2023 August Operating Highlights

Hope you’re riding the wave of good vibes as we dive into the long Labor Day weekend. It’s also the Dividend Day at Ark7! As those well-deserved returns start rolling in, here’s a little reminder: it’s a chance to supercharge your portfolio and figure out where you want those dividends to do their magic next – think high-yield shares and exciting opportunities!

Ark7 Portfolio at a Glance

This month, we distributed $58,556.53 in rental dividends, reflecting an annualized rate of return of 4.52%. Shout out to our star performers.

Berkeley-M3 Expanding Horizons

Alongside Seattle-D1, we’re stepping up our game by transforming Berkeley-M3, a 5-unit multifamily complex, into an alluring short-term rental. The first unit is currently undergoing a stylish makeover and will be ready for rental by mid-September, while the remaining units will follow suit as the current leases conclude.

Diversifying Rental Strategies

Diversifying your portfolio with a mixed rental strategy encompassing long-term, short-term, and Ark7’s upcoming mid-term rentals, you can tap into stable long-term income while capitalizing on higher short-term gains and enhanced flexibility. Soon you can add Chicago-C1, our mid-term rental tailored for traveling nurses, to the mix. Right next to Illinois Medical District, C1 presents an extended opportunity to tap into a unique avenue for reliable occupancy and steady returns.

Property Highlights


Launching Soon! Mid-term rental condo tailored for traveling nurses. High demand; lease secured.


Shares are almost gone. You won’t want to miss out on this 2020 townhome, offering double-digit growth potential.

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