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We are on the way to democratize real estate investment for everyone.

How Does Ark7 Select Properties?

As Ark7 diligently expands its curated pool with new properties, we uphold strict selection criteria to maximize returns for investors. Our rigorous process evaluates factors such as location, property condition, rental potential, and the best places to invest. By maintaining these high standards, each property offers opportunities for passive income and portfolio diversification. In this …

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What is Ark7?

Investing in real estate sounds like the financially smart thing to do, until reality politely taps you on the shoulder: the process is time-consuming, nuanced, and can be overwhelming. Maybe you’ve been looking for a better way to invest in real estate.  Now there’s a way to lower the investment risks by building a more …

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How is Investing on Ark7 Different From Investing in Stocks?

Last Friday, the stock market took an alarming downturn, and investors got a real taste of how a market slump can negatively affect their pocketbooks. While the Dow Jones looks to be steadily recovering, stock investors should consider pursuing new avenues to diversify their investment portfolio and protect against volatility. At Ark7, investors enjoy the …

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