2023 December Operating Highlights

Happy New Year, investors! As we wrap up 2023, we are pleased to share with you that our full-year dividend yield is at 4.82%, exceeding the 4.09% of publicly traded U.S. equity REITs, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence[1]. We have added Illinois and Virginia to our expanding footprint, now offering rental investment opportunities in 10 states, including Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Ark7 Portfolio at a Glance

Our portfolio continues to thrive. This month, our diverse range of properties is achieving an average annual return of 4.32%, with a total dividend amount of $58,265.69. Building upon long-term rentals, short-term to mid-term rental opportunities like Chicago-C1, Berkeley-M3, and Atlanta-C3 provide investors with further flexibility to create a diversified portfolio that meets their investment needs.

Shoutout to our star performers in December:

Lease Renewals

The new lease was just signed for another 12 months, effective until early January 2025! Ark7 acquired this amazing single-family home back in 2021 and achieved a healthy 4.89% annualized return in 2023.

The lease is renewed for another 6 months until mid-June 2024. This comes with a pleasing 5% rent increase and a historical appreciation reference of close to 8%.

Property Highlights


5000+ sq ft lot, close to the Intel campus and all living essentials, with a 12-month lease just renewed!


Popular on the secondary market now, with over 100 shares available. Name your own price!


UC Berkeley Airbnb with cash returns over 6% and good appreciation potential. Tradable on the secondary market.

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