Raising the Bar: Cheers to $2 Million Dividends and Beyond

Please join us in celebrating a pivotal moment that reflects our commitment to operational excellence, a robust acquisition strategy, and our vision to transform real estate investing from exclusive to inclusive.

On this Dividend Day, we proudly announce the payout of over $2 million in cash dividends to our valued Ark7 investors.

Ark7 has grown since our first acquisition in Berkeley, California, to a community of over 66k active investors. We want to extend our sincere gratitude for your trust and insights that helped us reach this point. Please continue your support as we strive for more milestones, making real estate investing accessible, fun, and rewarding.

February Portfolio at a Glance

Our portfolio continues to deliver, distributing total dividends of $61,181.75 at a 4.39% annualized rate of return this month.

A special shoutout to the star performers:

Lease Renewals

Berkeley-M2 has just entered into a 12-month lease until mid-March 2025 at $2,350 per month, reflecting a 7% rent increase from the previous contract. All six units of this multi-family home near UC Berkeley are currently occupied. Shares are tradable on the Secondary Market.

Alexandria-C2 welcomes its first mid-term rental tenants after the renovation. Rent is set at $2,250 per month for the leasing period, a leading rate compared to the market rate of similar units in the area.

The portfolio occupancy rate is 87.80% as we move into March. Single families are now fully occupied. We are actively seeking to backfill vacancies in some of the multifamilies, aiming to further improve occupancy in the second quarter.

Secondary Market Redesign

As we actively prepare to launch the new offerings, please enjoy exploring trading opportunities on the freshly re-designed secondary market, now available through ark7.com and soon on the award-winning Ark7 App. The new dynamic views offer real-time insights to help you find your next target and grow your portfolio.

Property Highlights


Uniquely designed SFH: 5,000+ sq ft lot, near Intel and essential amenities. The long-term rental lease has just been renewed!


Luxury SFH: 8,145 sq ft lot and located 5 miles from the Apple Campus. Over 1000 shares are available for purchase on the secondary market!


Airbnb near University of Washington with 4%+ cash returns and good appreciation potential. 

In the video mentioned, the REITs dividend information is sourced from here, while Ark7 has provided all other data internally.

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