Best Places to Invest in New Jersey

New Jersey is a prime destination for real estate investment for several compelling reasons. Its strategic East Coast location, nestled between the major urban centers of New York City and Philadelphia, makes it an attractive hub for both residents and businesses. The state’s proximity to these major cities not only ensures a steady influx of professionals but also provides access to countless job opportunities, contributing to consistent demand for housing. Additionally, New Jersey boasts a picturesque coastline and waterfront properties along the Atlantic Ocean, making it an enticing location for both residents and tourists, especially during the summer season. This attraction to the oceanfront areas enhances the market for vacation rentals and waterfront properties. Furthermore, New Jersey has a history of rising home values, reflecting its stability and resilience in the real estate market. Investors can anticipate long-term appreciation of their assets, making New Jersey an enticing choice for those seeking real estate investment opportunities on the East Coast.

Overview of New Jersey Real Estate Trends

The New Jersey real estate market has long been a dynamic and competitive space, driven by a mix of factors such as location, demand, and economic conditions. As we look ahead to 2024, it’s essential to understand the current trends and projections that will shape the real estate landscape in the Garden State.

New Jersey, known for its proximity to major cities like New York and Philadelphia, offers a diverse range of real estate opportunities. Over the years, several trends have emerged, shaping the state’s property market:

  1. Urban and Suburban Balance: The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a migration of urban dwellers to suburban areas, driven by a desire for more space and a quieter lifestyle. This trend continues to influence real estate choices in New Jersey, with a demand for suburban properties close to urban centers.
  2. Technology and Work-from-Home: The rise of remote work has made proximity to city offices less critical. New Jersey’s real estate market is adapting to this change, with a growing emphasis on high-speed internet access, home office spaces, and tech-savvy amenities.
  3. Sustainable Living: Sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming paramount for homebuyers. New Jersey’s real estate market is increasingly focused on eco-friendly construction, energy-efficient appliances, and renewable energy sources.
  4. Rental Market Growth: While home ownership remains a dream for many, the rental market is expanding, especially in urban areas. This growth is driven by younger professionals and families seeking flexibility and reduced financial commitments.
  5. Affordability Concerns: New Jersey’s real estate market has long struggled with affordability issues. For example, as of this last year, the median home price in New Jersey was around $660,000 (from U.S. News). While this continues to be a challenge, initiatives to increase housing supply and make housing more affordable are being explored. Additionally, investors always have the option to invest in share-by-share investing opportunities like those offered by Ark 7. These types of real estate investments require little capital to invest and rely on property management companies to take care of all of the troubleshooting so you can kick back and continue to grow your portfolio.

Top 5 New Jersey Real Estate Market Projections for 2024

The New Jersey real estate market is in a state of evolution, influenced by changing demographics, economic conditions, and societal shifts. As we look ahead to 2024, it’s clear that the market will continue to adapt to new trends and preferences. The demand for suburban properties, sustainable living, smart homes, and rental options will shape the landscape. At the same time, policymakers and developers are working towards addressing affordability concerns, making the market more accessible to a broader range of residents. Keeping an eye on these trends and projections will be crucial for anyone interested in the New Jersey real estate market in 2024.

  1. Continued Demand for Suburban Properties: The trend of urban dwellers moving to the suburbs is expected to persist in 2024. Areas with good schools, lower crime rates, and accessibility to urban centers will remain highly sought after. The prices of suburban properties are projected to rise, especially in commuter-friendly regions.
  2. Sustainable Building Practices: In response to growing environmental concerns, the real estate market will increasingly embrace sustainable building practices. Homebuyers are likely to prioritize energy-efficient features, and developers will incorporate green building technologies to meet this demand.
  3. Investment in Smart Homes: The demand for smart home features such as home automation, integrated security systems, and energy management is expected to grow. Real estate developers will incorporate these technologies into new constructions, making smart homes more prevalent.
  4. Evolving Rental Market: The rental market will continue to expand, especially in urban areas. Developers are expected to invest in multifamily housing units, catering to the needs of young professionals and families who prefer renting over buying. This trend could lead to increased competition and, potentially, more affordable rental options.
  5. Government Efforts for Affordability: Policymakers and local governments will continue to address the issue of housing affordability in New Jersey. Initiatives like low-income housing developments and incentives for affordable housing construction will be instrumental in addressing this concern.

Best Places to Buy Investment Property in New Jersey

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New Jersey is a diverse state with a variety of real estate investment opportunities, ranging from urban properties near major cities to picturesque shore towns perfect for vacation rentals. Whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or just starting out, New Jersey offers numerous locations to consider for your next investment.

Jersey City

Jersey City has been one of New Jersey’s hottest real estate markets in recent years. Its proximity to Manhattan, excellent transportation options, and a booming job market make it a prime destination for real estate investment. The city offers a wide range of investment opportunities, including condos, multi-family properties, and commercial real estate.

Asbury Park

Asbury Park, known for its vibrant arts scene and beautiful beaches, has become a trendy destination for real estate investors. The city has experienced a revitalization in recent years, making it an excellent choice for those looking to invest in vacation rentals and short-term stays.

Atlantic City

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Atlantic City is famous for its casinos and vibrant entertainment scene. Investors looking for properties in a location with high tourism traffic can consider the city for vacation rentals, especially during the summer season. However, it’s essential to research the market thoroughly, as it can be seasonal.


Located along the Hudson River, Weehawken provides an ideal setting for real estate investment. With breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, it attracts professionals and families looking for a suburban lifestyle while remaining close to the city. Condos, townhouses, and single-family homes are popular options for investors in Weehawken.


Camden, located across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, offers investment opportunities at a more affordable price point compared to its neighboring city. Investors interested in both residential and commercial real estate should keep an eye on this up-and-coming market.


As one of New Jersey’s largest cities, Newark provides numerous investment options. The city’s ongoing development, improved transportation links, and a growing job market make it an attractive choice for investors looking for long-term growth and rental income.


Summit is a charming suburban town with excellent schools, making it a prime choice for families. Real estate investors can benefit from the steady demand for single-family homes and the city’s strong community feel.


Elizabeth is a diverse and vibrant city in close proximity to Newark and New York City. With a mix of residential and commercial real estate opportunities, investors can tap into the city’s bustling economy and diverse population.

Best for vacation rentals: Ocean City

If you’re considering investing in vacation rentals, Ocean City is a top choice. Located along the Jersey Shore, it offers stunning beaches and a family-friendly atmosphere. The summer season sees a significant influx of tourists, making it an ideal location for short-term rentals.

Best for house hacking: Cherry Hill

House hacking, a real estate investment strategy where you live in one of the units while renting out the others, can be a financially sound approach. Cherry Hill, with its range of multi-family properties, provides excellent opportunities for house hacking. Its proximity to Philadelphia and strong rental market make it an attractive option for investors looking to reduce their living expenses.

Why Buying Investment Property in New Jersey Is a Good Idea

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Investing in real estate is a tried and tested method for building wealth and securing financial stability. New Jersey, the Garden State, offers a multitude of opportunities for real estate investors. With a diverse range of property types and a strategic East Coast location, buying investment property in New Jersey is a compelling prospect.

Rental Property

One of the most attractive features of investing in New Jersey is the thriving rental market. The demand for rental properties remains consistently high due to the state’s diverse population and proximity to major cities like New York and Philadelphia. Whether you invest in residential or commercial real estate, the rental income potential in New Jersey is significant. Multi-family homes, single-family houses, and apartment complexes all provide opportunities for steady cash flow.

Increasing Property Values

New Jersey has historically seen steady property value appreciation. While it may not experience the extreme price fluctuations of some markets, this reliability can be a reassuring factor for investors. The state’s real estate values have continued to appreciate over time, making it a favorable long-term investment destination. Even during economic downturns, New Jersey’s property market has shown resilience, making it a safe haven for real estate investors.

East Coast Location

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New Jersey’s strategic East Coast location is a significant advantage for real estate investors. The state’s proximity to major metropolitan areas, including New York and Philadelphia, makes it a desirable destination for both residents and businesses. Commuters, professionals, and families seeking a suburban lifestyle with access to urban amenities find New Jersey to be an ideal location. This geographical advantage ensures a consistent influx of residents and businesses, driving demand for various types of properties.

Resilient Economy

New Jersey boasts a robust and diverse economy, which adds to its appeal as an investment destination. The state is home to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, finance, technology, and manufacturing. This economic diversity provides stability to the job market, attracting a steady influx of professionals and job seekers. As a result, the demand for housing remains strong, offering real estate investors a dependable tenant pool.

Beach Properties and Waterfront

New Jersey is renowned for its picturesque coastline and beautiful waterfront properties. Whether you’re considering a vacation home or an investment property in a coastal town, the demand for beachfront and waterfront properties in New Jersey is consistent. The summer season sees a surge of tourists, making it an attractive destination for vacation rentals. The appeal of living by the water, enjoying stunning sunsets, and having access to recreational activities adds value to waterfront properties.

Do You Have to Work With Real Estate Investors to Land a Good NJ Investment Property?

No, you don’t need to work with real estate investors to land a good investment property in New Jersey. With the advent of online investment platforms and the availability of real estate investment trusts (REITs), it is entirely possible to invest in real estate share-by-share without directly involving a real estate investor.

Here are some reasons why you can opt for online share-by-share investing:

  1. Accessibility: Online platforms have democratized real estate investing, making it accessible to a broader range of individuals. You can now browse, research, and invest in properties across New Jersey from the comfort of your home, using user-friendly online investment platforms.
  2. Diverse Portfolio: Online platforms often offer a diverse range of investment options, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. This diversity allows you to tailor your investment portfolio to your specific goals, whether it’s capital appreciation, rental income, or a combination of both.
  3. Risk Management: When investing in real estate online, you have the advantage of diversifying your investments across multiple properties and markets. This diversification can help spread risk, reducing your exposure to any single property’s performance.
  4. No Direct Ownership Hassles: Online share-by-share investing eliminates the need for hands-on property management. You won’t be responsible for property maintenance, tenant issues, or day-to-day management tasks, as this is typically handled by the investment platform or the REIT management team.
  5. Liquidity: Unlike traditional real estate investments, which can be less liquid, online share-by-share investments often provide a degree of liquidity. Many online platforms allow you to buy and sell shares in real estate properties, making it easier to access your investment capital when needed.
  6. Lower Capital Requirements: You don’t need a substantial amount of capital to get started with online share-by-share investing. Many platforms enable you to invest with a relatively small amount of money, allowing you to gradually build your real estate portfolio over time.
  7. Transparency and Information: Online platforms provide extensive information and data about the properties available for investment. You can conduct thorough research, including property history, performance projections, and market analysis, before making your investment decisions.
  8. Passive Income Potential: By investing in REITs or real estate crowdfunding platforms, you can receive passive income through rental distributions or dividends. This can be an attractive option for investors seeking regular income without active involvement in property management.
  9. Reduced Barriers: Working with real estate investors may require establishing professional relationships and potentially sharing profits. In contrast, online share-by-share investing eliminates these barriers, allowing you to invest independently and make decisions based on your individual financial objectives.

It’s important to note that while online share-by-share investing offers numerous advantages, it also has its own set of risks and considerations. Market volatility, platform fees, and the performance of specific properties can impact the success of your investments. Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, diversify your portfolio, and potentially seek advice from financial professionals to make informed investment decisions.

Find the Best NJ City to Invest in Rental Properties with Ark 7

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If you possess a deep understanding of the New Jersey real estate market, have the necessary resources and expertise, and are confident in your ability to navigate the intricacies of real estate investments, you may opt to go it without using a real estate agent. Ultimately, the decision should align with your individual goals, risk tolerance, and comfort level in the world of real estate investment.

Ark 7 can help you on your real estate investment journey with the latest industry tips and trends as well as share-by-share investing opportunities–so you can minimize risk and enjoy the fruits of your labors in a passive income reward. For more information, explore our listings now!

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