Complete House Renting Guide For Virginia Beach, VA – 2024

Understanding the Virginia Beach Rental Market

Virginia Beach offers a diverse rental market. Rentals range from affordable apartments to luxury houses. Rental prices vary by location. For example, the median rent in Virginia Beach is $2,150.

Zip codes like 23451, 23453, 23455, and 23462 show differences in rent prices. Areas like 23451 near the beach tend to be more expensive. Meanwhile, 23462 offers more budget-friendly options.

Property Types

The market features different property types:

  • Apartments: Apartments average around $1,699 per month.
  • 1-bedroom apartments: These typically cost $1,522.
  • 2-bedroom apartments: These are around $1,793 per month.
  • Houses: Single-family homes can be more expensive, averaging $2,350.

Factors Influencing Rent

Many factors influence rent prices:

  • Location: Proximity to amenities and the beach raises prices.
  • Demand: High demand areas see higher rents.
  • Property size: Larger properties generally cost more.

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Additional Considerations

Renters should also consider local amenities, public transportation, and nearby schools. Understanding these factors can help make an informed decision about which area in Virginia Beach might best meet their needs.

For an in-depth look, visit the Complete House Renting Guide For Virginia.

Starting Your Hunt for the Perfect Virginia Beach Rental

When beginning your search for a rental in Virginia Beach, it’s important to determine the type of property that suits your needs, explore various platforms for listings, identify essential features and amenities, and consider the location and neighborhood.

Identifying Your Ideal Property Type

First, decide on the type of property that best fits your needs. Options include houses, midrise apartments, and high-rise apartments.

Midrise apartments are typically less than 12 stories, offering a balance between accessibility and amenities. High-rise apartments are taller and may offer more expansive views and additional services. Houses provide more privacy and space, making them ideal for families or larger groups. Furnished rentals may be appealing to those looking for convenience and a turn-key solution.

Navigating Property Listings and Platforms

There are several websites and services to help you find the perfect rental. Popular platforms include realtor.com, Airbnb, Vrbo, and Zillow Group.

Each site offers various search filters, such as price range, property type, and amenities. Using these tools efficiently can save time and narrow your options. Additionally, platforms like Flip Key and HomeAway connect renters with local property owners, offering more personalized choices.

Essential Features and Amenities

When choosing a rental, prioritize the features and amenities that matter most to you. Common important amenities include a dishwasher, swimming pools, and top-notch features like modern kitchens, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning.

For families, proximity to schools and parks might be essential. If you’re looking for relaxation, rentals with a hot tub or ocean view could be appealing. Consider whether you need a pet-friendly property or one that offers ample parking space.

Location and Neighborhood Insights

Virginia Beach offers various neighborhoods, each with its own charm. The Oceanfront area provides direct beach access and vibrant nightlife. Bayside rentals offer calmer waters and often more space, which is perfect for fishing and kayaking enthusiasts.

Prime locations, such as near the Boardwalk, are popular for vacationers looking for convenience and entertainment. Researching local amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, and public transportation can help determine the best spot for your stay. Additionally, real estate websites often provide insight into neighborhood safety and community features, ensuring you make a well-informed decision.

Financial Considerations and Budgeting

When planning to rent a house in Virginia Beach, it’s crucial to know the average rental prices and understand additional living costs. This will help in creating a realistic and comprehensive budget.

Understanding Rental Prices in Virginia Beach

Rental prices in Virginia Beach vary widely based on the neighborhood and property type. For example, houses in the 23451 area typically have a median rent of $2,150 per month. In areas like 23453 and 23455, rent prices can range from $660 to $11,250, depending on size and location.

A one-bedroom apartment averages around $1,500, making it important to consider your needs and budget constraints. The neighborhood you choose plays a big role in determining your costs.

Calculating Additional Living Expenses

On top of rent, there are several other living expenses to consider. Utilities such as water, electricity, and gas typically add around $150 to $250 per month to your budget. Internet costs usually range from $50 to $100 per month.

Groceries and dining out also vary based on lifestyle but can average between $200 and $400 monthly per person. If you own a car, budgeting for fuel and maintenance is essential. Public transportation is limited with a Transit Score of 21, so owning a vehicle might be necessary.

Budgeting for unexpected costs like repairs and emergencies is also wise. By considering all these factors, you can create a more accurate and realistic budget for renting in Virginia Beach.

Rental Application and Moving Process

Renting a home in Virginia Beach involves preparing a detailed rental application and planning your move carefully. Prospective tenants need to gather essential documents and coordinate logistics to ensure a smooth transition.

Preparing Your Rental Application

To secure a rental property, it is crucial to have a comprehensive and well-prepared rental application. Start by gathering personal identification such as a driver’s license or passport. You will also need proof of income, like recent pay stubs or a letter from your employer.

Ensure your application includes references from previous landlords or employers. These references provide credibility and demonstrate your reliability as a tenant. Additionally, most landlords will request a credit report to assess your financial stability.

It helps to fill out your application forms accurately and neatly. Double-check for completeness before submission. If you’re working with a realtor®, they can assist throughout this process and answer any questions you may have.

Planning Your Move to Virginia Beach

Once your application is accepted, it’s time to plan your move. Start by setting a moving date and booking a reputable moving company. If you prefer a DIY approach, reserve a rental truck early.

Pack your belongings well in advance, focusing on labeling boxes clearly. Arrange for utilities such as electricity, gas, and internet to be activated at your new address, like 161 Hughes Ave or 1705 Timber Ridge Ct, before the move-in date.

During your move, ensure that you have easy access to essentials like toiletries, basic kitchen supplies, and important documents. When moving day arrives, it’s helpful to have a checklist to keep track of tasks and ensure nothing is overlooked.

Rights and Responsibilities

When renting a home in Virginia Beach, tenants and landlords must understand their rights and responsibilities. This section highlights the key aspects you need to know.

Understanding Your Tenant Rights

Tenants in Virginia Beach have protections under the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. Landlords must provide a Statement of Tenant Rights and Responsibilities when you sign a new lease or renew an existing lease.

Tenants have the right to a safe and habitable living space. This includes adequate heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. If there are maintenance issues, tenants can request repairs. Rent cannot be withheld except in specific circumstances.

Renters are protected from discrimination under the fair housing laws. This includes equal housing opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Tenants can request accommodations if needed and report an issue if the landlord does not comply.

Landlord Obligations and Responsibilities

Landlords in Virginia Beach must follow certain rules to ensure they meet their responsibilities. They have to maintain the property in good condition, including timely repairs and ensuring the property is safe and habitable.

Landlords must also provide their name and address to the tenant, as this information is necessary for proper communication. If the property is sold or foreclosed, tenants must be informed.

Digital accessibility is important, and landlords should provide accessible digital communication options. This includes responding to accommodation requests and feedback from tenants. Tenants have the right to report an issue if the landlord fails to meet their responsibilities.

Property Management Contact Information

When looking to rent a house in Virginia Beach, it’s important to have contact information for reliable property management companies. The following information provides essential details for various companies in the area.

Virginia Beach Property Management Companies

1. PropertyShoppe
The PropertyShoppe serves Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads with expertise since 1985. They offer free consultations and a full range of rental management services. Visit their website or contact them through the site.

2. KRS Holdings
With nearly 20 years in service, KRS Holdings manages both residential and commercial properties in Virginia Beach. They’re located at 192 Ballard Ct Suite 103, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. Phone: 757-214-0480. More info can be found at their site.

3. Abrams Realty
Abrams Realty offers residential, commercial, and multi-family property management. Their office is at 4560 South Blvd #120, Virginia Beach, VA 23452. Phone: 757-644-3800. Check out their website for more details.

4. Limehouse Property Management
Limehouse Property Management is a trusted firm in Coastal Virginia. Call them at 757-986-0526 to learn more, or visit their site.

5. Virginia Beach Property Management Services
Providing top-rated services, this company ensures worry-free rentals for owners and tenants. Located at 4701 Columbus St. Ste. 200, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. Phone: 757-613-1702. Find additional details on their website.

Maintenance and Repairs

Tenants in Virginia Beach need to know their rights and responsibilities regarding maintenance and repairs to ensure a safe and livable home. This includes how to report issues and the process for requesting repairs.

Reporting Issues and Requesting Repairs

Tenants should report maintenance issues to their landlord as soon as problems arise. This can be done through writing, which provides a record of the request. Common issues include plumbing leaks, electrical problems, and heating or cooling failures.

If the landlord doesn’t handle repairs in a timely manner, tenants can use a “rent escrow” process. They must be current on rent and pay their rent into the court, which holds the rent until the issue is resolved. Learn more about this process at VaLegalAid.org.

Lease Renewal and Termination

Understanding how to renew or terminate a lease is crucial for renters in Virginia Beach. This section covers key aspects of evaluating lease renewal options and the procedures for terminating a lease.

Evaluating Lease Renewal Options

When the lease term is nearing its end, tenants should review renewal options carefully. Leases in Virginia generally have a duration of 12 months without automatic renewal. It’s important to start discussions with the landlord about renewal terms a few months before the lease expires.

Renewal terms might include changes in rent, maintenance responsibilities, or other conditions. Always ensure any new terms are documented in a written agreement to avoid misunderstandings. Landlords may also increase the rent upon renewal, but any hike should comply with local laws.


  • Start Early: Initiate renewal discussions at least 60 days before the lease’s end.
  • Document Changes: Ensure any changes are clearly written into the lease.
  • Discuss Rent: Be prepared to negotiate any rent increases.

Procedures for Terminating Your Lease

Terminating a lease in Virginia Beach requires adhering to specific legal procedures. Typically, tenants must provide written notice at least 30 days before the intended move-out date. The lease agreement should specify the exact notice period required.

Failure to provide proper notice can result in penalties, including losing the security deposit. If the landlord fails to maintain the property as per the lease agreement, tenants might have legal grounds to terminate the lease early. This includes serious issues like unsafe living conditions or failure to make necessary repairs.

Checklist for Termination:

  • Written Notice: Provide at least 30 days’ notice.
  • Check Lease Terms: Verify the required notice period in your lease.
  • Document Issues: If terminating for cause, document all issues and communication with the landlord.

For more information, refer to the Virginia Landlord Tenant Laws. This ensures you follow proper procedures and avoid potential disputes.

Real Estate Market Trends

Virginia Beach has seen significant changes in its real estate market over the years. Home values and rental rates have steadily increased, making it a competitive market for buyers and renters alike.

Trends in Virginia Beach Rental Market

Between 2006 and 2024, rental prices for homes in Virginia Beach have experienced notable growth. As of May 2024, rental prices range from $660 to $11,250, with a median rent of $2,150. This figure represents a $35 increase compared to May 2023.

This upward trend is partly driven by demand for rental properties. Higher demand often results in landlords raising rental prices. In addition, the continued growth in property values impacts rental costs.

Real estate websites reflect these trends, specifying that the market remains competitive. Prospective renters should expect competition and potentially higher costs when looking for rental properties in Virginia Beach.

Professional Assistance and Resources

For renting a house in Virginia Beach, leveraging professional assistance and various resources can streamline the process. Whether it’s working with a real estate agent, using online platforms, or understanding the importance of MLS®, each aspect offers distinct benefits.

Utilizing Real Estate Agents in Virginia Beach

Engaging a Realtor® can significantly ease your house-hunting process. Real estate professionals in Virginia Beach are well-versed in the local market and can help identify properties that fit your needs and budget. They offer services that include viewing arrangements, negotiating lease terms, and providing legal advice. These agents are licensed and adhere to high standards of practice, ensuring a quality of service that benefits renters.

Leveraging Online Tools and Resources

Online tools are invaluable when searching for rental properties. Websites like the Housing Resource Center offer a digital platform to explore various housing options. These tools provide detailed listings, pricing, and availability, making it easier to compare properties. The ease of digital accessibility means you can look for homes anytime, from anywhere. Using online resources can save time and help you make informed decisions quickly.

Understanding the Importance of MLS®

The MLS® (Multiple Listing Service®) is a crucial tool for any renter. Owned by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and used under license, MLS® offers a comprehensive database of listed properties. It allows real estate professionals to share information about rentals, ensuring you have access to the latest and most accurate listings. Utilizing MLS® guarantees a broad view of the market, helping you to find the best available houses in Virginia Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a house in Virginia Beach involves understanding the local rental market, key regulations, and the availability of affordable and desirable neighborhoods for renters.

What are the requirements for renting a house in Virginia Beach?

To rent a house in Virginia Beach, you typically need a consistent income, a good credit score, and rental history. Landlords might also require a background check and references. Some may ask for a security deposit equivalent to one or two months’ rent.

How do I find affordable rental properties in Virginia Beach?

Finding affordable rental properties can involve searching online listing sites and reaching out to local real estate agents. Websites like HotPads list numerous rental houses in Virginia Beach. Checking community bulletin boards and local classifieds might also help.

What is the average rental cost for a 3-bedroom house in Virginia Beach?

The average rental cost for a 3-bedroom house in Virginia Beach can vary based on location and amenities. On platforms like Zillow, the median rent is around $2,150 per month. Prices can range significantly, with some houses listed between $660 to $11,250 monthly.

Are there any specific regulations for oceanfront rentals in Virginia Beach?

Oceanfront rentals in Virginia Beach may have specific regulations regarding noise, parking, and use of public spaces. These regulations ensure the privacy and safety of both residents and tourists. It’s important to review local ordinances or consult with the property management for detailed guidelines.

Can I find cheap long-term rental houses in Virginia Beach?

Cheap long-term rental houses in Virginia Beach can be found, particularly in areas further from the coastline. Platforms like RentCafe suggest looking at neighborhoods with lower rent averages, typically ranging between $1,001 to $1,500. Long-term leases might offer more competitive rates.

What are the best neighborhoods in Virginia Beach for renters?

In Virginia Beach, popular neighborhoods for renters include Kempsville, Great Neck, and Sandbridge. These areas offer a range of amenities, schools, and community services. Each neighborhood has its unique appeal, from suburban comfort to beachfront living.

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