Best Places to Invest in Mississippi

Mississippi’s allure as a captivating place to invest in real estate lies in its unique blend of history, affordability, and untapped potential. Steeped in rich cultural heritage and a significant role in American history, the state offers a backdrop of nostalgia and charm that enchants both residents and investors. Yet, what truly sets Mississippi apart is its affordability; with property prices considerably lower than the national average, it provides an inviting entry point for real estate investors. This advantageous combination of history, cultural appeal, and cost-effectiveness makes Mississippi an intriguing canvas for real estate endeavors, offering the chance to not only own a piece of history but to also secure sound financial investments in a thriving and evolving real estate market.

Mississippi Economy 2023

The state of Mississippi has seen its fair share of economic ups and downs over the years, with the housing market often playing a significant role in shaping its economic landscape. As we step into 2024, it’s crucial to take a comprehensive look at the Mississippi economy, focusing on the housing market. In this article, we’ll explore the current state of the Mississippi housing market, delve into the factors that have influenced it in 2023, and provide projections for 2024.

Mississippi Housing Market Overview 2023

Historical Context

Before we delve into the specifics of the current housing market in Mississippi, it’s essential to understand the historical context. Mississippi has typically been characterized by affordable housing prices compared to the national average. This affordability has been an attractive feature for both residents and newcomers, contributing to the state’s population growth.

However, over the past few years, the housing market in Mississippi has experienced significant fluctuations. The state’s real estate landscape was impacted by a variety of factors, including the national economic climate, natural disasters, and shifts in the labor market. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a surge in remote work, which prompted many individuals and families to seek housing in areas with more affordable living costs, and Mississippi was an appealing destination for some.

Current State of the Housing Market

As of 2023, Mississippi’s housing market presents a mixed picture. On one hand, the state continues to offer more affordable housing options compared to many other states in the U.S. This affordability is partly due to a relatively lower cost of living and ample available land. However, there are several key trends and issues currently influencing the market.

  1. Supply and Demand Dynamics: In many areas of Mississippi, there has been a persistent imbalance between housing supply and demand. This has driven up home prices in several cities, making it challenging for some first-time buyers to enter the market. Jackson, the state’s capital, has witnessed increased demand, leading to rising property values.
  2. Labor Market and Economic Factors: Mississippi has seen fluctuations in its labor market. While the state’s unemployment rate has improved, it is still above the national average. This impacts the ability of individuals and families to afford housing and influences the demand for rental properties versus homeownership.
  3. Natural Disasters: Mississippi is prone to natural disasters, including hurricanes and flooding. These events can have a significant impact on the housing market, leading to fluctuations in prices, insurance rates, and overall market stability.
  4. Real Estate Investment: The state continues to attract real estate investors, particularly in areas with strong economic growth potential. These investors often purchase properties for rental income, which can further affect the affordability of homeownership for residents.
  5. Affordable Housing Initiatives: Local and state governments have initiated programs to address the issue of affordable housing. This includes incentives for developers to build affordable housing units and support for first-time homebuyers.
  6. Rural vs. Urban Markets: Mississippi’s housing market is not uniform across the state. Urban areas like Jackson and coastal cities tend to have different dynamics compared to rural areas. Rural markets often face challenges related to limited job opportunities and an aging population, which can impact housing demand.

Mississippi Housing Market Projections 2024

To get a clearer picture of what the future may hold for Mississippi’s housing market in 2024, we must consider various factors and trends.

  1. Continued Demand for Affordable Housing: Given the historical affordability of housing in Mississippi and the ongoing housing affordability crisis in many parts of the country, the demand for affordable housing in the state is expected to persist. This will likely continue to attract individuals and families seeking lower living costs.
  2. Increased Interest in Jackson: The capital city, Jackson, is likely to remain a focal point in the Mississippi housing market. Economic development efforts, job growth, and infrastructure improvements are expected to drive interest and demand for housing in the area.
  3. Supply and Demand Balancing: Over the course of 2024, we may see efforts to address the supply and demand imbalance in the state. Developers and policymakers are likely to work on initiatives that increase housing supply and improve affordability.
  4. Impact of Climate Change and Natural Disasters: With Mississippi’s vulnerability to natural disasters, it’s crucial to consider the ongoing impact of climate change on the housing market. This includes potential changes in insurance rates and regulations, which can affect affordability and market stability.
  5. Real Estate Investment: Real estate investors will continue to play a significant role in the housing market. The state’s appeal as an affordable place to invest is likely to draw more attention, potentially leading to new development and rental properties.
  6. Government Initiatives: The success and expansion of affordable housing initiatives and incentives will significantly influence the housing market. Programs aimed at promoting homeownership, especially for low- and moderate-income families, will be closely watched.
  7. Rural vs. Urban Trends: Rural areas may face continued challenges related to housing and economic development. It is crucial for policymakers to find ways to stimulate growth and affordability in these regions.
  8. Interest Rates: The direction of interest rates at the national level will also impact the Mississippi housing market. Rising interest rates can affect home affordability, potentially influencing the purchasing decisions of prospective buyers.
  9. Demographic Shifts: Changing demographics, including an aging population and migration patterns, will also influence the housing market. Understanding these shifts will be essential for market stakeholders.

Top 10 Cities to Invest in Mississippi Real Estate

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Investing in real estate is often seen as a stable and lucrative way to grow one’s wealth. In Mississippi, where affordable housing is a major commodity with a population just under 3 million (via U.S. Census Bureau), there are numerous opportunities for real estate investors. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-timer, it’s essential to choose the right location to maximize your returns. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cities in Mississippi that you should consider for your next real estate investment.

1. Bay Saint Louis, MS

Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico, Bay Saint Louis offers a unique blend of coastal charm and affordable property prices. The city’s proximity to the beach, vibrant art scene, and a revitalized downtown area make it an attractive destination for both residents and tourists. Bay Saint Louis boasts a diverse real estate market, with opportunities for single-family homes, vacation rentals, and waterfront properties.

2. Gulfport, MS

Gulfport, the second-largest city in Mississippi, is a prime destination for real estate investment. The city’s diversified economy, including a strong military presence, ports, and tourism, provides a stable foundation for real estate growth. Gulfport offers a wide range of housing options, from beachfront condos to suburban single-family homes.

3. Long Beach, MS

Long Beach, a charming coastal city, is known for its excellent school system, safe neighborhoods, and a family-friendly atmosphere. The city’s real estate market offers a mix of properties, including historical homes, modern subdivisions, and even investment opportunities in the vacation rental sector.

4. New Albany, MS

New Albany, located in northeastern Mississippi, has seen significant growth in recent years. Its low cost of living, good schools, and a strong sense of community make it an appealing choice for investors. The city’s real estate market offers affordable single-family homes and investment properties with the potential for long-term returns.

5. Hattiesburg, MS

Hattiesburg, home to the University of Southern Mississippi, enjoys a strong rental market driven by both students and the local workforce. The city’s real estate market benefits from a diverse economy, making it a wise choice for investors looking for rental income opportunities. Affordable housing and a growing job market add to the city’s investment appeal.

6. Saltillo, MS

Located near Tupelo, Saltillo is a growing community with excellent schools and a friendly atmosphere. The city’s real estate market is characterized by affordable single-family homes and new construction projects. Saltillo’s proximity to larger job markets makes it an attractive option for real estate investors.

7. Ocean Springs, MS

Ocean Springs is a picturesque coastal city known for its arts and culture scene. With a charming downtown area, excellent schools, and proximity to the beach, it’s a favorite among both residents and tourists. The real estate market in Ocean Springs includes a variety of housing options, from historic homes to modern condos, making it a versatile choice for investors.

8. Cleary, MS

Cleary is a small, unincorporated community near Hattiesburg that offers a serene, rural lifestyle. If you’re looking for a quieter, more secluded investment opportunity, Cleary’s real estate market includes spacious properties with the potential for development. It’s a suitable option for investors seeking a slower-paced, more laid-back environment.

9. Madison, MS

Madison, one of Mississippi’s fastest-growing cities, boasts a strong local economy, excellent schools, and a high quality of life. The city’s real estate market features upscale homes, suburban properties, and new developments. Madison is an ideal choice for investors interested in higher-end residential properties and a growing market.

10. Jackson, MS

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The capital city of Mississippi, Jackson, offers diverse real estate investment opportunities. It’s a hub for commerce, education, and healthcare, with a variety of neighborhoods and property types–and as such has been one of the most popular real estate opportunities for investors, drawing lots of interest in the past year (from Clever). Jackson’s real estate market includes everything from historical homes in Belhaven to newer suburban developments, providing choices for investors with different strategies.

Why invest in Jackson, Mississippi?

Real estate investment is a proven strategy for wealth building and financial security. When considering where to invest in real estate, Jackson, Mississippi, emerges as a compelling opportunity. Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, offers a unique combination of factors that make it an attractive destination for real estate investors. In this article, we will explore why you should consider investing in real estate in Jackson, MS.

Economic Resilience

One of the primary reasons to invest in Jackson is its economic resilience. The city has a diversified economy that spans various sectors, including healthcare, education, government, and manufacturing. It is home to several major hospitals, educational institutions, and a growing tech sector. These economic drivers create a stable foundation for real estate investment. Even during economic downturns, Jackson’s essential industries tend to weather the storm better than many other areas.

Moreover, Jackson’s strategic location as Mississippi’s capital ensures that government institutions, agencies, and associated businesses contribute significantly to the local economy. This stability is particularly valuable for real estate investors, as it minimizes the risk of large-scale economic disruptions that can impact property values and rental markets.


Jackson’s real estate market is known for its affordability, making it an appealing destination for investors seeking to maximize their returns. Housing prices in Jackson are generally lower compared to national averages and many other major cities in the United States. This affordability provides an excellent entry point for real estate investors, particularly those who are looking to start or expand their portfolios without breaking the bank.

Lower property acquisition costs in Jackson allow investors to achieve positive cash flow more easily, as rental income often exceeds monthly expenses. The affordability factor also makes it attractive to a broad range of tenants, from working professionals and families to students and retirees.

Strong Rental Market

Investors interested in income-generating properties, such as rental units, will find Jackson’s rental market particularly enticing. Jackson is home to several higher education institutions, including Jackson State University and Belhaven University, which contribute to a steady demand for student housing. Additionally, the presence of various healthcare facilities and businesses ensures a constant influx of employees and professionals seeking rental accommodation.

Furthermore, the city’s diverse economy attracts a variety of workers and residents, creating a rental market that caters to different income levels and lifestyles. This diversification in demand provides investors with opportunities to explore various rental property types, including single-family homes, apartments, and multi-unit complexes.

Favorable Real Estate Regulations

Mississippi’s real estate laws and regulations provide a favorable environment for investors. The state’s landlord-tenant laws are generally landlord-friendly, which means that investors have legal mechanisms to protect their interests and ensure the efficient management of their properties.

Additionally, property taxes in Mississippi, including in Jackson, are relatively low compared to many other states, which can positively impact your bottom line. These lower property taxes result in more attractive cash-on-cash returns, as a smaller portion of rental income goes toward property tax payments.

Infrastructure and Development

Jackson’s ongoing infrastructure development and improvement projects also bode well for real estate investors. The city’s government is invested in enhancing transportation and amenities to make the area even more attractive to residents and businesses. Infrastructure developments, such as road improvements and public facilities, can increase property values in surrounding neighborhoods and create opportunities for real estate appreciation.

Growth Potential

Jackson has untapped growth potential that investors can capitalize on. The city’s current property market, although affordable, has room for growth and appreciation. As the local economy continues to diversify and expand, more people are attracted to Jackson for employment opportunities, education, and quality of life. This increasing demand for housing can drive property values up, offering the potential for long-term appreciation.

Investors who purchase properties in emerging neighborhoods or near areas with ongoing development projects can position themselves to benefit from the city’s growth. However, it’s essential to conduct thorough market research and due diligence to identify areas with the most significant growth potential and to keep a close eye on local trends.

Tax Benefits

Real estate investors can also take advantage of tax benefits in Jackson, Mississippi. The state offers various tax incentives and deductions to property owners, which can significantly reduce their tax liability. These tax benefits can boost your overall return on investment, making Jackson an even more appealing location for real estate investment.

10 Neighborhoods in Jackson, MS to Find Great Investment Properties

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Investing in real estate is a smart strategy for wealth building, and Jackson, Mississippi, offers a host of opportunities for real estate investors. With a diverse array of neighborhoods and property types, Jackson provides a variety of options to consider. In this article, we’ll explore ten neighborhoods in Jackson, MS, where you can find great investment properties.

1. Flowood

Flowood, located just east of Jackson, is a thriving community that has seen significant growth in recent years. Known for its excellent school system and family-friendly atmosphere, Flowood is a prime location for real estate investment. The city offers various housing options, from single-family homes to upscale apartments, making it a versatile choice for investors.

2. Brandon

Brandon is a vibrant city in the Jackson metropolitan area with a growing population. It’s a popular choice for families and professionals who want to enjoy a suburban lifestyle while remaining close to the city. Brandon’s real estate market includes a range of housing options, from well-established neighborhoods to newer developments.

3. Clinton

Clinton, home to Mississippi College, offers a strong rental market due to the presence of students and faculty. The city’s affordability and friendly community make it a great destination for real estate investors. You’ll find opportunities in both student housing and traditional rental properties.

4. Pearl

Pearl, located just east of Jackson, is known for its economic stability, driven by a range of industries, including manufacturing and logistics. The city’s real estate market includes various housing types, including affordable single-family homes and rental properties that cater to a diverse workforce.

5. Byram

Byram is a city that offers a balance of suburban living and proximity to Jackson. It’s an attractive choice for investors looking for affordable housing options in a suburban setting. Byram’s real estate market includes single-family homes and condos, providing choices for different investment strategies.

6. Canton

Canton, a historic city with a rich cultural heritage, offers unique opportunities for investors interested in revitalization projects. The city’s downtown area has seen ongoing development and restoration efforts, creating potential for property appreciation. Additionally, you’ll find various housing options, from historic homes to modern apartments.

7. Richland

Richland, located to the south of Jackson, offers affordable housing and a convenient location for residents working in Jackson or nearby cities. The city’s real estate market includes single-family homes and rental properties that cater to a range of tenants.

8. Florence

Florence is a small city that’s been experiencing growth in recent years. Its affordability, friendly community, and proximity to Jackson make it an appealing choice for real estate investment. You’ll find opportunities in single-family homes and rental properties suitable for different tenant profiles.

9. Raymond

Raymond is a small, historic town with a peaceful atmosphere. It offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city while being close enough for commuting to Jackson. The real estate market in Raymond features various property types, including historic homes, suburban houses, and rural properties, providing diverse investment opportunities.

10. Morton

Morton is a small city located to the east of Jackson, known for its affordability and close-knit community. The city’s real estate market includes a mix of single-family homes and rental properties suitable for investors seeking an entry point into the Mississippi housing market for a first-time investment property.

Why Real Estate Investors Are Interested in Mississippi

Real estate has long been a favored avenue for investment, and Mississippi is emerging as an increasingly attractive destination for savvy investors. While some might associate Mississippi with its rich cultural heritage and warm Southern hospitality, there’s a lot more to the state that piques the interest of real estate investors. In this article, we’ll delve into five compelling reasons why real estate investors are setting their sights on Mississippi.

Affordable Rates and Prices

Mississippi’s real estate market has a clear advantage – affordability. In an era where escalating property values in major cities have priced many investors out of the market, Mississippi offers a refreshing change of pace. The state consistently ranks among the most affordable places in the U.S. to buy real estate, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned investors and those just getting started.

This affordability extends to both residential and commercial properties, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios without the steep upfront costs often associated with real estate investments in other regions. The combination of low property prices and favorable financing options has proven to be a powerful draw for investors who seek to maximize their returns by acquiring properties at more accessible rates.

Increasing Home Values

While affordability is a significant draw, Mississippi is not merely a haven for low-cost real estate. In recent years, the state has experienced a steady increase in home values. This appreciation trend is a promising sign for investors, as it indicates the potential for capital gains and long-term value growth.

Several cities within Mississippi, particularly those with strong job markets and growing populations, have witnessed notable home value appreciation. In places like Jackson, Gulfport, and Oxford, property values have seen a consistent upward trajectory, offering investors the prospect of both rental income and property appreciation. This combination of affordability and growth potential makes Mississippi a strategic choice for real estate investors looking for solid returns on investment.

Population Growth

Population growth is a significant driver of real estate demand, and Mississippi has been experiencing an influx of residents in recent years. This population growth stems from several factors, including people relocating from other states for a lower cost of living and favorable tax rates. Mississippi’s affordability, combined with its welcoming communities, has made it an attractive destination for both individuals and families seeking a better quality of life.

A growing population translates to increased demand for housing, whether for rent or purchase. Real estate investors can capitalize on this trend by providing housing solutions that cater to the needs of newcomers to the state. The potential for a consistently growing tenant or buyer pool is a compelling reason for investors to consider Mississippi for their real estate endeavors.

Increasing Rental Market Value

Rental properties are a key focus for many real estate investors, and Mississippi offers an appealing rental market. The state’s diversified economy, along with its higher education institutions and healthcare facilities, provides a constant influx of students, professionals, and families in need of rental accommodation.

Additionally, Mississippi’s affordable housing market enhances the potential for positive cash flow and attractive rental yields. As rental rates increase in response to growing demand, investors can generate steady income streams from their properties. The rental market’s growth and stability in Mississippi make it an excellent destination for investors looking to secure long-term rental income.

Diversify Portfolio with Resilient Economy

Diversification is a key strategy in successful real estate investing, and Mississippi offers the opportunity to diversify portfolios within a resilient economy. The state’s economy is not solely dependent on one industry, but rather it is supported by a mix of sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, and agriculture.

This economic diversification adds stability to the state’s real estate market, as it is less susceptible to sudden and dramatic economic downturns. Even during challenging economic periods, Mississippi’s diversified economy has shown resilience, providing a buffer for real estate investors against market fluctuations.

The ability to diversify across various property types, from residential to commercial and industrial real estate, contributes to Mississippi’s appeal for investors. Whether one is interested in single-family homes, multifamily complexes, or commercial properties, the state offers opportunities to build a diversified real estate portfolio.

Is Mississippi A Good State to Secure an Investment Property?

Mississippi, with its unique blend of affordability and opportunities, is an intriguing state for real estate investment. However, like any investment decision, there are both pros and cons to consider.


  • Affordability: One of the primary reasons that Mississippi is an attractive state for real estate investment is its affordability. The cost of living in Mississippi is lower than the national average, and this extends to real estate. Property prices, whether for residential or commercial purposes, are considerably more accessible than in many other parts of the United States. This affordability allows investors to enter the market with less capital, which is particularly appealing to those just starting in real estate investment.
  • Cash Flow Potential: The affordability of properties in Mississippi often translates into favorable cash flow potential for investors. Rental income typically exceeds the costs associated with property ownership, such as mortgage payments, property taxes, and maintenance expenses. This provides a consistent stream of income for investors, making Mississippi an attractive destination for those looking for positive cash flow.
  • Increasing Home Values: While Mississippi offers affordable real estate options, the state has also seen a steady increase in home values over the years. Cities like Jackson, Gulfport, and Oxford have witnessed notable property appreciation, which bodes well for investors. The potential for both rental income and property appreciation creates a promising investment environment.
  • Population Growth: Mississippi has experienced population growth due to its affordable cost of living and favorable tax rates. This growth contributes to an increased demand for housing, creating opportunities for investors to cater to the needs of new residents.
  • Diversified Economy: Mississippi’s economy is not solely reliant on one industry, which adds stability to the state’s real estate market. Sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, and agriculture all play a role, helping to mitigate the risk associated with a single-industry-dependent market.


  • Economic Challenges: While Mississippi’s diversified economy is a strength, the state does face economic challenges. It tends to have a higher unemployment rate than the national average, which can impact the purchasing power of potential tenants and homeowners.
  • Limited Job Opportunities: Some parts of Mississippi, particularly in rural areas, may have limited job opportunities. A lack of job growth can affect the demand for rental properties and the affordability of homeownership.
  • Natural Disasters: Mississippi is prone to natural disasters, including hurricanes and flooding. These events can have a significant impact on the housing market, leading to fluctuations in prices, insurance rates, and overall market stability.
  • Aging Population: The state’s population is aging, which can impact the housing market. An aging population may lead to reduced demand for certain property types, such as single-family homes, and an increased demand for other types, such as retirement communities and assisted living facilities.
  • Limited Cultural Attractions: While Mississippi has a rich cultural heritage, it may not offer the same level of cultural attractions and entertainment options as larger metropolitan areas. This can influence the types of tenants or buyers attracted to the market.

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