Best Places For Vacation Rental Properties In Delaware – 2024

Overview of Delaware Vacation Rentals

Delaware offers a diverse array of vacation rentals to cater to the preferences of various travelers. From beachfront properties to inland retreats, vacationers have a wide selection to choose from. Especially popular are the beach houses in Delaware where guests often seek stays for a quick weekend getaway or a longer summer vacation.

Popular Areas:

  • Rehoboth Beach: Known for its boardwalk and family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Bethany Beach: Offers a quieter setting ideal for relaxation.
  • Dewey Beach: Attracts a younger crowd with a vibrant nightlife.
  • Fenwick Island: Provides a peaceful escape with less crowded beaches.

Booking a Rental: Travelers can easily book their Delaware vacation homes through various online platforms. Booking platforms provide detailed reviews for travelers to make informed decisions. It’s advisable to book well in advance for summer months, as these are peak times for Delaware beaches.

Price Considerations: The average price for rentals varies significantly depending on location, amenities, and timing. Generally, properties closer to the beach command higher rates, especially for homes that offer ocean views or direct beach access.

Amenities and Conveniences: Many rentals come fully furnished, some even including perks such as complimentary parking passes or beach equipment. It’s common for hosts to prioritize cleanliness, ensuring a sparkling cleanenvironment upon arrival.

In short, Delaware vacation rentals provide an array of options suitable for a quick stay or an extended holiday, with properties that can cater to every budget and taste.

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Popular Destinations for Rentals

Delaware offers a mosaic of vacation rental opportunities along its scenic coastline, ranging from family-friendly beach houses to serene bayfront retreats. Each area provides distinct amenities and atmospheres, promising the perfect getaway for any preference.

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is a prime destination known for its vibrant boardwalk, ocean view condos, and an extensive array of restaurants and shops. Vacationers can find everything from cozy beach house rentals to luxurious beachfront properties, making it suitable for both romantic getaways and large family gatherings.

Dewey Beach

A hit for its lively nightlife and beachfront homes, Dewey Beach offers a blend of excitement and relaxation. The area is pet-friendly, welcoming vacationers and their furry friends to enjoy the sun and surf. The trolley service in Dewey Beach makes exploring the town convenient and is a unique amenity to highlight.


Steeped in history, Lewes boasts family-friendly rentals near beautiful beaches and a well-preserved downtown. The town is a quieter alternative to its busier neighbors, offering a selection of beachfront lodging that promises serene views and easy access to both beach and town.

Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach is synonymous with a family-friendly atmosphere, sporting a range of rental options from condos to townhouses complete with various amenities. Its boardwalk is a hub of activity, and the town is known for its quaintness and family-oriented appeal.


Discover Milford, where the attractions include the scenic Beauty on the Bay and opportunities for kayak enthusiasts. Cooper Cottage is among the notable vacation rentals, offering a respite surrounded by the charms of a small river town.


Adventurous families and groups can explore lakehouse rentals in Milton, where kayaking and close-knit community vibes reign supreme. The town caters to those seeking a family-friendly environment away from the bustle of the larger beach towns.

Fenwick Island

Fenwick Island is for those who prefer a quietfamily-friendly escape, with a variety of beach house rentals available. This location offers a peaceful haven that is just a stone’s throw away from more populated beaches, providing the best of both worlds.

Sussex County

Larger vacation properties in Sussex County deliver a sense of rural charm and quiet with ample space. The Blue Pearl Beach/Bayfront Home is a perfect example of the kind of secluded, expansive retreat available in this area, ideal for those seeking to disconnect and rejuvenate.

Types of Vacation Rental Properties

Delaware offers an array of vacation rental properties catering to different preferences and needs, from ocean-front condos with sweeping views to cozy, budget-friendly stays inland.

Condos and Apartments

For travelers looking for a home away from home, condos and apartments provide a full range of comforts including complete kitchensair conditioningwi-fi, and often washer and dryer setups. These apartment rentals can range from luxury high-rise condos to more modest city apartments, with monthly rentals available for extended stays.

Beach Houses and Townhomes

Guests desiring closer proximity to the water can opt for beach houses and townhomes. Options like the Rosewood Beach House in Rehoboth Beach offer space and privacy, as well as easy access to sandy shores—some even classified as beachfront home rentals with private beaches.

Luxury and Specialty Rentals

Those seeking more opulent accommodations can find mansion rentals and private suite rentals complete with fireplaceshot tubs, and unique features like the Salt Mermaid Waterfront property. These upscale options often include luxury amenities, such as an EV charger or a private crib for families traveling with young children.

Family and Pet-Friendly Options

Delaware is also home to numerous family-friendly rentals that cater to both children and adults via kid-friendly rentals with safe, dedicated spaces for play and work. Moreover, many properties offer pet-friendly options, allowing guests to bring their furry friends along. These can range from suburban houses to convenient townhouses with accessible height toilets for those with mobility concerns.

Unique and Budget-Friendly Stays

For visitors on a budget or looking for a unique experience, Delaware offers a variety of guesthouse rentals and cheap monthly rentals. These properties might not boast ocean views or expansive square footage but compensate with character, local charm, and essential amenities ensuring a comfortable, memorable stay.

The choice of accommodations in Delaware is as diverse as the travelers who visit, providing the right balance of comfort, location, and price to create the perfect vacation experience.

Amenities and Facilities

When selecting a vacation rental in Delaware, the range of amenities and facilities can greatly enhance the experience. These features, whether for entertainment, convenience or outdoor activities, are designed to cater to a variety of preferences and needs.

Entertainment and Relaxation

Vacation rentals across Delaware often emphasize entertainment and relaxation amenities. Travelers can find properties with Wi-Fi and dedicated workspaces for both leisure and work. For relaxation, many homes offer TVs with streaming options, fire pits for cozy evenings, and hot tubs for unwinding after a day of exploration. Fitness-friendly rentals with gym equipment or yoga space are available for health-conscious guests.

Convenience Amenities

Convenience is paramount in many Delaware vacation rentals. Guests typically have access to fully equipped kitchens, making meal preparation easy and practical. Essential appliances like a washer and dryer are commonly included for added home comfort. Rentals with air conditioning provide a cool respite from the summer heat, while cribs are offered for those traveling with infants.

Outdoor and Adventure

Delaware’s vacation properties often capitalize on their natural surroundings with outdoor and adventure amenitiesWaterfront and beachfront rentals might include kayaks for aquatic exploration or ev chargers for eco-friendly travel. Many homes also offer pools, gardens, and easy access to water sports for the adventure seekers. Locations near the beach might provide guests with essentials for a day on the sand, reinforcing Delaware’s appeal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Booking and Prices

Securing a vacation rental in Delaware can be both an easy and efficient process, with a variety of options to fit any traveler’s needs. From quick weekend stays to extended family-friendly or pet-friendly vacations, Delaware offers something for everyone. Here, we’ll explore the straightforward steps for making a reservation, unpack the details of rental prices, and examine the importance of guest reviews and ratings.

Making a Reservation

To book a vacation rental in Delaware, one has a wealth of platforms at their disposal, with sites like Booking.comoffering a broad selection of accommodations. Making a reservation is often quick and easy; select your dates, choose a property, and follow the platform’s process. Popular locations include Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, which often necessitate advance booking, especially during peak seasons.

Understanding Rental Prices

Rental prices in Delaware can vary widely based on location, type of property, and seasonality. One can find options ranging from budget to luxury stays. The average price for a vacation rental might fluctuate, with premium prices for oceanfront properties or during high-demand periods. It’s advisable to compare listings on platforms such as Airbnb to get a sense of the market rates. Rental prices on weekends might be higher, so consider midweek stays for potential savings.

Guest Reviews and Ratings

Customer feedback is invaluable and can significantly influence booking decisions. Properties with high ratings and positive reviews tend to book more frequently, as they provide confidence in the quality of the stay. Prospective renters should scrutinize reviews regarding cleanliness, accuracy of listing descriptions, and host communication. These reviews are readily available on pages for rental properties across various platforms, ensuring transparency and trust in the booking experience.

Local Attractions and Activities

Delaware is rife with opportunities for visitors to explore cultural landmarks, enjoy local dining, indulge in shopping, and experience the Atlantic coastline’s beach and water activities. Each experience adds value to vacation rental properties, whether it’s a townhouse in Rehoboth Beach or a sea colony in South Bethany.

Cultural and Historical Sites

Delaware’s historical tapestry is woven through sites like New Castle, where one can trace colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. Visitors can also immerse themselves in nature at the Mt. Cuba Center in Hockessin, showcasing native plants and tranquil woodlands.

Dining and Nightlife

The culinary scene thrives with an array of restaurants featuring fresh, local seafood. For those seeking vibrant evenings, Dewey Beach offers an energetic nightlife with seaside bars and live music, perfectly complementing the serene ocean view.

Shopping and Exploration

From quirky boutiques to expansive shopping centers, Delaware is a treasure trove for shoppers. Lewes’ historical charm enhances its unique shops, while Rehoboth Beach appeals to those looking for beachfront finds and coastal souvenirs.

Beach and Water Activities

Beach and water sports enthusiasts will delight in areas like South Bethany and Cape May-Lewes Ferry. The Atlantic Ocean’s waves beckon for surfing, while calmer bayside waters are ideal for kayaking and paddleboarding, maximizing an ocean view property’s appeal.

Travel Tips for Delaware

When planning a vacation rental stay in Delaware, it’s crucial to consider transportation options and the best times to visit to make the most of your experience. Delaware offers a range of activities suitable for family-friendly trips and quick weekend getaways, with several pet-friendly options available.


Delaware’s transportation infrastructure makes it easy to access key beachfront locations along the Atlantic Ocean. For those looking for a scenic and convenient way to travel, the trolley services in beach towns like Rehoboth Beach provide a charming mode of transport. For travelers wishing to visit from neighboring New Jersey, the Cape May-Lewes Ferryoffers an enjoyable journey across the bay.

  • Driving: Renting a car can be the most flexible way to explore Delaware’s coastlines and inland attractions.
  • Public Transit: DART First State operates buses that service major areas, ideal for day trips.
  • Biking: Coastal towns often offer bike rentals and are easily navigable by bicycle.

Best Times to Visit

Delaware’s beaches are most popular during the summer months, but booking stays during the shoulder seasons of late spring and early fall can offer a more tranquil visit with milder weather.

  • Summer: Peak beach season, perfect for swimming and sunbathing.
  • Fall: Enjoy colorful foliage and cooler temperatures ideal for hiking and outdoor exploration.
  • Winter: Off-season beach stays can be peaceful, with some vacation rentals offering discounted rates.
  • Spring: Witness the state bloom back to life, though the Atlantic waters may still be brisk.

Visitors should also consider aligning their stay with local events, be it a summer festival or a family-oriented fair, to enrich their Delaware vacation experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following subsections answer common inquiries about vacation rental properties in Delaware, providing guidance on locations, pet-friendly options, amenities, and investment considerations.

What are the top locations for oceanfront vacation rentals in Delaware?

Delaware boasts several prime locations for oceanfront vacation rentals. Popular destinations include Rehoboth Beach for its lively boardwalk and Bethany Beach with a more relaxed vibe. Oceanfront vacation rentals provide stunning views and easy beach access, ideal for holidaymakers.

How can one find pet-friendly vacation properties in Delaware beaches?

To locate pet-friendly vacation properties on Delaware beaches, renters can filter their search on vacation rental platforms to include pet-friendly options. Websites such as Rent By Owner showcase a variety of rentals that accommodate pets, ensuring a comfortable stay for all family members, including furry ones.

Which Delaware beaches offer vacation rentals with private pools?

Vacation rentals with private pools can be found in multiple locations across Delaware. The amenity filters on rental websites can help identify such properties, with HomeToGo being a useful resource. Pools are a highly sought-after feature, especially for family vacations or groups seeking relaxation away from the crowded beaches.

What factors should be considered when buying a vacation home in Delaware?

When purchasing a vacation home in Delaware, buyers should consider factors such as location proximity to the beach, local attractions, and rental demand. Other considerations include property type, potential rental income, and the costs associated with maintenance and property management.

How can investors estimate the profitability of a vacation rental in Delaware?

To estimate the profitability of a vacation rental in Delaware, investors should analyze local rental rates, occupancy trends, seasonal demand, and ongoing expenses. Tools like rental income calculators and market analysis from real estate platforms can assist in providing a projection of potential returns.

What are some recommended platforms for booking vacation rentals in Delaware?

Travelers looking to book vacation rentals in Delaware have a range of platforms at their disposal. Well-regarded options for bookings include Vrbo and Airbnb, both offering extensive listings with various accommodations to suit different preferences and needs.

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