Best Places for Vacation Rental Properties in Oklahoma – 2024

Overview of Vacation Rental Properties in Oklahoma

Oklahoma offers a diverse range of vacation rental properties suited to the different preferences of travelers. From rustic cabins in the wooded areas to modern apartments in urban centers, Oklahoma caters to a variety of experiences.

Cabin rentals in Oklahoma are a popular choice for their charm and tranquility, particularly in areas like Hochatown and Broken Bow where nature’s beauty is on full display. These cabins often provide an intimate setting ideal for families and small groups looking to unwind in serene woodland surroundings.

In contrast, house rentals throughout the state offer a homelier feel, perfect for larger groups or those seeking amenities most akin to their own homes. Properties range from quaint cottages to spacious houses, often equipped with full kitchens, yards, and multiple bedrooms.

For those preferring city vibes, apartment rentals in Oklahoma City or Tulsa provide easy access to urban travel destinations while offering the conveniences of home. These rentals are typically positioned conveniently close to attractions, dining, and entertainment options, making them a preferred choice for urban explorers.

  • Cabin Rentals: Emphasize nature, privacy, and rural charm
  • House Rentals: Focus on space, comfort, and home-like amenities
  • Apartment Rentals: Offer convenience, accessibility to attractions, and urban features

Despite its rustic image, Oklahoma’s vacation rental market is sophisticated, with properties that cater to a variety of budgets and tastes. Whether seeking a nature retreat or an urban adventure, travelers can find a vacation rental in Oklahoma that feels tailor-made for their needs.

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Top Destinations for Vacation Rentals in Oklahoma

Oklahoma offers a variety of vacation rental options that cater to different preferences, whether one is looking for the bustling energy of a city or the tranquility of a rural escape. From the liveliness of Oklahoma City to the serene landscape of Broken Bow, travelers can find the perfect setting for their getaway.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, the state capital, provides a diverse mix of places to stay for the culturally inclined. Vacationers can explore the renowned Oklahoma City Museum of Art or the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum to immerse themselves in the area’s vibrant western heritage.

Broken Bow

For a picturesque retreat, Broken Bow offers modern cabins nestled in nature. Ideal for larger groups, these rentals often include amenities like full kitchens and outdoor recreational space, making it a favorite for those seeking both comfort and adventure.


Tulsa is known for its art deco architecture and rich cultural scene. Visitors here can stay in a range of vacation rentals, situated close to attractions like the Tulsa Performing Arts Center and the Philbrook Museum of Art, solidifying Tulsa’s reputation as a hub for arts and entertainment.


In Stigler, one can find peaceful vacation homes perfect for disconnecting from the rush of daily life. This small town embodies the essence of Oklahoma’s charming countryside, providing serene environments for a restful stay.


Bartlesville offers a unique blend of history and contemporary comforts. Vacationers can tour the Price Tower, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, or enjoy the convenience of modern apartments and homes that serve as a base for exploring this vibrant community.


For those in search of seclusion, Smithville is a hidden gem with cozy cabins in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains. Its remote location is perfect for travelers looking to enjoy the outdoors without the distractions of a busy tourist spot.


Lastly, Norman promises a stay rich in college town spirit and research culture. Guests can find a variety of accommodations ranging from quaint cottages to stylish apartments, all located close to the University of Oklahoma’s campus and the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.

Types of Vacation Rental Properties

Oklahoma offers a diversity of vacation rental properties to suit various preferences and needs. From rustic charm to modern luxury, renters can choose the ideal accommodation for their stay.

Cabins and Farmhouses

In Oklahoma, travelers can find an array of cabin rentals nestled within natural settings, offering a quintessential retreat away from the city. These cabins range from unique cabins with bespoke features to traditional log constructions that evoke a sense of simplicity and tranquility. Similarly, staying in a farmhouse provides an authentic experience of country life, with ample space and often, a touch of historical significance.

  • Unique Cabins: Ideal for those seeking a one-of-a-kind stay.
  • Traditional Farmhouses: Perfect for experiencing rural charm.

Luxury Properties

For visitors with a penchant for opulence, Oklahoma’s luxury properties present a blend of high-end amenities and exclusive locations. These may include expansive estates set on sprawling grounds or architecturally significant homes with bespoke design elements. Guests can expect premium features such as pools, hot tubs, and state-of-the-art technology for a truly indulgent experience.

  • Expansive Estates: Equipped with lavish amenities.
  • Architectural Marvels: Offering a high level of design and comfort.

Cozy Apartments and Condos

Those interested in a more urban adventure may choose from a selection of cozy apartments and condos that provide a comfortable base to explore city attractions. Apartment rentals are often located in accessible areas, close to restaurants, museums, and nightlife. Condos might offer added facilities like pools and fitness centers, combining the comforts of home with the conveniences of a hotel.

  • Cozy Apartments: Situated near local hot spots.
  • Convenient Condos: Blend of home comfort and luxury amenities.

Amenities Offered

Vacation rentals in Oklahoma cater to a variety of preferences, offering amenities that enhance comfort and convenience. Whether guests seek relaxation with pools and hot tubs, need accommodations that welcome pets, or desire homes that provide breathtaking scenic views, there’s an Oklahoma property fitted to meet those needs.

Properties with Pools and Hot Tubs

Many Oklahoma vacation properties include pool access, giving guests a refreshing way to enjoy the warm weather. For a touch of luxury and relaxation, hot tubs are also a popular amenity. Rentals like the Serene Hillside Cabin not only provide spacious accommodations for groups but also boast inviting hot tubs that enhance the vacation experience.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Recognizing the importance of pets in many families, a number of Oklahoma rentals offer pet-friendly options. Pet owners can find comfort in properties that allow their furry friends to stay by their side. Features like fenced yards ensure that both pets and their owners can enjoy their stay with peace of mind.

Homes with Scenic Views

Guests can immerse themselves in Oklahoma’s natural beauty with vacation homes that offer scenic views. Hilltop cabins, lakefront houses, and even treehouses such as the Logan’s Bluff Cabin Treehouse provide stunning 360-degree views of lush forestry or serene lake vistas. These rentals often come with additional popular amenities like full kitchensair conditioning, and wi-fi, ensuring that the allure of the outdoors is complemented by the comfort of home.

Pricing and Availability

Vacation rentals in Oklahoma come with a range of prices, depending on the location, size, and amenities of the property. On average, travelers can expect vacation rental prices to be around $265 per night. For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, prices often start from lower points, especially when considering discounts available through various rental platforms.

During high demand periods, such as holiday weekends or local events, rental costs can increase. Travelers should book their accommodations in advance during these peak times to ensure availability. Discounts, when offered, may range between 30-40% compared to hotel prices, providing significant savings for those planning their stay in Oklahoma.

When searching for the best Airbnbs in Oklahoma, travelers will find a variety of options. For a unique stay, the Sage Cottage in Wanette is often noted for its charming setting and is available from USD 116 per night. It exemplifies the value and distinctive experience vacation rentals can offer.

Rental TypeAverage SizeAverage Price per NightNotable High Demand Period
Houses966.71 ft²$265Summer months, holidays, festivals
ApartmentsVariesStarts from $100Football season, graduations
Specialty Accommodations (e.g., cottages)VariesVaries based on propertySpecific events or rural peak times

Vacation homes in Oklahoma can offer amenities that rival those of leading hotels, such as private yards, hot tubs, and full kitchens, making them an attractive choice for families and groups. Travelers can compare various options and find their ideal Oklahoma vacation rental with ease using platforms like Vrbo and Rent By Owner.

Local Attractions and Activities

Oklahoma offers an impressive array of vacation rental properties, each providing a unique gateway to explore the state’s rich cultural tapestry, adrenaline-inducing outdoor adventures, and captivating agritourism. Prospective visitors can immerse themselves in the local heritage, embark on thrilling explorations, or indulge in the rustic charm of Oklahoma’s countryside.

Cultural and Historical Sites

The Oklahoma State Capitol is a must-visit for its extensive collection of murals and art exhibits reflecting the state’s history and culture. Art enthusiasts may find themselves drawn to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, renowned for its comprehensive collection and dynamic educational programs. For those with a passion for the Old West, The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum delves into Oklahoma’s pioneer spirit and celebrates the enduring legacies of the West.

Outdoor and Adventure Tourism

Oklahoma is a haven for adventure seekers. The state’s diverse terrain allows for an array of outdoor activities, from hiking through scenic trails to boating on expansive lakes. The Wichita Mountains provide a rugged backdrop for rock climbers and wildlife enthusiasts. For an enchanting experience, visitors can explore the Robbers Cave State Park, a former hideout for outlaws now offering rock climbing, rappelling, and cave explorations.

Agritourism and Local Farms

Agritourism is a growing attraction, offering visitors a slice of Okie-grown authenticity. P Bar Farms in Hydro is ideal for family-friendly activities like corn mazes and pumpkin picking in the fall. For those interested in sustainable farming and locally sourced produce, small-scale ventures throughout the state open their doors to tourists, showcasing Oklahoma’s agricultural heritage and commitment to the environment.

Exploring Oklahoma’s Unique Offerings

Oklahoma provides a wealth of unique vacation experiences, highlighted by its arts and entertainment districts, specialty rentals, and annual events and festivals that captivate visitors year-round.

Arts and Entertainment Districts

Oklahoma’s art and entertainment districts serve as the cultural hubs of their communities. The Plaza District in Oklahoma City is particularly vibrant, offering an eclectic mix of galleries, studios, and live performance venues. This area is known for its monthly event, LIVE on the Plaza, which draws locals and tourists alike to experience local art, live music, and food trucks.

Specialty Rentals

For a truly unique stay, Oklahoma offers specialty rentals that provide more than just a place to rest. Travelers can find charming accommodations like mini donkey sanctuaries near Bixby, where guests can interact with these enchanting animals. Specialty rentals may also feature amenities such as a firepit, offering a cozy outdoor gathering space under the stars.

Local Events and Festivals

Throughout the year, Oklahoma hosts various events and festivals that reflect its rich heritage and community spirit. The town of Jay proudly presents the Huckleberry Festival each July, celebrating local culture with a parade, crafts, and huckleberry treats. Such events offer an immersive experience for visitors and a chance to see Oklahoma’s communal traditions firsthand.

Travel Tips for Oklahoma Vacation Rentals

When planning a vacation rental stay in Oklahoma, it’s vital to consider the seasonality, local transportation options, and safety information to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

Best Time to Visit

The peak season for visiting Oklahoma is spring through fall, when the weather is mild and conducive for exploring the outdoors. The state’s varied travel destinations, including the serene lakes and rugged mountains, offer optimal conditions during these months, with cooler temperatures and less humidity than the sweltering summer. Consider booking one of the best Airbnbs in Oklahoma early to secure your preferred dates, especially if looking for a secluded retreat.

Transportation and Accessibility

Oklahoma’s transportation network is primarily car-dependent, particularly when accessing secluded vacation rentals. For those staying at properties in rural areas or exploring multiple travel destinations, renting a car is highly recommended. Major cities like Oklahoma City and Tulsa have public transportation systems, but their reach may be limited. Ensure the comfort of your travel by confirming parking availability and access routes to your rental beforehand.

Safety and Emergency Information

Vacationers should always stay informed about the safety and emergency protocols of the area they are visiting. Oklahoma has an app and web service that provides weather alerts and other emergency information. It is wise to know the location of the nearest hospital and have a list of emergency contact numbers. Rentals should be equipped with first-aid kits, and guests should review any safety guidelines provided by their hosts. Visitors looking for secluded spots should also share their travel plans with a friend or family member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in vacation rental properties in Oklahoma can be lucrative given the right location and amenities. These FAQs cover the essential aspects that investors frequently inquire about, from the best cities to invest in, to the impact of local regulations.

What are the top cities in Oklahoma for vacation rental investments?

Cities like Broken Bow and Oklahoma City are among the top choices for vacation rental investments in Oklahoma. These areas attract tourists due to natural beauty and urban attractions, respectively.

How does the profitability of vacation rental properties in Oklahoma compare to traditional rentals?

Vacation rental properties in Oklahoma can command higher nightly rates compared to traditional rentals, especially in tourist-heavy areas. The profitability, however, can vary based on location, seasonality, and management efficiency.

What amenities are most sought after by guests in Oklahoma vacation rentals?

Guests often look for amenities like pet-friendly options, ocean views, fully equipped kitchens, and outdoor spaces. Providing these can significantly increase a rental’s appeal.

What factors should be considered when choosing a location for a vacation rental property in Oklahoma?

Factors to consider include proximity to tourist attractions, access to transportation, local crime rates, and existing competition. These elements can affect both the rental’s demand and the guest’s experience.

How do regulations and zoning impact vacation rental properties in Oklahoma?

Regulations and zoning can limit where vacation rentals may operate, enforce specific standards, and require permits or licenses. Investors should research local laws in areas like Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees to ensure compliance.

What are the trends in vacation rental property demand in Oklahoma?

The demand for vacation rentals in Oklahoma is growing, particularly in regions that offer unique lodging experiences, such as cabins in natural settings or rentals with historical significance. Staying abreast of travel trends can be beneficial for investors.

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