re looking for high rental demand areas like Ohio City and Downtown or affordable neighborhoods such as South Broadway and Old Brooklyn, the Lakewood real estate market caters to various investment strategies and preferences. Even lesser-known areas like North Collinwood hold untapped potential, making it a prime location for savvy investors.

Market analysis is key in maximizing ROI, and understanding the specific rental demographics and relevant investment metrics of each neighborhood will help you make informed decisions. Economic developments in the greater Cleveland area have also contributed to the flourishing Lakewood market, reinforcing its viability for both short-term and long-term investment returns.

In summary, Lakewood, OH, offers a multitude of choices to cater to different investing needs. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently navigate the property investment landscape and secure your financial future in this dynamic city.


What are the best neighborhoods for property investment in Lakewood, OH?

Some of the top neighborhoods for investment in Lakewood, OH, include South Broadway, Downtown, Old Brooklyn, Jefferson, Ohio City, and North Collinwood. Each neighborhood offers unique investment prospects such as affordability, high rental demands, and untapped investment potential.

How does Cleveland’s economic evolution impact the Lakewood real estate market?

Cleveland’s progression from a manufacturing town to a diverse economic hub has contributed to a 23% year-over-year increase in home values in the city as of December 2021. This change positively influences the Lakewood real estate market, leading to growth and investment opportunities.

What role do recent graduates play in Lakewood’s rental market?

The influx of recent graduates to Lakewood has expanded the rental market and increased rental demand. Since more people are opting for renting over buying, landlords and investors can capitalize on this demographic shift.

How can I evaluate the investment potential of a Lakewood neighborhood?

Analyze key investment metrics such as appreciation rates, renter-occupied percentages, median rents, and sales prices to determine a neighborhood’s potential. Factors like rental demand, market trends, and median household income can also help you identify lucrative investment opportunities.

What factors contribute to the allure of Old Brooklyn for long-term investments?

Old Brooklyn’s suburban atmosphere, attractive stats like a median rent of $782 and sales price of $133,500, and its close proximity to downtown make it a prime location for long-term real estate investments. Its balanced median household income and 44% renter-occupied households further demonstrate its investment potential.

How can an investor benefit from investing in a prime location like Downtown Lakewood?

Downtown Lakewood offers high rental yields and prime positioning, making it an attractive investment opportunity. For example, a 900 sq.ft. property in Downtown Lakewood can offer a traditional cash on cash return of 2.87% and an Airbnb cash on cash return of 3.16%, emphasizing the area’s profitability for investors.

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